Robi Free Internet Offer 2024| 30GB Free Internet [90 Days]

The number of internet users in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Following the trend, mobile operator companies are trying to make them happy with various interesting internet offers like Robi free internet offer for ensuring a good position in the market. Robi, the second-largest mobile operator company in Bangladesh, also gives its operators Robi a free internet package. Robi free internet offers 2024 come in two ways mainly.

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Robi Free Internet Offer 2024.

Now Robi is providing 4.5G wide-spread network speed in Bangladesh! If you are buying a new SIM You will get 30GB of Free internet. So, you can Buy Robi New SIM instantly you will get 1GB of Free internet with automatic activation. Robi Customers also get a Follow-Up Bonus for the next 11 months every 30 days, upon minimum 50tk usage. So let’s check the below table which helps to understand Robi free internet offer.

Service Name Conditions Activation Bonus Total Internet Follow-Up Bonus
Robi Free Internet Buy New SIM 1GB 30GB Internet To get 1GB free for next 11 month in every 30 day, upon minimum 50tk usage

Robi 4.5G Free Internet.

 Robi gives 4G free internet offer for all of their prepaid and postpaid customers. In Robi 4G free internet offer package, customers get up to 100 GB data Bonus, and the Robi free internet offer code is *123# for this package. After the 100% usage of the 4G data bonus, the customer will receive another 4G content bonus. Besides, after the expiration of 30 days validity of the first free data package, the customer will get the bonus again.

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Name Validity Amount Offer code Or Dial Code
Robi Free Internet 30 days 100 GB *123#

Conditions for this Package:

Robi free internet Package for 4G users is applicable for all regular data packs except day packs, social packs, video packs and promotional pack.

This 4G data pack will be available for 30 days from the day customer starts using the 4G network with a 4G handset.

Other data campaigns of Robi will not be affected by this Robi free internet pack.

4G Data Bonus cannot be used for all net browsing purposes. You can use it to browse iflix, Robi TV, and My sports only.

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Robi 30GB Free Internet Offer.

The previously mentioned offer was only for 4G users. Luckily, there is another Robi internet free offer is present. your operator gives you Robi 30GB free internet offer as well, and also for 3G users. But all customers are not entitled to get Robi 30GB free internet offer. You have to check your SIM is eligible or not for this offer on Robi’s official website.

But whoever gets the offer, can enjoy the offer twice. Robi 30GB free internet offer code is *123*1495*1#. By dialing the number, you can get your free data, and the data will be available for the next 90 days.

There was Robi 1 year free internet offer available in the back, but nowadays it’s not available anymore.

Final Words:

Customers can get Robi free internet offer now in two ways. One is 100 GB data bonus for 4g SIM, and the other is 30 GB free internet. So, hurry up. Check on the Robi Official Website that you are eligible for the 30 GB data pack or not.

If you are allowed to have it, dial Robi free Internet Offer 2024 code and simply jump into the internet world. Or start using a 4G sim from today. In this case, 100 GB of free data is waiting for you surely. As a Robi user, you cannot afford to miss any of these changes.

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