How To Recharge Skitto SIM From Bkash App [Very Simple]

I come here with a very very much asked question solution. And, that is how do I recharge Skitto sim from Bkash? And, it is a question not answered for a long time. But, technically you could recharge Skitto SIM By Bkash. But, not from the mobile recharge option. It wasn’t a  recharge. It was a payment. As the Skitto app offers to reload from the app itself.

But, you had to go through a whole payment gateway system. Quite tiring, isn’t it? Worry no more. Because I’m here with a hassle-free way to recharge from Bkash. Now, you can directly recharge your Skitto sim from Bkash. So, let’s not delay any more. And, let me get to the main topic. Which is how do I recharge the Skitto sim by Bkash.

recharge skitto sim from bkash Details:

As usual, there are two ways you can recharge through Bkash. And, I’m going to discuss both of them here. The first way is the backdated USSD option. And, another one is the new cool Bkash app way. First, you need a Bkash account to recharge Skitto sim by Bkash. Therefore, you can’t recharge from Bkash. If someone else doesn’t help you with their account. Last, and most important you need a Skitto sim. If you have the mentioned requirements fulfill. Then, you can go on with the procedure. So, let’s begin.

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How to Recharge Skitto SIM from Bkash App

Skitto recharge by the Bkash app is the simplest option. First, download and install your Bkash app. Then, open the Bkash app. Second, go to the mobile recharge option. And, enter the number you want to recharge. Third, select the operator which is Grameenphone then, select the Skitto option. Lastly, after clicking next you will be on the confirmation tab. Then, enter your pin. And, press on the pop-up window for while. And, done.

  • First, open the Bkash app.
  • Then, select the mobile recharge option.
  • And, enter the number and select Skitto.
  • Then, press on the pop-up window for a while.
  • The process was completed successfully.

How to Skitto Recharge through Bkash USSD

You can also recharge Skitto sim from Bkash. And, for that, you have dial *247# first. Then select the mobile recharge option. Select the mobile recharge option by seeding 3. And, select Grameenphone from there. Then, you’ll see three options. Skitto is the latest one to be added. Then, type the number and send it. Lastly, enter the pin send it. There, you’ve completed this process too.

  • First, dial *247#
  • Then, select the number with the mobile recharge option.
  • And, select the operator. Enter the amount.
  • And, send it.
  • Now, you have recharged your account successfully.

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Final Words:

Recharge Skitto sim from bkash. This is a great feature. As we don’t have to go to shops for recharge. And, it’s quite easy compared to the earlier from app recharge. And, the Skitto recharge by Bkash App is just a cherry on top. I mean, it’s a double treat. This is a great addition of bkash for Skitto users.

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