GP 21 Minute offer | Grameenphone 21 Minutes at 14 Tk

You may know that every network-based company provides its user with several services such as minute, SMS, internet, and others. GP 21 minute offer is an offer that you can easily active when you are a GP SIM user. What can you do to get the offer without any issues, or how much money you need to pay?

To find out your question answer, I talked with GP customer care and found some interesting information which is helpful for you to activate the offer. So, let’s check out the below information to get the offer without any hassles.

Details Of GP 21 Minute offer 2022.

It is crucial that you need to consider the most updated information so that you can not send your money from other offers. I collect the most updated information in 2022 so that you can hassle-free get the offer. You just need to follow the below steps to get the offer without thinking any more. So, scroll the page below and get the offer right now.

Offer NameMinutesTimePrice
GP 21 Minute offer2116 Hours14Tk

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GP 21 Minutes At 14 Tk Code.

Now we have shared GP 21 Minute Offer Code or GP 21 Minutes At 14 Tk USSD Code. You can check below and by dialling active the GP 21 Minute Offer.

Service NameCode
GP 21 Minute Offer Code*121*4001#

Grameenphone 21 Minutes 14 Tk USSD Code

If you already think that you need to get this offer, then you need to pay 14 Taka and dial *121*4001#. After dialing the USSD code, you can get a back SMS, which included all of the information about this offer. The offer is suitable for any kind of GP Prepaid users. So, if you are a GP prepaid user, I think this offer is capable of saving you money.

Offer NameUSSD Code
GP 21 Minutes 14 Tk CodeDial: *121*4001#

Terms & Conditions.

  • The offer is suitable for any GP users such as juice, Smile, and other offers.
  • To get the offer, you need to dial *121*4001#.
  • The customer will get 21 minutes (GP to any local operator).
  • The validity of this minute 16 hours.
  • The auto-renews process is not working for this offer.
  • You can pay the money from any mobile banking or another baking method.
  • To check out the remaining balance *121*1*2#.
  • The offer is not included for Skitto SIM.
  • The VAT, SD, and SC included.

I hope that the terms and conditions match your permission and you will easily get the offer. If you are still have confused, you will let me know the below comment box without delay.

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Question)

Q: How can I get a GP minute offer?

Ans: You can get the offer via two methods using their APP and dial the number *121*4024# number. You just need to dial the number and follow the next step to get the minute offers.

Q: How can I buy 10 minutes in GP?

Ans: To get this offer, you need to dial *121*4024# and follow the next process. You need to pay 5.70 Taka to get the offer. So, without delay, get the offer right now.


Finally, I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section. It is very easy to get the GP 21 Minute offer. You just need to dial the number, and it automatically activated. To get a 21 minute GP to any local operator, you need to pay 14 Taka to get the offer. Whatever the offer is not suitable for all of the time. So, it would be best if you got the chance right now.

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