Banglalink 2GB Offer | Banglalink 2GB Data Package List.

The Bangladeshi telecom brand Banglalink is providing some new 2GB offers for its users. So, the users should know about the Banglalink 2GB offer. And, they provide different validity for their packs. Therefore, they can choose their desired pack from them. Banglalink provides the best internet speed in the country. Moreover, there some cheap Banglalink 2GB offer available.

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Also, some with long validity. So, you have lots of options to choose from. Besides, you get to connect with the internet all the time.  Moreover, Banglalink has a very strong network. So, you will get the best service without a doubt. However, we have all the Banglalink 2GB internet offer listed here. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the details and activation process. As we have listed everything here. So, read on to the article to find out about all the packs. And, choose the one that you desire.

Banglalink 2GB Offer 2023

Banglalink has won the Ookla speed test award 2020. Currently, they have an average download speed of 12.78Mbps. And, an average upload speed of 6.73Mbps. Also, to win this award Banglalink achieved a speed score of 15.09.

Total Internet Validity Active Code Price
2 GB 7 Days *5000*89# 89 Tk
2GB  3 Days *5000*42# 42 Tk
2GB  30 Days *5000*581# 209 Tk

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So, you can always trust Banglalink 2GB offer 2020 to offer you the best service. For instance, you get the best internet speed in the country. And, an internet volume of 2GB at 49tk. Therefore, Banglalink 2GB offer 2020 might just be the best option for you. And, you will get the details of all the latest Banglalink 2GB internet offer here.

Banglalink 2GB Combo Offer

Let’s check Banglalink 2GB Combo Offer with activation Code from Wiki Of Info.

Total Internet Minute SMS Offer Validity Active Code Price
2 GB 250 Min 30 SMS 30 Days *166*288# 288Tk

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How to buy Banglalink 2GB Internet Package?

Well, there are a few ways that you can use to purchase the packs. For example, dialing the USSD code of the pack will activate it. Else, you can purchase it by recharging the specified amount. And, I am going to make it easier for you. I will provide all the Banglalink 2GB Offer in this article. And, Here’s how you can activate the packs.

  • First, select the 2GB pack you want.
  • Then, dial the ussd code provided here or recharge the specified amount.
  • Else, you can look for the pack in the MyBL app or e-self care. And, activate from there.

Types of Banglalink 2GB Offer.

Basically, there are two types of offers available for Banglalink users. And, one is for Prepaid users. The other one is for Postpaid users. Although, there is some Banglalink 2GB offer available for both types of users. Still, the activation process is different. But, you have nothing to worry about. Because we will specify the pack’s availability by user type.

Banglalink Prepaid 2GB Internet Offer

There are lots of packs available for prepaid users. And, you can’t know all of them. So, we are here to help. Here, you will find the Banglalink 2GB Offer for prepaid users. Also, here is a table of some regular 2GB packs for prepaid users.

Volume Price Validity Code
2GB 49tk 4days *5000*49#
2GB(12 AM-12 PM) 55tk 7days *5000*77#
2GB 89tk 5days *5000*516#
2GB 209tk 30days *5000*481#

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Banglalink 2GB at 42 Tk

The Banglalink 2GB at 42tk offer is the cheapest regular Banglalink 2GB internet offer. And, this pack comes with the validity of 3days. Now, you just have to activate this pack. So, you can enjoy the features of this pack. And, the activations process and details of this pack are given below.

  • First, dial *5000*42# to activate this pack. Else, recharge 42tk.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation text. And, it will be activated.
  • Also, this pack is valid for three days from the activation day.
  • Moreover, you can purchase this pack as many times as you want.
  • Besides, the pack is not auto-renewable.

Banglalink 2GB 45 Tk

Banglalink has introduced another affordable offer for their customers. Now, they have announced a Banglalink 2GB internet offer at just 45taka. So, you can now enjoy more internet at an affordable price. Also, this pack has a validity of 3 days.

  • First, dial *5000*583# to activate this pack. Else, recharge 45tk.
  • Also, dial *5000*500# to check the balance if you purchased through ussd code.
  • Otherwise, dial *124*50# to check the balance if purchased through recharge.

Banglalink 2GB 49Tk Data Offer

Recently, Banglalink announced a new pack of Banglalink 2GB offer. And, the pack costs 49takas. Also, this pack is valid for 4days. Moreover, you can activate this by recharging 49tk. Besides, you can always activate this pack through a USSD code. Else, you can find this pack in e-self care or MyBL app. And, you can also activate it from there.

  • First, dial *5000*49# to activate this pack. Else, recharge 49tk.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation SMS for the same.
  • And, if activated from e-self care or MyBL app. Then, you get a 50% bonus.
  • Also, it is valid until 4 days after activation.

