Chittagong To St Martin Island Direct Ship Service| Ticket Price| Schedule!

St. Martin is a place that is known for unrivalled excellence. Yet, travellers get in trouble while travelling to this coral island. After a long journey to Teknaf, we had no real option except to get the boat. Let’s talk about Chittagong to St Martin island direct ship service. 

Hopefully, there is an opportunity to go directly to St. Martin from Chittagong. It will depart from Naval Sea Beach (Water Bus Ghat) in Chittagong every day at 11 pm (night) for coral island St. Martin.

The boat will get back from St. Martin after 1 pm (early afternoon).Presently sightseers will be calmed from different provocations Chittagong to saint martin ship service  Tourists will be spared the extra hassle of travelling from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf by road also, from that point to St. Martin by transport.

Would you please go down to read the article and learn more about Chittagong to St. Martin island direct ship service?

Ticket Price Of Chittagong To St Martin Island Direct Ship Service:

Chittagong to saint martin ship bay One, a luxury sea liner, will operate from Chittagong to St. Martin Island direct ship service on the Chittagong route from the Naval Beach Water Bus Stand in Chittagong. Tourists can go to St. Martin three days a week on this luxury ship.

The luxury ship is equipped with world-class restaurants, presidential suites, swimming pools, dance bars, conference halls and suites.Below is a detailed discussion of chittagong to saint martin tour package and follow the information.

  • Regular Chair – Bidirectional: 3,300 BDT (per person, no meals)
  • Business – Class Chairs – Two way: Rs. 4,4000 (per person, no food)
  • Double Decker Slipper Bed- Two-Way: Money. 6,600 (per person, no food)
  • Presidential Cabin – Two-way: Rs 33,000 (for 2, complimentary service, breakfast and lunch)
  • Royal Cabin – Bidirectional: Rs. 49,500 (for two people, complimentary service, breakfast and lunch)
  • Family Bunker Cabin – Two-way: Rs 55,000 (for four people, complimentary service, breakfast and lunch)
  • VIP Cabin-Double with attached toilet and veranda: Rs 55,000 (for two people, attached toilet, complimentary service, breakfast and lunch)

Special Note: Separate tickets ought to be reserved for additional travellers (assuming any) than the number of travellers going in a similar family cabin or at the same time.

Youngster Policy: Children younger than five can go for nothing.

Here Chittagong to saint martin ship price is clearly stated so that the passengers can easily choose the tour of their choice.

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Schedule of Chittagong to St. Martin Island Direct Ship Service:

If the price suits your wallet, then it is time for you to know the schedule of departure and arrival. Bay one is extremely punctual and maintains a fixed schedule unless there is any turbulence in the Bay of Bengal. Furthermore, we are now going to present the bay one schedule-

  • For the departure from Chittagong, it operates on every Thursday. The departure place is 15 no. Naval That leaves for saint martin at 11 p.m.
  • On the other hand if we look into the Chittagong to saint martin ship schedule we can notice that bay one leaves saint martin on Saturday on the way to Chittagong at 10.30a.m.

Bay one provides you the best Chittagong to St Martin ship service that the city has to offer. So, forget about your concerns and have a tour of the fascinating island.

Need To Make A Safe And Secure Group Or Family Tour 

St. Martin’s Island is an ideal spot for a gathering or family trip. The beauty of this place will make you feel extraordinary. At the same time, you can come here and come back in a day. Hopefully, you can go from Chittagong to St. Martin’s Island on a tight budget.

If you want to travel safely to St. Martin’s Island and enjoy the place with more pleasure, Travel Mate can help you arrange a tour. Contact us for more information. After all, you can add any missing information from the comments section about St. Martin’s Island. Happy travelling.

Travel Plan For Saint Martin Island :

St. Martin will disembark from Teknaf at approximately 12.30 pm.

As you will be boarding the ship in the afternoon, without wasting time, get off the jetty and start walking along the beach on the right side or take an auto to the Prince Haven Hotel.

  • Take a bath in front of Prince Haven or Blue Marine Hotel.
  • There are more waves in the sea, so it is fun to take a bath here.
  • If you don’t want to take a bath, reserve a van.
  • Take a van around the island. In that case, you must go to West Beach.
  • If you want, you can visit Humayun Ahmed’s sea luxury.


Whatever you do, you have to do it within 2 hours. After that, you will get on the ship after eating and drinking. The ship leaves at exactly 3 o’clock so if you are late you will be in danger. 

Stay one or More Nights:

Get off at St. Martin by ship from Teknaf. Since you will be staying one or more nights, you have no hurry. First, go to the hotel and get fresh. Then go down to the sea to take a bath. If you can leave Chera Dwip in the afternoon, you will be able to see Sujata. In that case, try to leave by 4 o’clock.

Sit at the jetty at night and listen to the roar of the sea. Get out very early the next morning and keep walking along West Beach. The farther you go, the more beauty you will see. You can also ride a bicycle. Then have lunch and board the ship at 3 o’clock.

FAQs -Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the least expensive approach to get from Chittagong to St. Martin’s Island?

Answer: The cheapest way to get to St. Martin’s Island from Chittagong is by bus and ferry, which costs $ 70 – $ 73 and 22h 16m.

Q. How far is it from Chattogram to St. Martin’s Island?

Answer: The distance between Chittagong and St. Martin’s Island is 197 kilometres

Q. What measure of time does it take to get from Chittagong to St. Martin’s Island?

It takes approximately 22 hours and 16 meters from Chittagong to St. Martin’s Island.

Final Words:

St. Martin is a stunningly beautiful island. Tourists, on the other hand, suffer during their excursion to the coral islands. We had no choice but to board a ship after a long walk to Teknaf. Hopefully, direct transportations from Chittagong to St. Martin is now available. There are a wide range of shipping companies that provide Chittagong to saint martin ship service and allow you to travel directly to the island from Chittagong via waterway.

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