Sundarban 10 Launch: Online Ticket Price | Contact Number [2023]

Sundarban 10 launch is one of the famous and luxurious launches in Bangladesh. This launch service is run by the Sundarban Navigation Company.

This large launch is about 16,000 sqft with German engine. Shundarban launch gives priority to the passenger’s safety and comfort. That’s why they are becoming more popular day by day.

Currently, Sundarban launch has accommodation of 1,300 passengers and also hosts a food court, VIP-duplex business class cabins. The launch also has radar, global positioning system and electro hydraulic system.

If you are interested for Sundarban Barisal launch ticket price, contact number, time schedule, and more, then you are at the right place.

The main route is Dhaka-Barisal-Dhaka.

Sundarban 10 Launch Ticket Price

This launch service sells ticket at a reasonable price. You can call them on the provided contact number and buy tickets from different counters.

If you are looking for the Sundarban launch Online ticket price, you can get the information from the following list.

Service type Ticket Price
Deck Ticket 200 Taka
Sofa 600 Taka
Non-AC Cabin (Double) 1800 Taka
AC Cabin (Double) 2000 Taka
Non-AC Cabin (Single) 900 Taka
AC Cabin (Single) 1000 Taka
VIP (2 in 1) 6000 Taka
VIP (One bed) 5500 Taka
VIP Duplex 7000 Taka
S VIP (1/2/5/6/7/8/9) 4000 Taka
S VIP (3/4) 3500 Taka
Shoukhin 3500 Taka
Link: Dhaka To Patuakhali Launch


Sundarban 10 Launch Online Ticket Booking


If you are not able to go to the launch counter, or you want sundarban Dhaka launch booking or sundarban launch cabin booking from home, you can buy ticket online.

But at present Sundarban launch doesn’t have any online source to sell ticket, but you can buy ticket online from Shohoz website. For buying ticket from Shohoz, you have to create a Shohoz account.

For creating the account, you have to go to the website, Then follow the steps below:

Sundarban Launch Contact Number

If you are looking for contact numbers of counters in Sundarbar launch 10 and sundarban launch ticket Price, then you can follow this article.

You can contact to the following number for ticket buying.

For ticket booking Contact Number: 01711-358810

Check: Satkhira Express

Sundarban Launch Time Schedule

If you are looking for Sundarban 10 launch schedule, you can follow the mentioned timing.

Sundarban Launch starts its journey every day at 8:30PM from Sadarghat Launch Terminal, Dhaka. The launch arrives at Barisal Terminal at 4:00 AM of the next day.

Contrarily, From Barisal the launch starts at 8:30 PM and arrives in Dhaka Terminal at 4:00AM on the next day. This schedule is their fixed schedule for every day. But at the time of Eid or other occasion, they start extra launches at different times.

  • At first, select the ‘Launch’ option.
  • Then, put your starting point and destination at ‘From’ and ‘To’ section
  • Then, write down the date of journey and select the launch operator Sundarban Barisal Launch. Give the time and seat number.
  • At last, make payment and confirm your ticket.

Dhaka Counter:

If you live in Dhaka and looking for contact number of Sundarban launch counter, then you can contact to the following number.

MV Sundarban 9 contact Number: 01711-358810

MV Sundarban 11 Contact Number: 01718-664700 (Launch)

Dhaka Counter: 01716-444367

Barisal Counter:

If you live in Barisal and looking for the counter address and the contact number of Sundarban launch service in Barisal, then you can contact to the following numbers.

MV Sundarban 10 Contact Number: 01711-358838 (Barishal Counter)

For ticket booking: 01758113011

Barishal Counter: 01711-358838

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to buy ticket online for Sundarban 10 Launch?

Ans: You can make a call from the provided contact numbers of your area’s counter. You can also book your tickets from website link.

Q: How much is the ticket price for Deck in Sundarban launch?

Ans: For Deck, the ticket price is 200 BDT in Sundarban launch.

Q: Is Sundarban 10 Launch safe?

Ans: Sundarban Launch Barisal To Dakha is quite safe because it don’t allow any illegal elements and also smoke free.


Sundarban 10 Launch is providing safer and comfortable journey in Dhaka and Barisal zone. Shundarban 10 is the largest launch in Bangladesh. That’s why people call it “Banglar Titanic”. Moreover, they sells their ticket at a low price. You can enjoy the perfect journey using this launch. Their staff are also helpful. So, from this article, you can have the contact number and locations of the launch counters. You will also find the ticket price and time schedule. These information may help you to have a great journey.