GP Emergency Balance | Code | Upto 200Tk [Updated]

Emergency balance is an important part of any SIM users. However, GP emergency balance is one of them. If you are a GP subscriber, you need to know how much money you will get from the GP emergency amount. For knowing this, you need to apply for some code and dial numbers so that you can hassle-free get the emergency balance. If you are not a GP user, you will avoid this content right now.

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Today, I share some important code and dial numbers with you and tell you some important things that you should know as a GP SIM user. So, without delay, let’s get started the content right now.

Emergency Balance GP.

Well, you may know that the minimum emergency balance 11 Taka, which you can get. According to my experience, Grameenphone provides their user minimum of 5 takas for emergency balance in the past. But you can not get a custom emergency balance. It depends on your recharge or top-up. Suppose your average recharges 50 Taka, surely you will get the emergency balance around 50 Taka or less.

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For getting the emergency balance, you need to GP emergency balance dial code so that you can get the loan without hassles. Well, dial *1010*1# and wait for a confirmation SMS. It is very easy to dial, and you need not pay any extra cost. So, if you are a GP user and you need an emergency balance, you can take this advantage.

Service NameDial CodeCondition
Emergency Balance GP*121*1*3#Upto 200 Tk.
Emergency Balance Code*1010*1#Get Any Amount
Emergency Balance Check Code*566*28#Just Dial

However, as you recharge your GP balance and use the balance anywhere like SMS, call with any operator, voice call, and the internet, you can also use the emergency balance with the same things. According to GP SIM company terms and conditions, they cut down Supplementary duty (SD), 15% VAT, and 1% surcharge. You may find this type of charge around all SIM operators.


Emergency Balance Code

After getting an emergency balance, you may need to check the emergency balance, right? If your answer is yes, you may know that the emergency balance and original balance need different codes for checking the balance. Well, you need to dial *566*28# for checking the eligible balance. It is free to check the balance, and you can not pay any extra money or the internet.

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Get Emergency BalanceCheck the Balance

Emergency Balance Deactivate Code.

Well, you already know about the emergency balance taking code. But I assure you that you need not dial any code or send any SMS for deactivating code for stopping the emergency balance. When you recharge, you automatically stop, and you can pay an extra charge for the service. If you want to activate again, you need to dial *1010*1# that it. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you.

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Service NameDial Code
GP Emergency Balance Deactivate Code.*1010*1#

Additional information About Grameenphone Emergency Balance.

You may already know the emergency balance in GP, how to take the emergency balance in GP, and about GP emergency balance check. But you need to know some other things which help you to use the emergency balance perfectly without worries. Whatever please remember the below things so that you can know about more GP emergency money without hassles.

  • After getting the GP’s emergency balance, you will not get any SMS or call for returning the balance.
  • You may know that the balance you can only use 30 days. After that, it automatically expires, and the GP company sends you a confirmation SMS for ensuring the expires of your emergency money.
  • You will use the emergency balance with any kind of section as you use your regular balance.
  • Well, the grameenphone emergency balance allows you 24 hours service without any charge.
  • Buying minutes and other free bonuses will get priority in usage first than Emergency balance.
  • You can get another emergency balance after paying the due which you take from GP.
  • If you want to get the emergency balance you need to a valid account, that means you need to full-fill all details according to your NID and other information.
  • Roaming usage is not applicable to emergency balance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How can I get a Grameenphone Emergency Amount?

Ans: Well, I already answered in the upper section. But I repeat for you. You need to dial *1010*1# for getting the emergency balance, and you need not cost any extra money.

Q: Is any deactivates code for the emergency balance of GP?

Ans: People think that they need deactivate code to stop the emergency balance. According to GP SIM official terms and conditions, you never need to apply any deactivate code for stopping the emergency balance service.

Q: How can I check the emergency balance of Grameenphone?

Ans: Well, it is very simple and easy. Whatever you need to dial *566*28# for check out the emergency balance, and it is also free and doesn’t need any extra money.


I am tired my best to provide you all of the updated data on getting a GP emergency Balance. If you are a GP user, you may apply the information about your real life. The main thing is that GP can not provide custom emergency balance, and they provide a maximum of 200 takas and a minimum of 11 Taka.

Link: All SIM Emergency Balance Code.

According to my experience, the other operator also maintains the same criteria. So, apply the information to your real-life for getting more benefits and the right way.

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