Pabna Express|Schedule| Ticket Price| Counter Number [2024]

Passengers are always looking for a bus service that gives good service. Pabna Express gives all the opportunities to the passengers. There are many passengers who like to travel by Dhaka to Pabna Bus Service, their first choice is the bus of this bus company. Their route is in all divisions of Bangladesh.

Throughout every district and division, they have bus counters. Passengers often want to know the details of the Pabna Express bus service. So this content contains all the information of Pabna Bus Service, such as: Where are the counters? Phone numbers of all their counters, ticket price (AC and non-AC), how long does it take, why should I choose this bus? Etc. and many more questions. All the answers will be found in detail in this content.

Pabna Express Bus Ticket Price [All Division]

The main depot of Pabna Transport is mainly in Pabna. It provides services all over Bangladesh. Prices also vary according to the division.

Here is a chart of how much it costs to travel to Pabna by Pabna Paribahan from the divisional cities of Bangladesh. You can therefore get an idea of the price of the Pabna Express ticket.

Division Bus Ticket Price (Taka)- (Non-AC)
Dhaka to pabna  500 Tk
Dhaka to Bonpara 500 Tk
Sylhet to Pabna 700 Tk
Khulna to Pabna 342Tk
Dhaka to Ishwardi 500 Tk
Rajshahi to Pabna 164 Tk
Dhaka to Kushtia 500 Tk
Dhaka to Veramara 500 Tk
Dhaka to Meherpur 500 Tk

How To buy Pabna Express Tickets Online?

Many people cannot go to the ticket counter to buy tickets due to busy schedules or any other reason. Pabna Express also offers an online ticketing facility. You can purchase an online Pabna ParibahanTicket as you like or as you wish. They provide this facility for passengers. Buying a ticket will save your time and money.  A phone call allows you to buy a ticket.

Pabna Express Time Schedule

If you want to take the non-AC bus of Pabna Paribahan from Dhaka to Pabna- From Dhaka to Pabna, there are two times for non-AC Buses, 7:00 am and 10:00 am.

Pabna Paribahan Express AC Bus Service

Although Pabna Paribahan offers more non-AC buses, they also have Luxurious AC buses. They provide both types of buses. From Dhaka to Pabna,

Pabna Express AC Bus Ticket Price Per Person 550 Taka.

AC Bus Schedule At 3:30 pm leaves the Pabna Express AC bus. AC Buses left from Dhaka to Pabna in the afternoon.

Counters and Phone Numbers of Pabna Express In All Division Of Bangladesh

The names of each counter and their phone numbers are given.

Pabna Express Dhaka Counter Number:

There are many more counters of Pabna Express in Dhaka. These counters are near almost every place in Dhaka.

Pabna Express Counter Name Pabna Express Phone Number
Pabna Express Technical Counter, Dhaka 01711024088
Gabtoli Counter OfficesCounter #9; Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Line- Kha, 02-9008581, 01711-024088
Mailbag National Bank Counter Offices 01199-187815
Baipail Counter Offices 01718-827719
Saidabad 01714-989161
Chondra Counter Offices 01920-096763
Abdullahpur Counter Offices 01726-717226
Narayanganj Khanpur Bus Stand 01715-838498
Kallyanpur Counter Offices 01750-143095, 01193-086077
Norda Counter Offices 01715-085038
Uttara Azampur Counter Offices 01191-375873
Necha Pump 01720-478219

Pabna Express Chittagong Counter Number:

There are counters of Pabna Express in almost a few places of the Chittagong division. So you can easily collect tickets by contacting them by phone or by going to the nearest counter.

Counter Name Phone Number
Feni Counter 01822-008811
BRTC Counter 01750-143087
Boropole Counter 01814-122636
Alongkar-2 Counter 01718-446690
Navy Gate Counter 01190-927564
Alongkar-1 Counter 01750-143097
Alongkar-3 Counter 01675-629767

Dhaka to Pabna Transport Sylhet Counter Number:

The bus service of this Pabna Express bus is also available in Sylhet. The counter and phone numbers of Sylhet are:

Counter Name Phone Number
Central Bus Terminal Counter Office 01750-14309301729-534055
Shaistaganj Counter Office 01728-92240501724-051784
Sylhet Counter 01711-235444
Goala Bazar Counter Office 01818-845092
Dorgah Gate/Majar Gate Counter Office 01717-848665

Pabna Paribahan Rajshahi Counter Number:

Counter Name Phone Number
Ishwardi Counter office 01711-024088, 01195-258988
Kushtia Counter office 01750-143096, 02-8035780
Nesha Pump Counter office 01720-478219, 01195-451505

Pabna Transport Pabna Counter Number:

The main counters of Pabna Express are in Pabna. There are Pabna Paribahan counters in almost all places of Pabna.

