Dhaka to Pabna Bus Service |Ticket Price | Schedule [2024]

Human nature is very diverse. They like being alone at times, yet they also want to travel with their family under the stars. Most of them find a beautiful and pleasant environment for touring.

Many people prefer to visit historical places. People in Dhaka want to visit different places as soon as they get a little holiday. Pabna; A district of the country where there are numerous tourist spots, historical places. There are many Dhaka to Pabna Bus Services. 

I will tell them their description, price, schedule, contact, location in this content. If anyone needs to go to Pabna from Dhaka for office work for the first time, they need to know the details of bus services from Dhaka to Pabna.


Dhaka to Pabna average road distance is almost 208 km.If you want to go from Dhaka to Pabna, you can take an AC or non-AC bus. You can choose the service that you feel comfortable with. We will describe below all kinds of Dhaka to Pabna Ac and non AC bus services.

Dhaka to Pabna Bus Service | Ticket Price| Contact Number

The average road length is 208 km from Dhaka to Pabna. You can take a bus to Pabna city comfortably.Bus services are divided into two categories: AC and non-AC. You may take any bus to Pabna. Some of the most popular bus services are:

Dhaka to Pabna has many Non Ac bus services. But the most popular bus services are – 

  • Pabna Express 
  • Shyamoli Paribahan 
  • Sarker Travels
  • Hanif Paribahan
  • Alhamra Paribahan
  • Shahzadpur Travels

Now we will provide more information about these buses. Here the table of Bus services name and Dhaka to Pabna AC bus and non-AC bus services, bus ticket price.

Bus Service Name Non-AC bus ticket price(taka) AC chair coach bus ticket price(taka) Contact Number
Pabna Express 500 Tk 550 Tk 02-9008581, 01711-024088
Sarker Travels 340 Tk   +8801718-508727, +8801799-624848.
Shahzadpur Travels 350 Tk 550 Tk +8801778-879171 +880711-353947
Hanif Paribahan 350 Tk 550 Tk +8801713-402671 and +8801713-402631.
Shyamoli Paribahan 400 Tk 450 Tk +8801865-068922, +8801712-008672.
Alhamra Paribahan 380 Tk   +8801721-802033.

The bus authority can increase or decrease their bus fares at any time if they wish, you can contact them via phone call or online to get the correct information.

Bus Schedule: You should know the Dhaka to Pabna bus schedule. You will be lucky to grab the bus at the scheduled time.

The Bus Times From Dhaka to Pabna Are as Follows: 

Dhaka to Pabna Bus schedule Dhaka to Pabna Bus times
10:20 AM to 06:38 PM 8 hr 33 min
09:55 AM to 06:38 PM 8 hr 39 min
09:50 AM to 06:38 PM 8 hr 43 min
09:01 AM to 06:38 PM 8 hr 32 min

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Pabna by Pabna Express and if you want to leave in the morning, their morning Dhaka to Pabna bus schedule is:

  • 07 AM and 10AM.

Non AC bus ticket price – 500 taka.

  • If you want to go to Pabna by AC bus, the AC bus of Pabna Express leaves at 3 pm.

AC bus ticket price – 550 taka

Dhaka to Pabna City Bus Services

In this part of this content, I will share the contact number, schedule, time, ticket price and bus services from Dhaka to Pabna. Every day, a large number of people travel from Dhaka to Pabna and from Pabna to Dhaka..A lot of times there is confusion about knowing the counter number, where the counter is, what the bus fare is.

There are many more counters including Gabtali, Mirpur, Kalabagan, Kamalapur, Arambagh, Sayedabad, Fakirapul, Uttara, Abdullahpur, Malibagh.

Dhaka to Pabna bus counter location in Dhaka

If someone wants to go to Pabna for the first time, his first words are, where are the bus services in Pabna? Where are their exit counters? How do I book a ticket?I’m going to contact what number?

These are extremely important for any traveler to be aware of.

Pabna Express:

Pabna Express is a very popular bus service to go to Pabna. People like their service a lot. So most of the people use Pabna Express to go to different places inside Pabna or Pabna. Some counters have been put up at various locations throughout Dhaka at Pabna Express’s main depot. Pabna Express has two types of services, AC and non-AC.

  • Uttara Azampur Counter, Contact: +8801191-375873.
  • Norda Counter, Contact:+8801715-085038.
  • Kollyanpur Counter,Contact:  +8801750-143095.
  • Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Counter no-9, contact: +8801711-024088.
  • Abdullahpur Counter, Contact: +8801726-717226.
  • Technical Counter,contact: +8801711-024088.

Shyamoli Paribahan:

Shyamli Paribahan is the best in my opinion for going from Dhaka to Pabna, they will deliver you Pabna comparably at a reasonable price.

