Teletalk Free Internet Offer 2020 (For students)| Data Bonus [Latest]

Are you a Teletalk SIM user and wanted to get Teletalk Free Internet Offer for your need? Surely you are coming to the right place. But you may know that free internet offers come with suddenly and some of the internet package you will always get. But Teletalk always provides its users (Students) free internet.

Whatever if you are a student and a Teletalk user, surely this content is helpful for you. Now the world becomes passed a critical situation, and students do not get the class physically. So, Teletalk offers free internet for the student to do online classes via Zoom and some other media.

But you need to do a process which allows you to get free internet for your class. So, without delay, let’s get started the process.

Teletalk Free Internet Offer 2020

If you want to get free internet for your online class, you will need to pay 100 Taka. It would be best if you recharged it for a month. To recharge, the money will be a credit to your original account. This money can be sent on voice calls and data.

 Immediate money can be added to the next recharge. However, this advantage can not be available if the recharge below 100 Taka and do not have a minimum data on your SIM card. I think you can understand the recharge process of your SIM for getting free data.

How to Get Teletalk Free Internet Offer 2020 for Students

A few days ago, a press conference, Teletalk officially announced that they would be provided free internet for all categories. The internet will be valid for 30-days. Whatever you want to get these advantages, you need to follow the below process without any issue. So, without delay, let’s get started.

Step 1: You need to recharge 100 Taka.

Step 2: You need to yourself included the BdREN platform

Step 3: Enjoy the free internet.

Remember, here BdREN platform means that your university must be included on this platform. If you don’t know your university included or not, you need to contact your department. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you.

Terms & Condition

  • Your university must be included on the BdREN platform.
  • After that, you need to recharge 100 Taka.
  • The recharge balance doesn’t cut down for the internet.
  • You can use 100 Taka for voice data and other services.
  • Only charge your data from another browser when you use the Zoom class.
  • You can share your Zoom link from others.

I think the terms and conditions help you to take and use the service perfectly. So, if you are a Teletalk SIM user and also a student or wanted to Zoom class, surely you can use this package without any issue.


Q: Is student free internet of Teletalk is suitable for any types of student?

A: No, it is only for university students who are included on the BdREN platform.

Q: How can I enjoy the free online class?

A: Well, you need to 100 Taka recharge for doing the online Zoom class included in the BdREN platform section.

Q: How can I check my balance on free internet included the BdREN platform?

A: When you enjoy your online class with PC, you can see the left side (!) icon; you need to click on it for checking out your balance.

Q: I have WI-FI, can I get bdREN platform facilities?

A: yes, you can get all of the facilities without any issue.

Q: After getting a student free internet service, I browse Facebook, Youtube. Is my data cut off?

A: No, your data is not cut down. But when you use Facebook and youtube on running Zoom class, then you need to pay for it.


Teletalk free internet offer now is only available for the students. If you want to get another package that provides free data from Teletalk, you need to focus on the Teletalk official website. I hope that the above information is helpful for you to get free internet to continue your class.

The offers method is very easy, so you need not worried about getting the service. But it would help if you were confirmed that your university is included in the BdREN platform service.

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