Airtel Bondho Sim Offer 2024 (Reactivation Offer) [Updated]

Welcome to the Airtel Bondho Sim Offer, this is an attractive offer for all Airtel Bondho sim users. there are many mobile operators companies in Bangladesh and they are offering free internet, free Social, free SMS, the lowest call rate, data pack, etc in Reactivation SIM. Now, they give a 3GB internet bonus with the lowest bundle offer.

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Here we are providing the latest update internet, minute bundle, and recharge offer for all active and unused sim offers. Now Airtel Bondho sim users can enjoy 44 Taka recharge offer. In this article, we added all the necessary information of the Airtel Off SIM Offers bd step by step. So, keep reading.

Airtel Reactivation SIM Offer 2024.

This Airtel Bondho sim offers just for Airtel Bondho sim customers. So, at first, read all offer details and then reactivate your airtel sim to enjoy all offers.

Recharge Amount Offer Validity Condition
18 Tk 24 Min 7 Days Only 1 time
34 Tk 40 Min 15 Days Only 1 time
46 Tk 75 Min 30 Days Only 1 time
44 Tk 5 GB + 45 p/min 30 Days Only 1 time
43 Tk 40 min + 4 GB (3 GB + 1 GB 4G) 5 Days Multiple time
109 Tk 100 min + 5 GB (4 GB + 1 GB 4G) 30 Days Multiple time
Airtel Bondho Sim Offer February

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Let’s talk about the first offer by recharging 19 Tk, 34 BDT, 12 BDT, or 54 BDT and also enjoy free internet, lowest call rate, and Talk time offer. Now we are talking about the Airtel Reactivation Sim offer 2024 in detail.

Airtel Bondho SIM Offer February.

Hello Friends, welcome to the Airtel reactivation Sim Offer on our website. Today, we will share the Airtel Bondho SIM Offer December with all Airtel customers if you want to come back to this Airtel sim.

Check: Airtel Internet Package BD

Then you can get 5GB of internet for only 44 Taka. And, you can buy a 5GB social pack for only 44 Taka; it’s currently running for an Airtel reactivation sim.

If you have an Airtel Bondho sim, then you can buy this 44 Tk 5GB social pack offer. We give this information below in detail.

Airtel Bondho Sim Offers

Airtel Amazing Offer- All 

If you want to Airtel Off SIM offer in one place now in the section we have shared Airtel all SIM Offer in below which helps to know the Airtel reactivation SIM offer detail and by the process to activate your favorite package.

Data Size Recharge Taka Validity
5 GB + 45 Paise/min 44 Tk. 30 Days
4 GB + 40 Min 43 Tk. 5 Days
5.5 GB 44 Tk. 5 Days
5GB + 100 Min 109 Tk. 30 Days

Airtel Bondho SIM Combo Bundle Offer.

The Airtel Off SIM Offer 2024 consumers will get several combo bundle offers, which depends on the last activity of users. The Airtel reactivation sim offers just Dial *999# and gets your offer.

Recharge Amount Free internet 4GBonus Minute(Any net) SMS(Any net) Validity
19 BDT 500 MB 1 GB 30 Minutes 500 SMS 15 Days
19 BDT 1 GB 1 GB 30 Minutes 1000 SMS 15 Days
19 BDT 1.5 GB 1 GB 30 Minutes 1500 SMS 15 Days
19 BDT 2 GB 1GB 30 Minutes 2000 SMS 15 Days

Airtel 44 Tk Recharge Offer [Latest]

Airtel Announced New Offer as 44 Tk Recharge Bondho SIM Offer for the users, it is an excellent recharge data offer which helps user can enjoy number #1 network internet. In the offer, the Bondho SIM users get 5 GB of internet and 45 Paisa/min (1 sec Pulse) for 30 days.

Recharge Amount Benefits Validity           Condition
44 Taka 5 GB + 45 Paisa/Min (+tax) 30 days Once only during the campaign period
Airtel Bondho Sim Offer December

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Airtel 500 MB 29 Tk Offer [New] :

Airtel internet festivals are running; you will get 29 Tk, you MB internet by restarting your Airtel closed SIM. You can dial *123*025# or recharge at 29 BDT for the start of this offer.

Receive offers within three days. Only you can enjoy this 4.5G network.

Airtel 1GB 34 Tk Offer[New] .

Airtel Bondho sim has published 34 Tk 1GB internet with 40 minutes talk-time offer for a closed connection. This is a fantastic offer and also gets per minute 48 paisa second ( any local operator).

So, to get this pack, you will need to recharge 34 Tk. Enjoy 1GB of internet, 40 minutes, and a special call rate.

