Grameenphone VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) | GP Volte Services [4G]

Grameenphone volte means 4G crystal and clear video-voice call, which provides you an amazing service when you are going to voice calls with your beloved, relative, family, and friends. It provides you HD quality sound and video, which is truly well enough for online meetings, and other sectors.

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Don’t worry if you are a 3G, 2G SIM users; it automatically converts 4G and provides you Volte service. It also covers the 4G/LTE area for getting the high performance. So, what can you do to get or activate this service? Or how can you de-active the service? Don’t worry; you will get all your question answers from this content. So, without delay, let’s get started with the content with the most updated data.

What is Grameenphone Volte?

Volte is a service for the GP who always loves and needs to video call and voice call and wanted to crystal and clear sound and HD quality video. The service is operated via GP SIM that means it only uses for GP SIM users. Generally, it is a 4G voice call service. But if you are a 3G or 2G user, it doesn’t worry; it easily converts with 4G and provides excellent service.

Grameenphone VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) | GP Volte Services [4G]

How to Enable Volte in GP (Free of Cost)

If you want to enjoy the Volte coverage service for crystal and clear sound quality, surely you need to complete a process. Besides, it would help if you were needed some important things which help you to know that you can use the Volte or not. So, without delay, let’s follow the steps below and enjoy the Volte service.

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  • Step 1: USIM/4G SIM. It should be interesting to the SIM slot with data capability.
  • Step 2: 4G SIM you need to check. You can dial *121*3232#.
  • Step 3: You need to stay in the 4G coverage area.
  • Step 4: You need to set the “network model.”
  • Step 5: You need to open the Volte option.

After that, you are able to enable the volte service. But if you are still confused, surely you can dial a USSD code for taking the service. So, for knowing the code, you need to check out the below section.

GP Volte Activation Code

If you think the above process is difficult for you, surely you can check out the below USSD code to complete the process. So, without any hassle, you need to check out the Grameenphone volte code.

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GP Volte active code is that *121*1133*1# for instant active the code. After activate you need to check the Volte service is active or not. Whatever for checking the Volte service, you need to dial *121*1133*3#. I hope that you can understand and easily activate the Volte service of your GP SIM.

GP Volte Activation USSD codeGP Volte Service Checking Code

After complete the process, you need not de-active the service. You just need to disable your Volte option from your phone. I hope that you can understand how you can activate the Volte service. If you are a 4G SIM user, you can surely take this advantage without any cost.

Advantage of GP Volte Activation.

After enabling the Grameenphone volte service, you will get an HD voice call, which helps your crystal and clear conversations.

Your call is fast connected, which saves you time and waiting.

You will be able to work with multiple systems such as browsing, internet call without your network become slow.

Improve your battery life with AND browsing.

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Grameenphone Volte Supported Device.

You may already know that all of the device Volte can not be supported. It would help if you were needed a Smartphone which allows you to use this service. So, which types of phones should you be needed to get this service? Let’s check out the list below.

  • Samsung j4+
  • Huawei Nova 3i
  • Xiaomi Go
  • Symphony Z12, Z15, i68, i74
  • Maximus D7, P7, P7 Plus
  • iPhone, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 +, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone all of updated version

If you are a user of any of them, you can surely use the GP Volte service without any issue. Some other devices also used Volte service. If your device can not be included in the above list securely, you need to check manually like the upper step. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

How I Skip to Volte Service?

If you are a Skitto SIM user, you can surely use this Volte service without any issue. But you must need to follow the below step for completing the process. So, without delay, let’s get started.

  • Step 1: If you have a 4G SIM user of GP, surely you can go for the next step; if not, you must be your data section do auto mode for getting the 3G or 2G SIM data into 4G data.
  • Step 2: You must need a Volte support handset and go to the option and turn on the volte option.
  • Step 3: Be on your 4G network.
  • Step 4: Your phone must be needed to use the most updated version.

Just follow the process, and you can hassle-free get the Volte service. The process is very simple and cost-free, so you can easily use this system without any issue.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • The Volte service is only useable Skitto to Skitto and Skitto to GP.
  • Don’t pay any extra costs.
  • Must be needed 4G network.
  • Volte supported Smartphone


After analyzing the grameenphone Volte, I hope you can easily enable your phone’s Volte option and enjoy it. However, if you don’t find the Volte option, surely your phone cannot provide you the Volte service. But if you are still confused with any section, surely you can let me know the below comment box.

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