Sonartori Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking |Counter Number [2023]

Are you looking for Sonartori Paribahan with all of the information, including ticket, counter location, and phone number? Then you are coming to the right place. I try my level best to provide you the most recent and updated information so that you can easily get the detail and take their service.

You will get a couple of information from this content, which provides you an actual idea about this transport. So, without talking more, let’s get started with the content right now.

Sonartori Paribahan

You may know that transport company frequently change their time schedule. Whatever, you should not worry because you will get each of the information with the most updated. So, keep reading and check out the below list of this transport counter, ticket, and other information.

Sonartori Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

Sonartori Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking |Counter Number [2023]

You can buy the ticket online and offline without any issues. To purchase the ticket online, you can call them and book the ticket. You can visit to book the ticket. There are several websites you will discover on the web to book your ticket. But you must need to collect the ticket from the counter when you book the ticket by their numbers.

Sonartori Dhaka Counters

Are you stay in Dhaka and wanted to get an awesome bus service or Sonartori transport facilities? Then you can check out the below table to get the service. However, let’s check out each of the information to get the service and detail information.

Counter Name Phone Number
Riankhola Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01780-171805
Gabtali No. 1 Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01940-805212, 01703-684843,
Gabtali No. 2 Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01940-805211, 01706-388963
Technical Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01762-380721
Nabinagar Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01768-017703, 01768-017703
Gabtoli Mazar Road Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01762-380730
Savar Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01784-191361, 01742-709832
Abdullapur Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01783-937231
Madaripur Booking Office Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01768-017708, 01919-017704
Ajampur Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01783-937230
Rajoir Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01784-469725, 01716-623318
Airport Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01783-937229
Techerhat Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01768-017705, 01718-812286

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Barishal Counters

In Bangladesh, Barishal is an important division which you get Sonartori transport support. In the below section, I provide you the counter location and number to easily contact with authority and book your ticket.

Counter Name Phone Number
Barisal Counter Phone: 01762-380725
Bakerganj Counter, Barisal Phone: 01715-798753
Rahmatpur Counter, Barisal Phone: 01768-017708
Ichladi Counter, Barisal Phone: 01762-380726
Jayashree Counter, Barisal Phone: 01768-017709, 01729-313218
Sanauhar Counter, Barisal Phone: 01762-380727, 01745-012849
Batajore Counter, Barisal Phone: 01768-017707, 01712-764245
Gournadi Counter, Barisal Phone: 01762-380729
Torkee Counter, Barisal Phone: 01768-017106, 01730-165675
Bhauraghata Counter, Barisal Phone: 01762-380731
Shakharia Counter, Barisal Phone: 01918-407228
Safa Counter, Barisal Phone: 01713-950555
Madrasi Counter, Barisal Phone: 01811-896935
Charkhali Counter, Barisal Phone: 01730-179981
Bagri Bazar Counter, Barisal Phone: 01713-952132

Sonartori Patuakhali District All of Counters

Patuakhali is a tourist spot, and everyone wants to get a relaxing transport for their journey. This transport is capable of providing you comfort and safety to visit your desire place. So, without any delay, let’s check out their counter.

Counter Name Phone Number
Pathuakhali Counter Phone: 01876-020016
Kalapara or Khepupara Counter, Patuakhali Phone: 01713-956140, 01876-020013
Lebukhali Counter, Patuakhali Phone: 01876-020017
Subid Khali Counter, Pathuakhali Phone: 01784-640597

Pirojpur Counters and Phone Numbers

Let’s check out another district to get the service of this transport. The given numbers help you to contact with authority and book the ticket. So, let’s check out the list below and collect your number.

Counter Name Phone Number
Mathbaria Counter, Pirojpur Phone: 01710-447592
Tushkhali Counter, Mathbaria upazila Phone: 01715-329332
Pirojpur in Ikri Counter, Bhandaria upazila Phone: 01714-572780
Bandharia Counter, Pirojpur Phone: 01739-212361
Rupakathi Municipality Counter, Pirojpur Phone: 01729-039771
Rayer hat Counter Phone: 01712-866188

Sonartori Jhalakati District All of Counters

If you live in this district or want to know this district’s Sonartori bus service, you can check out the below table to benefit. So, let’s check out the below steps to get the service.

Counter Name Phone Number
Jhalakathi Counter Phone: 01939-779592
Rajapur Counter, Jhalakati Phone: 01768-159794
Ranipur Counter Phone: 01717-580647
Gaurichanna Counter Phone: 01784-640598

Sonartori Transport Barguna Counters

However, let’s discuss another district bus service. It is not much available the bus service, but you will get two locations which able to full fill your desire. So, let’s check out the below list.

Counter Name Phone Number
Amtali Counter, Barguna Phone: 01757-957768
Barguna Counter Phone: 01918-525051

Sonartori Kuakata Bus Service

This is my final section which helps you a lot to get the information. So, without thinking more, let’s check out this district bus service so that you can easily get the service.

Counter Name Phone Number
Kuakata Counter Phone: 01925-837347

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section. However, if you have any confusion or question, you may let me know in the below comment box. Note, each of the information is changed by authority anytime.

Important Notice from Sonartori Transport Authority

  • You needed to reach the counter at least 20 minutes ago.
  • Each passenger carries a maximum of 10 Kg goods.
  • You must need to bring a ticket.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How can I book a Sonartori bus ticket?

Ans: You can call them to book your ticket. Or you can also visit to book your ticket and get the ticket at home.

Q: What is Sonartori transport?

Ans: It is a company and provides a transport facility. The transport allows you to get maximum comfort and security.

Final Verdict:

Sonartori Paribahan is so popular in Bangladesh, especially in Barishal. You can easily and safely take their service for a long journey. You will get both AC and Non-AC bus services. But you must need to follow their rules. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

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