  • Get 40 minutes of Talktime (any operator).
  • The 1GB internet offers you can use at any time.
  • Also, get 48 paisa/minute (with VAT) to any local number.
  • Valid for 07 days (24 hours).
  • Press *3#. and check data balance
  • You can buy this offer multiple times.

Airtel 19 Taka First Recharge Offer[New].

Airtel Bondho sim all offer is here you reactivate your Bondho sim and enjoy the first time recharge offer. Recharge 19 BDT the first time and get 45 paisa per minute and 1-second pulse offer.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customers of Airtel can only use this offer if he recharges 19 Taka the first time and Once
  • The users can purchase above limitless times.
  • Airtel Authority can change or stop these offers anytime.
  • The customer has to dial *3# to check Internet Balance.
  • There is no auto-renewal for these offers.
  • Airtel reactivation sim offer check code is *999#.

Click: Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer

Airtel 3GB Offer:

Airtel has been offering 3GB Data Pack for the users. You can back by open Airtel Bondho SIM then to enjoy 3GB internet offer for 2G/3G/4G networks.  Each Bondho SIM customers are active in the data pack. The 3GB offer price is 54 Taka with 03 days validity. If you want the offer, need to use the USSD code, so, at first recharge 54 Taka and press * 123 * 054 #.

  • To Active the 3B Offer, Please Recharge 54 Taka for
  • Not is 1GB for 4G networks.
  • Dial Code is* 3 # for data balance check.

Airtel 4GB 43 Taka Offer.

Airtel has been published new announcements like Airtel 4GB 43 Taka Offer for their customers, under the offers you will get and enjoy 40 minutes of talk-time and a special call rate 48 paise second (any local operator). Just recharge43 Taka then you can active amazing Airtel Bondho SIM Offer, why late, follow the process and active in your SIM.

Offer Details:

  • Total Internet Amount: 4GB (for any time use)
  • Total Minutes: 40 Minutes (any operator).
  • Minute Rate: 48 paisa (VAT Included- to any local number.)
  • Offer Validity for 07 days (24 hours).
  • If you want to check data balance Just, Dial * 3 #.
  • You can purchase the Airtel 4GB 43 Taka Offer multiple times.

Airtel 109 Tk 5GB Offer-(4GB + 1GB 4G) + 100 Min 

Registered Airtel prepaid consumers will get attractive internet and minute offers by recharging 109 Taka.

Reactivate your Airtel closed sim and the recharge at just 109 tk. And you can enjoy 5GB internet with 100 minute talk time for 30 days.

  • Recharges 109 Taka, to activate this offer
  • You receive a 5GB Internet pack.
  • This Internet validity is 30 days.
  • Dial * 3 #, and internet balance check.
  • For a minute balance check, dial *778*29#.
  • Enjoy this offer  24 hours, 30 days.
  • You can enjoy this offer 3G and 4G network.

Airtel 1.5GB 38 Taka Offer 

Reactivate your Airtel Bondho sim and enjoy a special 3GB internet offer for only 38 tk. The excellent offer validity is three days. You will dial *123*038# to activate this offer, or you can recharge at 38 Tk. This internet validity is three days.

Airtel Social Pack Offer.

To make sure to back Airtel you will get an amazing social pack offer with 3GB internet at 12 Taka for 15 days. You will get the 3GB Social pack offer in the first three months. Just Check and Dial * 999 # then you will get an eligibility SMS.

Let’s Check: Airtel Monthly Internet Package 

Airtel 3GB 12 Tk Social Offer

Come back to Bondhosim and get 3GB of internet for only 12 Tk, and you can use this internet on Facebook or Instagram. The 3GB great data pack you can use in 15 days. You will be able to use this Airtel social pack for three months.

You need to verify eligibility: Sms or dial *999# to find out your ability.

Social Pack Terms & Conditions:

  • This internet pack will be capable of Airtel’s prepaid closed SIM users.
  • Only you can use 3GB of internet for Facebook and Instagram).
  • The duration is 15 days.
  • Dial * 3 # to check social pack balance.
  • Any network can use the internet.

—————————Old Offers——————-

Airtel 33 Tk 5GB Offer:

Customers of Airtel Bondhosim get the first recharge offers if you have an Airtel Bondhosim, and you want to activate it. Then you will get a recharge offer of 33tk 5GB.

This is the first activation offer. To get this offer, you need to recharge 33 Taka or Call 121 for details about this offer.

Recharge Internet Validity Condition
33 BDT 5120MB Seven days Once only during the campaign period

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customers need to dial *3# to check internet balance.
  • The customers can enjoy this internet volume for 24 hours with seven days of validity.
  • You can use this internet in both 4G, 3G,  and 2G networks.
  • Airtel Bondho sim offer check code is *999#.
  • Available internet will not be carried forward.

Airtel 1.5 GB 58 Tk Offer.

