Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur [Full Details] 

There are currently many popular transport companies in Bangladesh. Econo Bus is one of the most popular companies in these companies. In particular, econo bus service Dhaka To Lakshmipur or ইকোনো সার্ভিস লক্ষ্মীপুর is absolutely not talking about. 

In addition to Dhaka To Lakshmipur, this bus operator also serves Dhaka to Chowmohuni, Dhaka to Raypur, Dhaka to Khagrachari, Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka to Chittagong, Dhaka to Teknaf, Dhaka to Feni. This bus operator has arranged non-AC and AC buses for the passengers.

Anyone who likes a bus will be able to travel by that type of bus. Stay with us to know the details.

Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur Map
Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur Map

About Econo Bus Service

Before we know about Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur, we need to know about the Econo Bus operator. This bus operator mainly serves different areas of Bangladesh. The bus operator has arranged various luxury buses, including AC buses or non-AC buses.

This Econo Bus operator provides the highest quality service.  Econo Bus operator provides regular services on various routes including Dhaka to Gazipur, Gazipur to Dhaka, Dhaka to Lakshmipur, Laxmipur to Dhaka route. The price of tickets of different categories, including AC bus or non-AC bus, has been fixed between Tk 300 and Tk 1400.

So hopefully the econo bus operator’s buses will be able to help you 100 percent as a budget friendly mode of transportation.

Econo Bus Service Routes In Bangladesh 

About Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur will be discussed in detail in today’s article. But before that we need to know about other routes of Econo Bus Service. As a passenger, you will also be able to enjoy the service of the bus operator on other routes in addition to enjoying the Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur route. Basically, the routes that Econo Bus Service serves in Bangladesh are: 

  • From Dhaka to Gazipur
  • From Gazipur to Dhaka
  • From Dhaka to Lakshmipur
  • From Lakshmipur to Dhaka
  • From Dhaka to Raipur
  • From Raipur to Dhaka
  • From Dhaka to Noakhali
  • From Noakhali to Dhaka

Econo Bus Service All Counter Address & Number

If you want to enjoy Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur, you need to know about its counter address and phone number. Let’s know about the Dhaka and Laxmipur counter addresses of Econo Bus Service and the phone numbers of those counters. 

  District Counter Name Counter Address Phone
1 DHAKA Mirpur-10 Mirpur-10 01715491217
2 DHAKA Mirpur-1 Mirpur-1 01711671941
3 DHAKA Shamoli Shamoli 01713265835
4 DHAKA Syeedabad-3 Syeedabad 01819427282
5 DHAKA Jigatola Jigatola 01711062399
6 DHAKA Fokirapul Fokirapul 7102306
7 DHAKA Syeedabad-1 Syeedabad 01721-942474
8 DHAKA Syeedabad-2 Syeedabad 01715-300165
9 LAKSHMIPUR Lakshmipur Lakshmipur 01714438593
10 NOAKHALI Jaksin Jaksin 01713653244
11 NOAKHALI Mandari Mandari 01711712485
12 NOAKHALI Boattoli Boattoli 01716734058
13 NOAKHALI Chandrogang Chandrogang 01715184534
14 NOAKHALI Bangla Bazar Bangla Bazar 01726578697
15 NOAKHALI Chowmohoni Chowrasta Chowmohoni Chowrasta 01718862085
16 NOAKHALI Shoniemori Shoniemori 01719879798
17 NOAKHALI Hotel Chacker No. Hotel Chacker No. 01714-338833
18 NOAKHALI Raypur Raypur 56235
19 NOAKHALI Hazirpara Hazirpara 01718515798
20 NOAKHALI Dalal Bazar Dalal Bazar 01813173949

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Econo Bus Schedule Dhaka To Lakshmipur 

Econo Bus operator in Dhaka provides regular services. Different categories of buses operate the transport system at different times in the capital Dhaka. The counter address and phone numbers of the Econo Bus operator are:

From To Time Fare(Tk) Condition
Dhaka Noakhali First trip 6:00am – Last trip 12:30pm (After every 30 min) 230/= Chair coach
Dhaka Comilla First trip 6:00 – Last trip12:30 (After every 30 min) 200/= Chair coach
Noakhali Dhaka ——————– 230/= Chair coach
Comilla Dhaka ——————- 200/= Chair coach

Econo Bus Counter Address & Number Laxmipur

You may have already learned that today’s article has been arranged by the Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur Related Guidelines. So let’s know about Econo Bus Counter Address & Number Laxmipur.

Counter Address  Counter Phone Number 
Laxmipur Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District 01992-017903
Joxin Counter, Laxmipur District 01992-017904
Mandari Bazar Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur 01992-017905
Battali Counter, Laxmipur District 01992-017906
Hajir Para Counter, Laxmipur District 01992-017908
Chandraganj Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District 01992-017908
Polwan bus station counter, Noakhali district 01992-018909
Bangla Bazar Counter, Noakhali District 01992-017910
Crossroads Counter, Noakhali District 01992-017911
Sonaimuri Bus Station Counter, Noakhali District 01992-017912

Econo Service Ticket Price Dhaka To Lakshmipur 

After learning about the Econo Bus Service, you must have decided to enjoy the Econo Bus Service! In this case, let’s know about the ticket price of all the routes of Econo Service, including the Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur Ticket Price.

Econo Bus Route  Bus Seat Type  Bus Ticket Price
Dhaka-Laxmipur-Dhaka Non-AC 300-400 Taka
Dhaka-Raipur-Dhaka Non-AC 300-400 Taka
Dhaka-Chowmuhani- Dhaka Non-AC 300-400, 600-700 Taka
Dhaka-Noakhali-Dhaka Non-AC 300-400, 600-700 Taka
Dhaka-Khagrachhari-Dhaka Non-AC 600-700, 900-1100 Taka
Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka Non-AC 800-900, 1200-1400 Taka

Econo Service Online Ticket 

Coming to the digital age, you will not have to face any kind of trouble while buying tickets for the main means of accepting econo bus service. In this section of the article about Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur, we will learn about the econo bus service ticket buying platform online. To buy tickets online at home, you can check out the following websites:

  • Bus BD
  • Bus Tickets

Dhaka To Lakshmipur By Econo Bus

If you want to know the full travel guideline about Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur, then you need to know about its distance. Basically, if you take econo bus service, you will have to travel 401.6 Km on this route.

Warming Up

We hope the article has been able to share details about Econo Bus Service Dhaka To Lakshmipur. Those who travel regularly or irregularly on the Dhaka To Lakshmipur route can enjoy this Econo Bus Service if they want. I hope you will be able to enjoy the best service from this bus operator. I’m ending this article like today with this wish. Stay well.

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