Dhaka to Gazipur Bus Service| Ticket Price [City Transport]

The majority of the population in the capital needs jobs throughout the week. So, It was a day to kill on the weekend. What is the chance for a weekend holiday? Thus Gazipur can become a good place near Dhaka. So, read to know about the Dhaka to Gazipur Bus Service.

Dhaka‌ to‌ Gazipur‌ Bus‌ Route Map

The history and heritage of the Gazipur district are extensive. It is rich in archeological sites and tourist attractions. Gazipur is a famous and old town with a long history steeped in several centuries’ traditions. 

Dhaka To Gazipur City Bus Service | Ticket Price

Many people who want to go to Gazipur from Dhaka want to know, how is the bus service from Dhaka to Gazipur? How about AC, non-AC, and local or normal bus service? How much does the bus ticket cost? Many people who want to go to Gazipur for the first time want to know these questions.

Here is a table of Dhaka to Gazipur bus ticket prices.

Hopefully for those who are going to Gazipur for the first time, whether for tour or office work or business, it will be easy for them to know the ticket price.

Here the bus ticket price table:

Name of the Bus ServiceNon-AC Bus Ticket Price(Tk)Local or Normal Bus Ticket Price(Tk)
Dhaka Paribahan40
Azmiri Paribahan Ltd.60
Gazipur Paribahan Ltd45
Ahsan Enterprise100
Anabil super50
Salsabil Ltd.40
Anik Paribahan Ltd.40
Cholachol Paribahan Ltd.40
Transilva Paribahan Ltd.50
Skyline PAribahan40
Bhawal Paribahan Ltd.60

The bus authorities can change the price of their bus ticket at any time if they want. So when such a change occurs, the real price can be known by contacting the direct bus counters. Moreover, in addition to offline, you can also buy tickets online for these buses.

If you want to know about the bus schedule from Dhaka to Gazipur, you have to go to their counter. When you go for the ticket, they will tell you the Dhaka to Gazipur bus schedule. Usually, local buses leave for Gazipur every 10/15 minutes from the morning. So you can find out by visiting Gazipur bus counters like Airport Road, Mohakhali, and Uttara.

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Dhaka to Gazipur Bus Service (AC Bus)

The system of AC bus service from Dhaka to Gazipur has not been introduced yet. However, there are 3 types of AC bus services from Dhaka to Rajshahi, also in 64 districts of the country. From Dhaka to Rajshahi, Mymensingh, Tangail, these buses have to go via-Gazipur. They will take any price from you.

They are the three buses that run all over Bangladesh.

Hanif Enterprise: Speed ​​Hero Hanif Enterprise is a very well-known and popular bus service in Bangladesh. For large seats you can choose this bus service to travel anywhere in the country comfortably, there are two advantages of AC, non-AC.

When Hanif Enterprise buses go to Rajshahi or Tangail, you can get to Gazipur. Due to some special reasons for many times, you can’t go to Gazipur by Hanif bus

Ena Transport: Ena is the largest bus service company in Bangladesh. Its path has been running since 1984. They do not have AC and non-AC services. But their service is very good and complete. That’s why people usually prefer Ena transport to go somewhere far away.

Shyamoli Paribahan: Shyamoli Bus Service was established in Bangladesh in 2014. It is a very big bus service. Shyamoli Paribahan is the second bus service in the country. There seem to 2 different sorts of bus services: air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned.

They go to more than 40 districts of the country. In Rajshahi, they have an hourly schedule, especially for nights. If you want you can get on the Shyamli bus from Dhaka and get off at Gazipur. Only if the bus takes passengers locally.

Dhaka To Gazipur Bus Ticket Booking

For ticket booking, there are many counters in Dhaka. Mohakhali inter-district bus terminal, Airport road, Uttora have many ticket booking counters for inter-district buses. Many times inter-district buses offer online ticket booking services.

There are many types of local buses from Dhaka to Gazipur that do not require tickets. Again, there are many buses that can be booked after boarding.

Above all, it is not too much of a hassle to book a bus ticket from Dhaka to Gazipur.  When desired tickets can be booked again when desired tickets can be departed to the destination without booking.

Dhaka to Other Place Of Gazipur Bus Service

Gazipur can also be called a tourist spot. You can visit some beautiful and scenic places of Gazipur near Dhaka with your family to spend a holiday or a vacation.

  • Bhawal Rajbari: The medieval Bhawal Rajbari in the center of Gazipur district town is practically intact as a testimony of tomorrow. The Bhawal Estate’s main operating center was Bhawal Palace. Bhawal Estate’s zamindari position in East Bengal is second only to Nawab Estate in terms of perimeter and income. 

How to go : From Uttar, Mohakhali, or Airport Road, get on the buses of Gazipur and go to Gazipur Sadar. The above-mentioned bus services are named and any one of them will drop you off at Gazipur Sadar. Then from here, you will take a local bus to Joydebpur. There you will see this historical palace.

  •  Bhawal National Park: Bhawal National Park is among Bangladesh’s biggest parks. It is located in Sadar and Sreepur upazilas of Gazipur district

How to go: Get off the bus at Dhaka at Zero Point. From there you can take a bus to Sreepur and come to Bhawal National Park

  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur : BSM Safari Park – This park in Bangladesh’s Gazipur area, near Dhaka, is known as a “Little Wild Africa.”To get there, first you have to go to the main crossroads of Gazipur, then you have to take the road of Mymensingh towards the front, finally you have to come to the Bagher Bazar. You have to come to the Bagher Bazar and from there you have to go west. From here you can take a rickshaw or CNG to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. This national safari park is 3 km away from here.

The distance from Dhaka to Bagher Bazar will be about 40 km.To go to the safari park, you can get a direct bus from Dhaka to Bagher Bazar. The fare is 50 taka per person locally. And if you want to sit comfortably, 80taka per person.

  • Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari: The zamindar’s house is near Dhaka. Srifaltali, a difficult Bengali term, has grown popular among the people.

The zamindar house was constructed across a large area.

  •  It is not owned by Anna in the famous Talibanabad pargana of   Sreefaltali.

How to go: Get on any bus from Mohakhali in Dhaka to Tangail and get off at Kaliakair Bazar. Moreover, there are many buses of Kaliakair Bazar on Gabtoli Savar Road. Moreover, from the signboard, you can take a bus with the address name and get off at a place called Chandra. From there you can go to Kaliakair Bazar by bus or tempo. And there you can see Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari.

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FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Q. For the Dhaka to Gazipur journey, which one is the best AC or non AC bus?

Answer: There is no AC bus from Dhaka to Gazipur. So it is better to go by local buses and a bus that has a chair coach.

Q. Can I buy a ticket online for the Dhaka to Gazipur route?

Answer: If necessary, you can also buy bus tickets from Dhaka to Gazipur online if you want.If you buy a ticket online to the place you are going and give your address, they will give you a ticket to your address.

Final Thoughts:

I hope you can know all the bus services from Dhaka to Gazipur from all the above information. Many people want to know about Dhaka to Gazipur bus service because those who live in Dhaka near to Gazipur want to go to Gazipur on holidays or just like that. Many people have to go for office work for the first time. Then it is important for them to know about these bus services, bus ticket price, schedule.

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