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Sonali Bank is, undoubtedly, one of the most famous Government banks of Bangladesh. Sonali Bank provides Sonali Bank Scholarship to the poor and meritorious students, every year. Apparently, the scholarship giving process of Sonali Bank is an amazing financial help towards the poor students. Because, a large number of population of Bangladesh, live under the poverty line. So, many students cannot continue their higher study for the curse of poverty. But, with the help of stipends, the students can continue their education without any hassle. And, they can become the educated citizen and contribute in the development of the country. The poor and talented students should not miss the chance to apply for Sonali Bank Scholarship 2024 . So, most importantly, you must know the Sonali Bank Scholarship Circular 2024. Therefore, we are here to let you know every necessary details about the Scholarship.

Sonali Bank Scholarship 2024

The Sonali Bank distributes the Sonali Bank Scholarship as a part of social liability helping. Specially, the scholarship is for the poor brilliant students, children of financially deprived Freedom Fighters and Autistic students. So, these students can apply for Old Bank Scholarship 2024 by following the simple terms and conditions. Then, the eligible students will get selected for the Bank Scholarship. The authority will announce the selected scholar’s list on the official website of Sonali Bank. So, you can see the list by Sonali Bank Scholarship Result 2024 pdf download from

Besides, only the students of three specific educational levels can be eligible for the Bank Scholarship Notice 2024 Apply. Here is the list of three classes of students who can apply for the stipend.

  • The students who have passed SSC / Equivalent Examination on 2024 or, 2024. And, currently studying on HSC /Equivalent educational levels.
  • The students who have passed HSC / Equivalent Examination on 2024 or, 2024. And, currently studying on Honours / Equivalent educational levels.

Sonali Bank Scholarship 2020

Requirement For Sonali Bank Scholarship

All the students who have passed SSC or HSC cannot apply for the Bank Scholarship. Only the eligible students will get to apply for the Bank Scholarship 2024. Apparently, the financially deprived and children of unprivileged Freedom Fighters and Autistic students will get the first priority. So, the Sonali Bank has set some requirements for the eligibility for getting Sonali Bank Scholarship. Again, most importantly, the applicant needs to be the citizen of Bangladesh. Then, the monthly income of applicant’s parents has to be less than 15,000 Taka. Otherwise, they cannot apply for the Scholarship. Moreover, the Sonali Bank has limited the GPA requirement for the stipend. Here is the chart of required GPA for eligibility of the Bank Scholarship 2020.

Scholarship Name Student Category Required GPA
SSC Scholarship 2024 General GPA-5.00
Physically Disabled GPA-3.50
HSC Scholarship 2024 General GPA-5.00
Physically Disabled GPA-3.50

How to Apply Sonali Bank Scholarship 2024

If you want to be selected for Sonali Bank Scholarship 2024 , you have to apply following simple rules. First of all, you have to write an application to the authority of Sonali Bank. Secondly, you need to go to the website. Then, you have to fill up the Online Application Form of Sonali Bank Website with your personal and educational information. Apparently, all your given information need to be real and valid. Otherwise, your application will not be considered. Then, after filling the Online Application Form, you have to print and submit it to the office of Sonali Bank. Besides, you have to attach some documents along with the application. Here is the list of necessary documents which you have to provide while submitting your application for Bank Scholarship 2020.

  • 2 copies of passport size coloured photographs of Applicant.
  • Primarily nominated applicant’s printed copy of Online Application Form.
  • Admission receipt of current institution granted by official head.
  • Copy of Academic Transcript.
  • Applicant’s Citizenship Certificate
  • Copy of Applicant’s National Identity Card or, Birth Registration Certificate.
  • Salary Certificate copy (Including Guardian’s profession, monthly salary and annual salary scale) of Applicant’s Guardian approved by Union Parishad Chairman / City Corporation.
  • In case of Freedom Fighter’s children, the original Freedom Fighter Certificate along with Union Parishad / Pouro Meyor / City Corporation related certificates.
  • In case of Autistic and disable students, official Disable Certificate approved by Social institutions.

Note :

The applicant’s Application form needs to be filled completely. Otherwise, it will be repealed and the student cannot get the scholarship. And, in any case of providing scholarship, the decision of Sonali Bank authority will be final.

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Amount Of Bank Scholarship

The Sonali Bank provides limited sum of money to the limited number of deprived students every year. Firstly, the bank authority selects the students based on their parent’s income. Then, the list of scholars is declared by Sonali Bank Scholarship Result 2024. The lucky selected scholars get 10,000 Taka at a time as the stipend. For instance, the students can bear the expenses of buying books and other necessary accessories they need for their study with the help of Sonali Bank Scholarship. So, if you are eligible for getting the stipend, you should apply for the Scholarship on as soon as possible.

Terms & Conditions of Sonali Bank Scholarship

There are some particular terms and conditions in applying for BD Sonali Bank Scholarship. Here is the list of conditions according to Bank Scholarship 2024 circular.

  • The students who are financially poor and whose parent’s income is not more than 15,000 Taka can apply for the Scholarship.
  • The students who are rich and whose parent’s income is prosperous, cannot apply for the Scholarship.

Application Deadline & Result 2024

The Sonali Bank Scholarship Result will be announced soon on the official website of Sonali Bank The date to Bank Scholarship 2024 Apply starts from 30 December 2024 and ends on 20 January 2024. So, you can use the link of Sonali Bank Scholarship Result 2024 pdf download and see the list of scholars. Only the eligible students will be selected for the Bank Scholarship. Besides, the poor and deprived students will get the first priority for Bank Scholarship 2020. Moreover, the authority will select the eligible students according to their SSC and HSC or, Equivalent Examination results. So, the students should study well to get the Bank Scholarship.

Final Words:

Well, it is all about Sonali Bank Scholarship 2024. Undoubtedly, the Bank Scholarship is a great help for both financially and physically deprived and unprivileged students. So, they should use this opportunity to continue their further education. Besides, this stipend will inspire and encourage them for studying. Moreover, the scholarship helps not only the students, but also their poor parents. Therefore, we have given all necessary guidelines about Sonali Bank Scholarship Result.  If you have any further questions about the scholarship, you can visit the Thanks for being with us.

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