Mirpur Postal Code | Zip Code [Full Information]

About Mirpur Postal Code. Not many of us are aware of the technical intricacies of postal codes. An abbreviation for Zone Improvement Plan is ZIP. By classifying the United States into well-defined zones, the Post Office Department created one of the most organized and sophisticated addressing systems in history. The code was used to organize and display demographic information, as well as sort and dispatch mail efficiently.

Mirpur Postal Code is 1216

Within 50 years, the Postcode expanded from 5 to 9 to 11 digits, with each digit denoting the address location at that time.  For Bangladesh, we use 4 digits postal code. Today we will know about Mirpur postal code and the history of post or ZIP code With merely the Postal Code, it was simple to categorize mail by postal zone. 

What Is The Postal Code Of Dhaka Mirpur

Mirpur is a town station in Bangladesh’s capital. Located in Kafrul and Pallabi’s south-east and west sections, Mohammadpur thana is surrounded by the Savar upazila. 120329 2 dwellings in Mirpur, with a total area of roughly 58.66 square kilometers. pracinatta anbesane in Mirpur and its surrounding areas will be provided under our name and bhumirupa.

Mirpur Zip Code
Mirpur Zip Code

There are many thanas in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city. This includes Mirpur postal codes 10, 11, 12, 1, 6, 6, 7, 13, and 14, which are all the same.

Additionally, the ZIP Code for

  • Kazipara,
  • Shewrapara,
  • Mirpur Pallabi
  • Mirpur Chiriakhana
  • Monipur Para lies

Zip Code and The Postal Code Are 1216.

Mirpur DOHS Postal Code Is Also 1216.

History of Postal Code

Due to a scarcity of resources during the first year of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic’s formation, new postal codes were introduced to alleviate the situation.

With the introduction of postal codes, Switzerland became the fifth country in the world to do so, following Germany and Singapore, as well as Argentina and the United States. All of these countries did it in 1941.

It would be possible to use this four-digit increment to identify city blocks as well as motorways and office buildings, amongst other things.

A new 11-digit ZIP Code has been created to better serve the public, with each number having an additional layer of information that improves the accuracy of the address as a result of this expansion.

As postal delivery devices become more sophisticated in their delivery capabilities, the ZIP code becomes even more crucial in order to ensure that mail is delivered without the need for any further written information from the recipient.

In 1983, the United States Postal Service increased the length of the ZIP Code by four digits.

Importance of Zip Code

Why is it so vital to you? Provide a valid postal code so that the courier may deliver your order faster and to the correct address. Your city may have identical street names, causing a shipment addressed to a central post office to be routed improperly.

  • Mail and shipments reach the consumer without delay, and carriers are less likely to have to return products due to unsuccessful deliveries, which saves money.
  • Social identity relies heavily on postal codes. 
  • If you base your decision on inaccurate ZIP codes, what are the consequences? If the demand for their products and services is low in city A, the corporation may decide to open a store in city B instead. 
  • Postal code is use for postal delivery.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Mirpur in Dhaka North or South?

Answer:  Mirpur, Pallabi, Adabor, Kafrul, Dhaka Cantonment, Tejgaon, Gulshan, Rampura, Banani, Bimanbandar, Mohammadpur,   Khilkhet, Vatara, Badda, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Mohammadpur,  Uttara, and others are among the 54 wards that make up Dhaka North City Corporation. 

Question: What is the postal code of Mirpur DOHS Dhaka?

Answer: Mirpur DOHS postal code is 1216. And also said before Mirpur 1 postal code, Mirpur 14 postal code is also the same.

Question: What is the postal code of Dhaka Cantonment?

Answer: 1206 is the postal code for the cantonment of Dhaka.

Warming Up:

If you have a postal code, you can sort your mail using it. Postal code, ZIP code, or PIN are other names for it in many English-speaking countries throughout the world. Here we have given the exact info about Mirpur postal code, Dhaka cantonment postal code, etc. Hope that will help you.

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