Cox’s Bazar To Teknaf Bus Service | Ticket Price | Contact Number [Full Details]

Want to make a tour to the most southern point of Bangladesh? Teknaf is that place which is located in the southeast corner of Bangladesh under Cox’s Bazar district. Ukhia Upazila borders ita in the north, Naf river and Myanmar on the east side, and the Bay of Bengal bounded on the south and west side. 

In 1930, this thana turned to be an Upazila. Here is one municipality and six unions. So many tourist spots with attractive views are there. Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf bus service is comfortable and safe for tourists. You are going to know details about this service here.

Details Of Cox’s Bazar To Teknaf Bus Service in Bangladesh

Travel time & quality depends on which bus service you choose. You can select Ac or Non-Ac bus depending on your budget. In the bus station of Cox’s Bazar, you will get all information about Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf schedule. 

Last year Caravan services launched a new open-roof sightseeing bus in the Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf Marine Drive. It is an excellent opportunity for tourists to enjoy the sea and hills together along 80 km roads. On this bus, you can get 48 comfortable seats and a library with tourism-related books.

The fare of this caravan is 2000tk for a day-long tour. From Kolatoli’s point of Cox’s Bazar, this caravan starts daily at 9 am to Teknaf Peninsula. That bus is a double-decker named Aquaholic Tourist Caravan.

  • Saint Martin Hyundai
  • Saintmartin Travels
  • Green Saintmartin Express
  • Shyamoli Paribahan
  • Saintmartin Paribahan
  • Royel Coach
  • Vip service
  • Tuba line
  • Relax Paribahan

Cox’s Bazar To Teknaf Bus Ticket Price| Contact Number

Different types of bus services are available to reach Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar. A better view of the route is essential for local or international tourists. Though Teknaf is in the Chittagong division, most buses are given service from Chittagong to Teknaf.

But you can stop at Cox’s Bazar, and then you will have an outing there. And then you can go to Teknaf by bus. In that time, you may have to count extra money than Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf bus fare. 

Try to know the details about the bus service before you start your trip. Some buses are given facilities for food, photography, or prayer in the middle of the journey. Specifically, Ac buses have more special facilities than non-AC buses.

If you are a newcomer at Cox’s Bazar or Teknaf, take help from a local directory or search the route from Google Maps. Hotel management of Cox’s Bazar is excellent, and you will get the best service depending on your budget.

You can book a hotel and Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf bus ticket online also. Some hotels also have bus facilities for their clients.

AC Bus Service:

If you want to make a trip by Ac bus, you can get on SaintMartin Hyundai, SaintMartin Travels, Green Saintmartin express, Shyamoli paribahan, Saintmartin Paribahan, Royel Coach, Vip service, and Tuba line. For these buses, you may have to count the bus fare 300-350Bdt. Most of the Ac buses start their mission from Chittagong or Dhaka town to Teknaf. They take a break from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf’s schedule.

Bus NameTicket Price in BDTContact No
Saint Martin Hyundai350 Tk01972-691387, 01972-691388, 01972-691360
Saintmartin Travels350 Tk —-
Green Saintmartin Express 350 Tk —-
Shyamoli Paribahan300 Tk —-
Saintmartin Paribahan320 Tk —-
Royel Coach300 Tk —-
Vip service 300 Tk —-
Tuba line300 Tk 01818-401626, 01876-005665

Non AC Bus Service:

So many Non AC bus services are available from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. Tuba line, S.Alom service, Soudia Coach service, Hanif enterprise, Marsa transport, Shyamoli paribahan(sp), Shyamoli paribahan(nr), Relax paribahan, Year 71, Royel Coach are significant services among them. 

Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf bus time starts from 7 am every day. At the Bus stop, you will find all the bus service rooms. For non-Ac, Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf bus ticket price is 120-150tk by the seat. You will get a bus after every half an hour to go to Teknaf.

Bus NameTicket Price in BDTContact Number
Tuba Line150 Tk 01818-401626, 01876-005665
S.Alom Service120 Tk 0341-62902, 01818-800040
Soudia Coach Service 150 Tk 01919-654918, 01919-654890,01919-654813
Hanif Enterprise 120 Tk 01713-402651, 01825-157324
Marsa Transport150 Tk 01708-812945
Shyamoli Paribahan(sp)150 Tk —-
Shyamoli Paribahan(nr)120 Tk —-
Relax Paribahan120 Tk —-
Royel Coach100 Tk —-

Distance From Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf:

The distance from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf by bus is 81.5 km or 54miles. It takes nearly 2hours to go to Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar bus stop.

Here you will glance at many attractive places like the beach of Teknaf, the hill of Ne-Tong or God, the well of Mathin, the bunkers of British troops, natural Mangrove forest with numerous habitats, different kinds of fish, and so on. Teknaf to Cox’s Bazar bus route is also a place to enjoy natural beauty with hills and sea level.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do you get to Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar?

Answer: You will go by bus, car or autorickshaw Teknaf to Cox’s Bazar. Choosing a bus is safer than others.

Q. How far is Cox’s Bazar from Teknaf?

Answer: The driving distance is 81.5km or 54 miles from Cox’s Bazar from Teknaf.

Q. How can I buy a bus ticket in Bangladesh?

Answer: You can buy a bus ticket from the nearest bus stop or online booking.

Q. How do I book a Scania bus?

Answer: The Scania Travels bus booking is effortless. For booking, you can use Paytm wallet online or other credit transfer systems like net banking, credit, or debit card.

Final Thoughts:

When you are exotic at Cox’s Bazar and want to go to Teknaf, you will benefit from reading the above news of Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf bus service. Most of the tourists run to Teknaf to make the journey to Saint Martin Island. No matter which bus service you choose, try to come to the bus stop before 20 minutes of your schedule. Try to keep your valuable belongings safely in your situation on the bus. Enjoy the trip with your family and friends!

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