Airtel gives a new Bondho sim offer to return their users. Come back to your Airtel operator and enjoy 1.5 GB data at 58 Taka. The 58 BDT recharge or dial *212*858# to activate this offer. It will work for the next seven days.

Airtel 3GB 54 Taka Offer

Airtel 3GB data offer is an excellent data offer for all Airtel sim users. But Airtel reactivation sim also can enjoy this offer. All of these Airtel Bondhosim customers can buy this offer.

This 3GB internet offer price is only 54 Taka. The offer validity is three days. In this 3GB internet, you can use 1GB with a 4G network. Dial this USSD code *123*054# or recharge 54 Tk for avail of this offer. This internet Validity is five days.

  • By recharge BDT 54 to activate this offer.
  • This is an excellent 1GB for (4G) networks.
  • Dial *3# to check the data pack.

Airtel 3GB 43 Taka Offer

Airtel customers will get 3GB internet with 60 mins of any net for seven days validity only for 43Taka. This is only for Airtel Bondho sim users. When any Airtel customers reactivate their Bondho sim, then they can enjoy this great offer.

  • You can buy this offer as many times as you want.
  • To get 60 minutes of Talktime (any net)
  • 3 GB internet pack (for any use)
  • This internet pack validity is seven days (24 hours).
  • To check internet pack balance, dial *3#
  • You need to dial *778*29# to minute check.
  • You will buy the offer as many times as possible.

Airtel 1GB 29 Taka Offer

When you reactivate your Bondho sim, then you get this offer. 29 BDT recharge after eligible for the offer and enjoy 1 GB for only 28 Tk. This

internet validity is seven days.

Airtel 1GB 49 Taka Offer

You can receive a 1GB data pack if you recharge 49 BDT. This main distinction between the above and is valid. This is a 49 BDT validity recharge data offer for 30 days where the above one is seven days only.

Airtel 6GB 89 Tk Offer.

Recharge 89 BDT and get 6GB of internet. Airtel returning users get this offer. For this data offer, just recharge only 89 BDT, which is valid for seven days. This is an excellent or attractive data offer for all Airtel Bondho sim customers.

Airtel 10 GB Internet 209 Tk.

10 GB @ 209 BDT is for Airtel heavy users if Airtel customers reactivate their sim, then they can enjoy this offer. Airtel Bondho customers recharge 209 BDT, and then they get this excellent offer. Internet validity is seven days.

Terms & Conditions:

  • At 19 TK recharge offer including VAT, SD, SC.
  • The 19 Tk recharge price will not add to the user’s main accounts.
  • This is a paid bundle offer for Bondho SIM users.
  • After recharging 19 TK, customers can receive the talk time & SMS instantly.
  • For data balance check Code: *8444*88#
  • The Talk Time and SMS balance check Code is *778*56#
  • You can use the Internet, Minute & SMS check at 24 Hours.
  • You can use your bonus Inter t  on 2G/3G/4G Network.
  • The customer can get this bundle offer three times during the campaign periods.

FAQ Of Reactivation SIM Offer.

Q. How to Check Airtel Bondho Sim Offer?

Airtel Bondho sim users can check their Bondho sim offers in many ways. Airtel Bondho sim customers can check their offer by dialing, by Airtel apps, and by SMS. Now we are giving the process of Airtel Bondho offer check code detail below.

Go to your message option type 0160000000 and send it to 9000,  dial *999#. And, if you are eligible, then you will enjoy Airtel free data pack, minute pack, and recharge offer.

  • Dial *999# to know if you include this offer.
  • Or go to your message option and type 01600000000 and send to 9000.
  • Download My Airtel App or check the Airtel reactivation sim offer.

Q. How can I check my Airtel Bondho SIM Offer?

You can press *999# for check for Airtel Off SIM Offer and for Minute balance check need to press 778*0#.

 How can I get 1GB in 9 TK on Airtel?

Airtel has been offering 1GB 9 TK special internet offer for some customers, you can check the process just dial *212*809#, it validity 3 day, maximum 2 time to purchase the pack.

Airtel Bondho SIM Offer Check Online.

People are getting digital day by day.  So, Airtel comes to several offers for its Bondho sim users, which they can buy online. Now we will show the process of buying Airtel reactivation sim offers to check online.

This step is elementary; you can click the link of the Airtel official website, then enter your mobile number.

After you click the next button and select your payment method and buy your offer, this is Airtel reactivation sim offer Bd update on December 2024.

Final Thoughts:

Here we are trying to add all Airtel Bondho Sim Offer 2024. All the information collected from the Airtel official’s website. When the Airtel authority changes the Bondho sim offer, then we will update it here. Do you have any questions or confusion? If yes, then ask us for a response. Thank you for staying with us.

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