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The majority of people want to travel, and they also want to travel comfortably. We often wonder when traveling, which vehicle would be best, a bus, train, or a launch? When traveling, it’s very important to have a comfortable experience. Traveling by bus is very comfortable. Sarker Travels, the service of this bus is good enough.

Among the bus services in our country, Sarkar Travels is very popular. Especially people choose this bus to go to Pabna. Many people want to know where to get their address or number, which bus to take, or how much the fare is. Today’s content is about. Hopefully you will get all the information about this bus service.

About Sarkar Travels

Since Sarkar Travel is one of the most popular bus services in Bangladesh, it has counters in Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong and Pabna.

There are people who take this bus to get to Pabna. Moreover, there are many counters in each district.

If you want to go from Pabna to Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong, Rajshahi for office work, sightseeing and holiday, you can go with Sarkar Travel.If you want to see the historical place of Pabna from Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong, this bus will take you to Pabna in a comfortable, proper guide.

Sarker Travels Ticket Price

If you want to know about the ticket price of Sarkar Travel, you have to call their counter. After that, they will inform you about the price of going to all the places. If you wish, you can go to your nearest counter and bring the information with you.

Dhaka to Pabna350 Tk

Online Ticket Booking System Of Sarker Travels

It is a really comfortable bus service for the passengers. Ticket collections are available in various areas of Dhaka. In other divisions and districts, they are also available. The ticket booking website allows you to book tickets online. Tickets for all events are easily available.

They never even ask for more fare from their passengers. During The Eid session, tickets can be reserved in advance. If you have any problems booking tickets, you can contact the admin. There is a manager or owner of this bus company who is always ready to assist you.

Sarker Travels Online Ticket Booking

When you can’t go to the counter due to busyness and they don’t answer the phone, what do you do? Tickets need to be booked urgently, but there is no way to do it. Tickets can be purchased online in a variety of ways. There are various online sites that book long distance bus tickets. You can easily book your favorite bus Sarkar Travels tickets through them. Such as:

  5. and

By visiting these websites, you can easily book tickets at any time to go anywhere in the country.

Sarker Travels Time Schedule 

Knowing the approximate travel time is a very important part of planning a trip. Without knowing the exact time of the bus, you may miss it many times.

Pabna to Narayanganj, Narayanganj to Pabna, Pabna to Chittagong, Chittagong to Pabna, Pabna to Dhaka and some exit schedules from Dhaka to Pabna are given.

Pabna to NarayanganjNarayanganj to PabnaPabna to ChittagongChittagong to PabnaPabna to DhakaDhaka to Pabna
5:45 am6:00 am6:00 pm6:30 pm4:15am6:15 am
6:45 am7:00 am7:00 pm7:30 pm5:15 am7:15 am
7:45 am8:00 am—–—–6:15 am8:15 am
9:45 am9:30 am—–—–7:15 am9:00 am(AC Bus)
1:45 pm11:00 am—–—-8:15 am10:15 am
2:45 pm2:00 pm—–—–9:15 am11:15 am
3:45 pm4:00 pm—-—-10:15 am12:15 pm
10:30 pm8:00 pm—-—–11:15 am1:15 pm
—-—-—-—-12:15 pm2:15 pm
—-—-—-—-1:15 pm3:00 pm(AC Bus)
—-—-—-—-2:15 pm4:15 pm
—-—-—-—-2:30 pm(AC Bus)5:15 pm6:15 pm
—-—-—-—-4:30 pm7:15 pm
—-—-—-—-5:30 pm8:15 pm
—-—-—-—-11:15 pm9:15 pm
—-—-—-—-11:30 pm(AC Bus)10:15 pm11:00 pm(AC Bus)
—-—-—-—-11:45 pm11:45 pm

Sarker Travels All Counter Number And Location

The contact numbers and locations of the counters at Sarker Travels are listed below.

Head Office:

  1. Dhaka Office:
  •  Near the technical moor bus counter, Mohana Oil Pump



  • Rajab Ali Market,Gabtoli


  1. Pabna Office:
  • New Bus Terminal



  1. Chittagong Office:
  • 01710844898
  1. Narayanganj Office:
  • 01710844854

Sarker Travels Pabna Counter Number 

The city of Pabna has over seven bus terminals. The bus counters in Pabna are located at different locations. We got various bus counter numbers from Sarkar Travels, Pabna. Below you will find the full list. To know more about their bus routes and services, you can call any of these numbers.

Bus Counter LocationBus Counter Number
Bus counters at new bus terminals01725-442646
Ishwardi  Bus Counter01799-624840
A. Hamid Road, Old Bus Counter01725-44264301725-442645
Cinakhara Bus Counter01799-624841
Bera Bus Counter01799-624843
Ullapara Bus Counter01799-624845
Dasheria Bus Counter01742-627187
Kashinathpur Bus Counter01799-624842

Sarker Travels Dhaka Counter Number

Sarkar Travels operates 12 counters for bus travel. There are 13 different locations where bus counters are located. And each counter in Counter City has a different contact number.

List of Dhaka bus counters Starting from Technical Moore near Mohana Oil Pump and ending at Savar bus counter is this list of bus counters in Dhaka city. You can choose which number to contact.

Bus Counter LocationBus Counter Number
Mohana Oil Pump nearby technical moor Bus Counter01718-50782801192-138233
Uttara Bus Counter01799624847
NORDA Bus Counter01799624849
Abdullahpur Bus Counter01799624846
Malibag Bus Counter01799624850
Chanduara Bus Counter01799624882
Gopal Bagh Bus Counter01799624851
Razzaj Ali Market Bus Counter—–
Sayedabad-1 Bus Counter01799624851
Sayedabad–2 Bus Counter01799624853
Savar Bus Counter01799624880
Hemayetpur Bus Counter01742627173
Baipile Bus Counter01799624881

Sarker Travels  Narayanganj Bus Counter

In Narayanganj, there is only one bus counter of Sarkar Travels. Use this number to contact Narayanganj Sarkar Travel Bus Service. There was no other number that we could find. As I mentioned earlier, Sarkar Travels only operates one bus stop in Narayanganj.

  • Narayanganj Bus Counter

Counter NUmber: 01710-844854

Sarker Travels Chittagong Counter Number

There is a bus counter with the contact number of Sarkar Travels in Chittagong. The same as Narayanganj. In addition, Sarkar Travel’s Chittagong branch’s contact details are given below. If you need to contact Sarkar Travels Chittagong Bus Counter, call this number.

  • Chittagong Bus Counter


Why Choose Sarkar Travels for Travelling?

Among the many types of bus services, the question arises as to why the Sarkar Travels choose to travel. They take care that no passenger has any problem, they try to solve all the problems of everyone. Additionally, their seats are much more comfortable.

Especially for long distance travel. In addition, when you travel by bus to Pabna, you can stop at some stops and sit by the window to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Travel will be more beautiful and memorable for you.


An authoritative source provided us with the information we used for our article. This article contains all information about Sarkar Travels. It is possible for practical reasons to occur at any time. Such as changing the contact number of the bus counter, changing the location of the counter etc.

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