S Alam Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking| Contact Number |Ticket Price

S Alam Paribahan is one of the popular bus service in Bangladesh. They provide bus service in the northern part of Bangladesh. They provide AC buses and Non-AC buses all over the country. S Alam transportation always give priority to their passenger’s comfort and safety.

S Alam transportation provides luxurious service at a reasonable price. If you are looking for S Alam Bus Service contact number, ticket price, bus counter locations, etc. you will find the information in this article. These information will help you to book ticket and contact to the bus service.

Currently, S Alam buses are available at specific routes from Dhaka to northern districts. The routes are mentioned below.

  • Chittagong to Chakaria
  • Chittagong to Satkania
  • Chittagong to Amirabad
  • Chittagong to Patia
  • Chittagong to Taitong
  • Chittagong to Pekua
  • Chittagong to Teknaf
  • Chittagong Magnama
  • Chittagong Badarkhali
  • Dhaka to Chittagong
  • Chittagong to Benapole
  • Dhaka to Bandarban
  • Dhaka to Kaptai
  • Dhaka to Rangamati
  • Dhaka to Khagrachhari
  • Dhaka to Nazirhat
  • Dhaka to Patia
  • Dhaka to Hathazari
  • Dhaka to Benapole
  • Dhaka to Chakoria
  • Dhaka to Amirabad
  • Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar

S Alam Paribahan Ticket Price

S Alam service provides bus tickets at a reasonable price. You can buy ticket from any of the counter of this transportation service. Their bus ticket price changes according to the seat and bus type. Ticket prices for AC and Non-AC bus are different. From the following list, you will find the ticket price from Dhaka to different places.

DestinationTicket Price (BDT)
Cox’s Bazar700
Hat Hajari480
Najir Hat490

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Time Schedule

S Alam Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking| Contact Number |Ticket Price

S Alam Bus Service always maintains their time schedule. Their buses are fast enough to reach the destination in time. They start their journey early in the morning and they have buses in every half an hour. In this article, you will get all the time schedule from different counters.

Chittagong06:15Cox’s Bazar21:00
Bandarban08:45Cox’s Bazar22:30
Najir Hat10:45Najir Hat22:45
Patiya11:30Cox’s Bazar23:15
13:30Cox’s Bazar23:30

S Alam Bus Service Online Ticket Booking.

S Alam Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking| Contact Number |Ticket Price

If you want to save your time and energy to book a ticket online, you can easily do that. For S Alam Paribahan Ticket Booking, you can make a call from the provided counter’s number. Moreover, if you want to book a ticket from online source, you have to use the S Alam bus website. For buying ticket website, you have to create an account by signing in. For signing into the account, you have to go to the website, www.s-alambus.com. Then follow the steps below:

•          At first, sign in by giving email, password and security code.

•          Then, select ‘leaving from’ and ‘going to’ destination.

•          Then, select the departure date.

•          Give the time and seat number.

•          At last, make payment and confirm your ticket.

All Counter Contact Number

In this article, we are providing you S Alam Paribahan Counter Number along with the counter locations in main cities. Let’s take a look at the list below, you will get counter addresses with number in Dhaka and Chittagong division.

S Alam Paribahan Dhaka Counter

S Alam buses are available in important locations of Dhaka. If you are looking for the counters of S Alam Paribahan Kalabagan, S Alam Paribahan Dhaka to Khagrachori and other counter’s location, you can check the list below. We are providing the counter locations with phone numbers.

Counter AddressContact Number
Fakirapul Counter, DhakaPhone: 02-7193961
Kamalapur Counter, DhakaPhone: 02-8315087, 01917-720395
Suritola Counter, DhakaPhone: 02-9566654
Gabtali Counter, DhakaPhone: 02-9002702, 01813-329394

S Alam Bus Chittagong Counter

In Chittagong, S Alam Buses are popular and available. They provide their buses in every hour from different locations. If you are looking for counter locations and phone numbers of S Alam bus counters from Chittagong, you can have a look at the following list.

Counter AddressContact Number
Station Road Counter, ChattogramPhone: 031-617372
Taj Market, Bahaddarhat Counter, Chattogram,Tel: 031-652478, 621991
Cinema Palace Counter, Nondan kanan Chattogram.Phone: 031-611037  
BTRC Counter, Chattogram  Phone: 031-617372  
OLONGKAR Counter, ChattogramPHONE: 02-43151022
Damapara Counter, near by garib ullah shah mazar market, ChattogramPhone: 031-2868566  
Hathazari Counter, ChattogramPhone 01819-068677
Nazir Hat Counter, ChattogramPhone 01819-671818
Raojan Counter, ChattogramPhone: 01917-208323

S Alam Rangamati Counter

The address and contact number of Rangamati Bus counter are given below.

New bus station, reserve BAZAR Counter

Phone: 01679-24001, 01828-859530, 0351-61240

S Alam Service Cox’s Bazar Counter

If you live in Cox’s Bazar, or want to get into the bus from Cox’s Bazar, you can contact to the following number:

Counter AddressContact Number
LAL DIGHI PAR Counter, cox’s bazarPhone 0341-64286, 01917-720386
Terminal Counter, cox’s bazarPhone 0341-62902
TeknafPhone: 01818-800040
CHAKARIA bus Terminal CounterPhone 0342-256280

S Alam Paribahan Other Bus Counters


Phone 0303-556700


Phone: 01818-939195


Phone 01999-403688


Phone: 0361-62664

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Q: How to buy ticket online for S Alam Bus?

Ans: You can make a call from the provided contact numbers of your area’s counter. You can also book your tickets from www.s-alambus.com website link.

Q: How much is the ticket price for Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar in S Alam bus?

Ans: For Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar travelling, the ticket price is 700 BDT in S Alam bus.

Q: Is S Alam Paribahan safe?

Ans: S Alam Service is quite safe because it don’t allow any illegal elements and also smoke free.


S Alam Paribahan is providing safer and comfortable journey in the northern area of Bangladesh from Dhaka and to Dhaka. Moreover, they sells their ticket at a low price. You can enjoy the perfect journey using S Alam bus. Their staff are also helpful. So, from this article, you can have the contact number and locations of the bus counters. You will also find the ticket price and time schedule. These information may help you to have a great journey.