Robi Internet Settings 2020 |APN |MMS |Android | Auto and Manual Process [4G,5G]

Robi, a leading mobile operator company in Bangladesh, provides its customers with one of the fastest internet services in the country. For using their internet, you need to activate Robi internet settings on your mobile phone. You can activate Robi internet Configuration both automatically or manually.

Robi Internet Settings 2020

You can activate your Robi Internet Configuration automatically; Robi internet settings 2020 are as easy as this. There is an updated new method of activating the internet automatically as well as an old option.

New Method of Robi Internet Settings :

In 2020, for activating Robi internet settings automatically, you have to simply dial a USSD Code which is *123*3*1#. After that, you will receive all Robi internet Configuration as an SMS. Now all you have to do is saving the received settings as default settings of your phone. Now, you will be able to enjoy the net world by your Robi sim.

Old Method Of Robi Internet Settings:

There is an old method of receiving the Robi internet settings automatically through SMS. For this, you need to send an SMS to 8738 with the following details.

  • Write which settings of Internet you want to receive. (example: Internet/WAP/MMS)
  • Then put a space and type the brand name of your handset. (example: Samsung/Xiaomi)
  • Then type the model number of your handset. (example: note 9)

The message will be look like Internet Xiaomi Note9. Now send to 8738. You will receive your desired settings.

What if you don’t know Your Phone’s Model Number?

If you don’t know the model number of your phone, type first 8 digits of your handset’s IMEI after typing your desired settings name. Now send your SMS to 8738. You have to dial *#06# to get IMEI no.

Robi internet settings manual

You can set up your Robi internet Configuration in a manual way too. There is the slightest difference between the processes of activating Robi internet settings in android devices, and in iPhone.

Robi Internet Settings for Android Phone

Here is how you can add the Robi internet APN settings in most android devices:  

  • Go toSettings >More/More Networks > Mobile Networks/Cellular Networks > Access Point Names.  
  • Select Add
  • Type in “Internet” in the APN slot. Leave User name and Password fields blank.
  • The slot of Proxy, Port, Server, MMSC, MMS Proxy, MMS Port, authentication Type are not required to be filled up also.
  • After all the information is entered, save the settings.
  • At last, select the newly added Internet Access Point and you may need to restart your device for enjoying Robi net.

The whole settings of your android phone will be look like after putting Robi internet Configuration for android:

APN: Internet

Proxy: Not Set

Port: Not Set

Username: Not Set

Password: Not Set

Server: Not Set

MMSC: Not Set

MMS Proxy: Not Set

MMS Port: 9028

MCC: 470

MNC: 02

APN type: default

APN protocol: Ipv4

APN roaming protocol: Ipv4

Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled

Bearer: Unspecified

MVNO type : None

MVNO Value : Not set

Robi MMS Settings for Android Device:

  • In APN slot, type in WAP.
  • Write in MMS Proxy/IP slot

The whole setting will be look like this:


Proxy : Not Set

Port : Not Set

Username : Not Set

Password : Not Set

Server : Not Set


MMS Proxy :

MMS Port : 9028

MCC : 470

MNC : 02

Authentication Type : Not Set

APN type : mms

APN protocol: Ipv4

APN roaming protocol: Ipv4

Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled

Bearer: Unspecified

MVNO type : None

MVNO Value : Not set

Robi 4.5g Internet Settings

Process is same of activating Robi 4.5G internet settings and Robi 2G/3G internet settings if your Robi SIM is 4.5G enabled. For checking whether your SIM is 4.G enabled or not got to from your desktop pc and click the option of ‘explore’. There you will find an option called ‘4.5G’. There type your Robi number. You will know you SIM is 4.5G enabled or not.

Robi Internet Settings for iPhone

Robi internet settings for iPhone is little different than android device settings. For using Robi internet in iPhone, go to your phone’s settings option and

  • Enter INTERNET in APN field.
  • User name and Password fields should remain blank.

Robi MMS Settings for iPhone

  • In APN slot enter WAP.
  • Put in MMS Proxy/IP slot.
  • MMSC address:

Notice that, SMS charge applicable for downloading Robi internet setup for all devices as well as 5% supplementary Duty (SD) , 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.

Robi internet settings code:

  • Megabyte Check: 8444*88#
  • MMS Check: *222*13#
  • Internet Settings Request: *140*7#
  • Buying Internet: *8444#

Final Words:

Activating Robi internet settings will, hopefully, seem easy to you after reading the article. Robi Internet Configuration bd offers different options about how you want to activate your net. For any additional inquiry about Robi internet, please call Robi Helpline 123 or visit your nearest Robi Care Center.

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