  • Panthapath Counter. Contact:  01711040881, 01727422045.
  • Arambagh. Contact: +88 02 7194291, 02 7193910.
  • Asad Gate Counter. Contact: +88 02 9124514.
  • Gabtoli, Technical. Contact: +8801865-068922, +8801712-008672.
  • Kalyanpur Counter.Contact:   +88 02 9003331.
  • Abdullahpur. Contact: +01865-068930. 
  • Fakirapul. Contact: 02-7193725.
  • Syedabad Counter. Their phone numbers are 02-7541336, 7550071, 7541953, 7540991
  • Shyamoli-BRTC office.+8801716-942154

Sarker Travels:

Sarker Travels is the best choice for the travel of luxurious people. They reach Pabna very fast and very comfortably. They have three types of services: Non Ac (Rs. 340 / person), Economy Class (Rs. 500 / person) and Business Class (Rs. 600 / person).

  • Abdullahpur Counters. Contact: +8801799-624846.
  • Uttara Counters. Contact:+8801799-624847.
  • NORDA Counters. Contact:+8801799-624849.
  • The Mohana Oil Pump is close to the technical moor. Contact:+8801718-508727, +8801799-624848.
  • Sayedabad-1 Counters. Contact:+8801799-624851.
  • Sayedabad-2 Counters, Contact:+8801799-624853.
  • Hemayetpur Counters. Contact:+8801742-627173.
  • Savar Counters. Contact:+8801799-624880.

Hanif Paribahan:

Hanif is Bangladesh’s best-known bus service. They have many routes of bus service. Hanif provided services from Dhaka to Pabna. This bus can be selected for quick and safe journeys. The bus services are non-AC and AC.

  • 167/22, Inner Circular Road, Arambag, Dhaka. contact numbers: +8801713-402671 and +8801713-402631.

 Alhamra Paribahan:

They only have non-AC bus service

  • Muktijoddha Tower, College Gate, Mohammadpur, Mirpur Road, 1st Floor + 8801721-802033.

Shahzadpur Travels

  • Gabtoli Bus Station Counter. +8801716-575669, +8801748-288626.
  • Hemayetpur Bus Station Counter. +8801712-494049.
  • Nabinagar Bus Station Counter, Savar. +8801712-535407.
  • Technical Bus Station Counter.  +880711-353947.
  • Savar Bus Station Counter. +8801675-778760. 

Dhaka to Pabna Bus Ticket Booking

You can book a ticket to Pabna online if you are coming from Dhaka. You can also contact the above-mentioned phone numbers to get a bus service of your choice. Alternatively, you can go straight to the counter. If you want to travel on the Pabna Express, you must purchase an AC bus ticket. They almost never have an AC bus schedule. Each person will be charged 500 taka. Ticket counter for Pabna Express bus:

  • Gabtoli

Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Line- Kha

Phone: 02-9008581

Counter No.- 9

  • Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 1750-143095

  • Malibagh Counter (DT Road Railgate)

Phone: 01199-187815

  • Chandra, Gazipur

Phone: 01920-096763

  • Abdullahpur

          Phone: 01726-717226

  • You can book Pabna Express tickets online, Shyamoli Paribahan ticket booking is done through phone call,You can book Sarker Travels tickets at the counter, You can book Hanif Paribahan tickets both online and at the ticket counter. Also they take bookings through phone calls. 

Dhaka to Pabna AC Bus Fare:

The AC bus fare from Dhaka to Pabna is slightly higher than the non-AC bus fare. Many people are unable to tolerate the heat. For them, the AC bus service from Dhaka to Pabna  is very comfortable.

Pabna Express, Hanif Paribahan and Shahzadpur Travels all charge Rs 550 each.

Shyamoli Paribahan AC bus ticket fare 450 taka.

Dhaka to Other Places of Pabna

After going to Pabna from Dhaka, a list of ways to go to different places in Pabna was given. Since there are many tourist spots and historical places in Pabna, people usually visit these places on holiday.

  • Azim Chowdhuri’s Jamindar Palace
  • Bengal Meat
  • Haripur Jamindarbari Pond: Pabna.
  • Handial Jogonnyath Mosque: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi Agricultural Research Institute: 

Apart from these beautiful places, there are many more tourist spots in Pabna. Taking any bus from Dhaka to Pabna is a good option.  If you go to Pabna Sadar, get off at a local bus, taxi, CNG or van and reach your destination.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Pabna From Dhaka?

Answer: The distance from Dhaka to Pabna is 123 kilometers.If the road is calculated, the distance is 208.3 km

Which is the Easiest Way to Reach Pabna Quickly from Dhaka?

Answer: From Dhaka to Pabna can be reached very quickly by car or micro bus. Overall it can take 3 hours and 29 minutes. The rent will cost up to Rs 4,000-5,500.

Final Thoughts:

All of these bus services are the best for Dhaka to Pabna route. You may go to Pabna from Dhaka via these

This Pabna district is located 123 kilometers away from Dhaka, where there is a beautiful environment, the infinite glory of nature. People love to travel alone or with family whenever they have a holiday.

Then the historical places of this Pabna district can be a tour spot for them. Many people are interested to know about, Dhaka to Pabna bus service. How can it be better? Which transport service is better? Everyone is interested in how to communicate with them or bus counters. 

After reading this content, I hope everyone has found a solution on how to go to Pabna from Dhaka..The bus services you get from Dhaka to Pabna and the benefits of the bus services, Pabna to Dhaka bus service will take you to Dhaka at the same process and at the same facility.

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