Banglalink 2GB 55Tk MB Offer

Banglalink 2GB offer has a weekly package too. But, there are some limitations to this pack. Besides, this pack costs just 55 takas. And, has a validity of 7 days. You can activate the pack through the ussd code. Here, the limitations and the activation process is mentioned below.

  • First, dial *5000*77# to activate the pack.
  • Then, you will be confirmed for the same with a text.
  • But, this pack is only usable from 12 AM to 12 PM
  • Again, it costs just 55tk.
  • And, is valid until 7 days from activation day.

Banglalink 2GB 89tk Net Offer

This another exciting one of Banglalink 2GB offer. Similarly, This pack offers 2GB internet. And, valid for 5days just only at 89 takas. Also, if you wish to activate this pack. Then, you can follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • Dial *5000*516# to activate this pack.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation SMS for the activation of the pack.
  • Also, this pack costs you 89tk if you activate.
  • And, will be valid for 5days after activation.

Banglalink 2GB 209tk Internet Offer

This Banglalink 2GB offer offers you a long validity of 30 days. Hence, the price is also high. So, this pack will cost you 209tk. And, you can recharge 209tk to activate the pack. Else, dial the ussd code. Moreover, you can also activate the pack through e-self care or the MyBL app.

  • Firstly, activate the pack by dialing *500*581# or recharge 209tk.
  • And, you will get a confirmation SMS in reply.
  • But, if you buy from e-self care or the MyBL app you get a 50% bonus.
  • Also, the pack will be until 30days after activation.

Banglalink Postpaid 2GB Internet Offer

There are a few Banglalink 2GB offer available for Postpaid users. But, only two packs are eligible for activation through the ussd code. And, I have listed them in the table below. Also, the details of the packs are discussed too.

Volume Price Validity Code
2GB 49tk 4days *5000*588#
2GB 209tk 30days *5000*581#

Banglalink 2GB postpaid 49tk Offer

Although, this Banglalink 2GB offer is pretty much the same as the one available for prepaid users. But, the key difference here is the activation process. So, if you want to activate this pack for you. Then, you must know how to activate this pack. And, here’s how you can do that.

  • First, dial *5000*588# to activate this pack.
  • Then, you will get notified about the activation of the pack through SMS.
  • Also, you can activate the pack through e-self care of the MyBL app.
  • This pack costs 49tk. And, has a validity of 4 days.

Banglalinlk 2GB postpaid 30 days Internet Offer

Of course, Banglalink has a month-long validity pack for postpaid users too. Similarly, this pack is also the same as the prepaid month-long pack. And, again the difference is with the activation process. So, here’s how you can activate this Banglalink 2GB offer.

  • Dial *5000*581# to activate the pack.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation SMS.
  • And, the pack will cost you 209tk. And, is valid for 30 days after activation.
  • Also, if you activate this pack through MyBL or e-self care. Then, you will get a 50% bonus.

Banglalink 2GB Free Internet Offer

Banglalink gives you 2GB free internet. But, for that, you have to purchase a new Banglalink sim. Then, you can claim the Banglallink 2GB free offer. And, here’s how you can do that after purchasing a new Banglalink sim.

  • Firstly, after purchasing the sim recharge 48tk exactly.
  • And, you will get 2GB for free after the recharge.
  • Also, you will have 48tk in your main balance. Besides, you will get a call rate of 60p/min too.
  • Moreover, the 2GB data will be valid for 7 days after activation.

Banglalink New Sim Offer

After purchasing a new sim you get free 2GB for the first month. But, for the next 11 months after purchasing a special is activated for you. You get 2GB at 19tk for instance. The special offer will only start when the users recharge 48tk for the first time. Here’s how you can get this Banglalink 2GB Internet offer.

  • First, recharge 48tk after purchasing the sim to be eligible for this offer.
  • Then., after 30 days of first recharge dial *121*119# to activate the 2GB pack.
  • The pack will cost you 19tk. But, has a validity of 7days.
  • You can claim this offer again after 30 days for a total of 11 times in 11 months.

Link: Banglalink Free Internet Offer

How to Check Banglalink Balance.

To check how much of Banglalink 2GB offer you have left just dial *5000*50#. Besides, you can download the MyBL app. And, check all of your balance at once without any hassle.

Final Words:

Banglalink without a doubt has the fastest internet in our country. Hence, there is no doubt either on the Banglalink 2GB offer. Indeed, they will give you the best service too. These are all the pieces of information I had about the Banglalink 2GB internet offer. But, as the provider of the offers. Consequently, Banglalink holds the right to make any changes with the offers without any notice. Thank you for reading this article. I hope I could be of some help to you.

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