Tungipara Express Train Schedule 2024|Ticket Price [Updated]

Nowadays, the Tungipara Express is a popular Intercity train on the west part of Bangladesh. So, the travelers must know the Tungipara Express Train Schedule. This train has been launched recently. And, it runs on Rajshahi to Gopalganj railway route. Both Rajshahi and Gopalganj are two major districts of Bangladesh. Besides, Rajshahi is urban and commercial city.

It is called the educational center of the country. On the other hand, Gopalganj is an administrative area of central part of the country. So, a large number of passengers travel on Tungipara Express for many reasons. Therefore, we are here to let you know the Tungipara Express Train Schedule 2024. Besides, you can see all the latest information of Tungipara Train Schedule and Ticket Price.

About Tungipara Express.

The Tungipara Express is a new Intercity train. It is a connection bridge between Rajshahi and Gopalganj. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Tungipara Express Train on 02 November 2024. Besides, the Tungipara Express train provides modern features and facilities. There are 684 seats for passengers. Moreover, it ensures fast speed and secure journey. It has eight long coaches. And, it has 16 compartments. There are Air Conditioned compartments, prayer zone, canteen service and so on. So, you can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable journey in Tungipara Express. Now, let’s see the Tungipara Express Train Time Schedule and Ticket Price.

Tungipara Express Train Schedule 2024

The train code number of Tungipara Express is 783 and 784. For instance, train number 783 runs from Gobra Station, Gopalganj. On the other hand, train number 784 runs from Rajshahi Station. Besides, the distance of Tungipara Express train route is 256 kilometres. So, it takes nearly 6-9 hours to reach Rajshahi to Gopalganj and vice versa. The Tungipara Express Train Offdays are Monday and Tuesday. Here is the time table chart of Tungipara Bangladesh Train Schedule 2024.

Train No From To Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
783 Gopalganj Rajshahi 06:50 13:10 Tuesday
784 Rajshahi Gopalganj 15:30 21:45 Monday

In Tungipara Express Train Time Table, you can see that it runs on two trips. Firstly, the Tungipara Express (783)  leaves from Gopalganj early in the morning. It starts from Gobra Station at 06:50 am. Then, it arrives in Rajshahi Station at 01:10 pm. Besides, it runs every day from Gopalganj to Rajshahi, except Tuesday.

On the other hand, the Tungipara Express Train Rajshahi (784) starts from Rajshahi. It leaves from Rajshahi Station at 03:30 pm. Then, it arrives in Gopalganj at Gobra Station at 09:45 pm. It does not run from Gopalganj to Rajshahi on Monday.

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Tungipara Express Train Ticket Price.

Now, let’s see the Tungipara Express Train Ticket Price. Probably, the ticket fare of Tungipara Express Train depends on seat categories. There are two varieties of seats in this train. AC Seat and Shovon Chair. Besides, ticket’s price of Air Conditioned seats are a bit costly. On the other hand, the fare of Non AC compartments are quite cheap.

So, you can choose your seat according to your comfort and budget. Moreover, Bangladesh Railway has included 15%VAT with the ticket’s price. You can buy your tickets from the ticket counters of Rajshahi or, Gobra Railway Station. Otherwise, you can also book your train tickets from the Bangladesh Railway E-Sheba website. To buy or, book from both counters and website, most importantly, you have to know the ticket prices. Here is the price chart of Tungipara Express Train Ticket Price including VAT.

Seat Names Ticket Price (Including VAT)
AC Seat 500 Taka
Shovon Chair 300 Taka

Tungipara Express Train Ticket Booking Online.

Nowadays, Bangladesh Railway Authority has provided the online ticket booking service. Because, it is important to maintain social distance in this going pandemic. So, buying tickets from counters is quite risky. So, you should buy your train tickets via online. To buy Tungipara Express train tickets, you can use Bangladesh E-ticketing Service. Therefore, you need to know the online ticket booking procedure.

Firstly, you need to go to Bangladesh E-ticketing website. Secondly, you have to type Tungipara Express Train Route. Thirdly, you have to choose your age category between Adult and Child. Then, you have to choose the time from Tungipara Express Train Schedule. Lastly, you need to click the payment option. You can pay the ticket fee through your bank cards or Bkash account. Thus, you can get your tickets of Tungipara Express train easily.

Tungipara Express Stoppages.

The Tungipara Express train takes breaks on the way to both Rajshahi and Gopalganj. It stops in multiple stations in the middle of Rajshahi to Gopalganj Railway Route. So, many passengers can get in or get off on the stoppages. Therefore, you must know the location of Tungipara Express train Stoppages. Now, let’s see the Tungipara Express Train Stoppage from both routes.

Stoppage Stations Stopping Time
Ishwardi 16:30
Bheramara 17:01
Pradha 17:30
Kushtia 18:13
Kumarkhali 18:36
Khokosa 18:48
Pangsha 19:04
Kalukhali 19:15
Bohorpur 19:32
Madhukhali 19:45
Boyalmari 20:19
Kashiyani 20:50
Chapta 21:05
Chandradighalia 21:31
Gopalganj 21:45
Borashi 22:04

Rajshahi to Gopalganj Stoppages

Well, the Tungipara Express train stops in 16 places, while traveling from Rajshahi to Gopalganj. Serially, it stops at Ishwardi, Pradha, Kushtia, Kumarkhali, Kashiani, Chapta stations. Here is the Tungipara Express Train Time Table chart of stoppages.

Gopalganj to Rajshahi Stoppages

Also, the Tungipara Express Train stops in the same stations, while traveling from Gopalganj to Rajshahi. It stops at Chandradighalia, Khokosa, Boyalmari Bazar, Madhukhali, Bheramara stations. So, here is the list of stoppages name and Tungipara Express Train Schedule.

Stoppage Stations Stopping Time
Borashi 06:39
Gopalganj 06:50
Chandradighalia 07:05
Chapta 07:31
Kashiyani 07:44
Boyalmari Bazar 08:08
Madhukhali 08:29
Bohorpur 08:50
Kalukhali 09:05
Pangsha 09:16
Khokosa 09:34
Kumarkhali 09:44
Kushtia 10:03
Pradha 10:20
Bheramara 11:09
Ishwardi 11:40
Final Words:

Well, it is all about Tungipara Express Train Schedule. Comparatively, trains are both fast and secure transports. And, the Tungipara is the most important train to travel Rajshahi and Gopalganj. Bangladesh Railway Authority launched this train for the well-being of passengers. So, you need to know Tungipara Railway Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price. You can get all the latest and updated information in this article. Hopefully, these details will be helpful for your journey on Tungipara Express Train. Thanks for being with us.

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