Counter Name Phone Number
Boraigram Counter office 01743-872439
Kushtia Counter office 01750-143090
Pabna Sadar Counter office 01911804960
Baipas Counter office 01750-143091
Town Counter office 01750-143092
Kashinathpur Counter office 01714-904389
Ullapara Counter office 01740-937388
Lalpur Counter office 01746-698415
Bagha Counter office 01753-121582
Bera Counter office 01724-544605
Chinakhora Counter office 01714-690527
Dhanaidoho Counter office 01722-161845
Baghabari Counter office 01712-217761
Dashuria Counter office 01753-121580
Veramara Counter office 01750-143094
Kachikata Counter office 01713-777282
Rajapur Counter office 01746-165933
Ishwardi Counter office 01753-121581
Bonpara Counter office 01716-307280

Pabna Paribahan of Comilla District Counter Number:

Counter Name Phone Number
Comilla Sadar counter office 01750-143083

What Is The Distance From Pabna to Any Division By Bus?

  • Distance Between Pabna to Dhaka -208 km or 127 miles, It takes 4 hours and 4 minutes by Pabna Express to reach Dhaka from Pabna
  • Pabna to Khulna – 214 km or 132.973394 Miles, It takes five hours 30 minutes
  • Pabna to Rajshahi – 103.0 km, It Takes 2hours 43 minutes
  • Distance between Pabna to Gazipur – 185.3 km, It takes 4 hours 53 minutes
  • Pabna to Rangpur – 217 km, It takes 5 hours 57 minutes
  • Distance between Pabna to Mymensingh – 195 km, it takes 5 hours 2 minutes.
  • Pabna to Barisal bus distance  – 264 km, It takes 7 hours 18 minutes.
  • Pabna to Cumilla – 244 km, It takes 6 hours 50 minutes
  • Pabna to Sylhet  distance – 388 km, It takes 9 hours 39 minutes.
  • Pabna toChittagong distance – 416 km, 11 hours 45 minutes

Why Choose Pabna Paribahan Express for Travel?

The best advantage of Pabna Paribahan Bus Service is that it is easy to book tickets online and by phone call. Moreover, they are much more concerned about your problem. They are always vigilant so that you do not have any difficulty in your journey. 

You can tell them if you have an issue and they will make every effort to resolve it.

That’s why, you can choose Pabna Paribahan for all these good facilities and comfortable travel, which makes your trip more enjoyable.

Some Important Notices For Passengers From Pabna Express Authority

Pabna Express Authority gives some notices to the passengers every time on the journey. These must be complied with by a passenger. Such as:

  1. Every passenger must arrive at the bus counter 20 minutes before the time of the bus ticket.
  2. No passengers are allowed to smoke on the bus. So passengers will not be allowed to smoke in the bus and during travel
  3. Pabna Express does not allow you to take more than 10 kg of luggage on the deck. You must pay for the luggage if you prefer to pursue more than that.
  4. Any illegal goods can’t be taken on the bus. Even if it occurs, no duty will be assumed by the bus authorities.
  5. After placing the goods in the box, you must take the token of your goods. As you get off the bus, you can take your goods by showing the token, so keep the token safe. And of course keep the goods in the box keeping in mind the security of your goods
  6. The bus authority will not be responsible if the passenger arrives at the counter late and misses the bus for it and no ticket price will be refunded for this.
  7. All passengers will be responsible for securing their necessary documents, bags, and luggage. The bus authority, bus driver or any staff of that bus will not be responsible for these or any loss for your luggages.


Since Pabna Express has counters in almost all the districts and divisions of the country, you can go to Pabna easily. This bus tries its best to give you satisfying service. They also provide a Luxurious AC bus service. You can bring the Pabna Express to Pabna if you’d like to travel safely. And anywhere in the country from Pabna as they provide service and go by bus. I hope you will be satisfied by traveling on Pabna Bus Service.

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