Himachol Express: Ticket Price| Counter Number | Address

Here, we have come with another travel article for you. And, this time it’s a Dhaka to Noakhali bus service. So, this transportation company is called Himachol express. Also, this bus service mainly operates from Dhaka. And, you can also find their services in Noakhali too. Hence, people traveling to Noakhali from Dhaka often use their bus service.

So, in this article, we will write to you about this bus service. And, you will get almost all of the information about this transportation service. For instance, you will get to know about their bus counters in Dhaka and Noakhali. Also, you will get their phone numbers too.

And, if you are looking for transportation service from Dhaka to Noakhali. Then, Himachol Bus Service might be the right option for you. Hence, follow this article to the last for more information.

Himachol Express Noakhali

As a Dhaka to Noakhali bus service, you will also find their counters in Noakhali. And, you can also enjoy similar features like Dhaka counters in Noakhali counters too. For instance, booking a ticket or advance booking. However, you can only enjoy these features at their counters. Hence, you have to know about the counters of Dhaka to Noakhali Bus . Then, you can claim the features of this transportation service.

However, you won’t have to look elsewhere for information about their Noakhali counters. As we have mentioned the counter addresses of Himachol Bus Noakhali counters. Also, the phone numbers of the counters listed along with the counter address. Here, you will find the addresses and Himachol Express Phone Number of some of the counters in Noakhali.

Counter NameContact Number
Ramganj Counter01872-605183
Kachua Counter01733-250544
Jayag Counter01872-605189
Sonaimuri Counter01712-138114
Sonapur CTG Bus Terminal0184-308972
Sonpur Cold Store0184-308994
Maijdee New Bus Stand0184-308977
Bengali bazar Counter01716-384038, 01872-605190.
Sonaimuri01712-138114, 01872-605191
Bengali Bazar01716-384038, 01872-605190.

Himachol Express Dhaka

As this service is mainly Dhaka-Noakhali based. Hence, you will find many counters of this transportation company in the capital. And, from those counters, you can enjoy all their available services. For instance, you can book a ticket or cancel a booking. But, you need to know the address of the counters first to do so.

Here, we will provide you with the details of all the available counters of Himachol Transport Express counters in Dhaka. Hence, it will be easier for you to get their services. Also, we will provide the phone numbers of the counters too. Moreover, you can use these bus counters as your pick-up or drop point. Here, we have listed some counters of Himachol Express.

Counter NameContact Number
Chittagong Road01854-260613
Farm Gate01721-119424
Uttara Counter01838-500423
Airport Counter01722-202434
Malibag Counter01706-418070
Farm Gate Counter01721-119424
Chittagong Road01854-260613

Final Words:

As a Dhaka to Noakhali bus service, it is very famous among the travelers of those districts. Mainly, they are very well known for the services they provide. And, they provide both AC and Non-AC bus services for their customers. Also, their ticket price is very reasonable comparing to the service that they provide. So, if you are traveling to Noakhali from Dhaka. Else, the opposite of that. Then, Himachol Express bd might be the best option for you.

So, this was all we had about this transportation service. But, this is not all we have about transportation services. As we also have detailed information about other transportation companies to Noakhali or other districts. So, if you need information about other district’s transportation services or other options. Then, you can always visit our website to check them. Thank you for your time.

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