Silkline Paribahan: Ticket Price|Counter Address & Number [2024]

Silkline paribahan is a renowned transportation company. And, it provides services from Dhaka to Chittagong and Cox’sBazar. However, this travel service provides great services. Hence, it is widely used by many. Moreover, they also charge less than many other companies. And, they have more counters too.

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about this transportation service. So, there are two services available mainly from this bus service. Here, you will get Dhaka-Chittagong-Dhaka and Dhaka-Cox’sBazar-Dhaka bus service. However, Silkline Travels paribahan is very well known for its service. Also, they have very comfortable buses. For instance, the Hyundai AC bus. And, many more facilities.

But, if you are to enjoy them. Then, you must know details about them. For instance, their contact number or counter address. However, you will find them all in this article. So, follow this article for more information.

Silkline Paribahan Ticket Price

Silkline paribahan ticket price is less comparatively less than the service they provide. However, they have only buses available for Dhaka to Chittagong and Cox’sBazar and vice versa. Here, you can find the ticket price details about their AC bus service. And, you get tickets from their counters. However, you can also buy tickets online through their website. Here, you will find the details of the AC bus price of their service.

Bus Route Fare
Dhaka to Chittagong, Chittagong to Dhaka 1000 Tk
Dhaka to Cox, Cox to Dhaka 1600 Tk
Cox to Chittagong, Chittagong to Cox 700 Tk

Silkline Bus Paribahan Online Ticket Booking.

Silkline Paribahan: Ticket Price|Counter Address & Number [2024]

Also, you can get their service through the internet. And, they have their own website. So, now you can book their tickets from their website. Here, we will tell you about the process to book an online ticket from Silkline paribahan.

Firstly, go to the Silkline website. Then, create an account for you. Later, log in to your account. And, now select your city. Then, select your preferred destination. Also, enter the date you want to travel on. Then, you will be presented with a list of buses available for you on the day. Also, the timing of the buses will be different. Now, select your preferred bus time. Then, select your bus seat and boarding point. Finally, pay for the tickets to complete your booking. Thus, you can book a ticket for yourself from Silkline through the internet.

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Silkline Paribahan Dhaka Counter.

As this service is mainly a Dhaka-based service. Hence, you can find a few counters there. And, from those counters, you can enjoy all the facilities that they offer. For instance, you can book a ticket or board a bus from there. And, they have also a waiting room at their counters. So, you can wait for your bus there if you leave early.

Counter Contact
Arambagh Counter 01844191801
Kalabagan Counter 01844191803

But, to do so, first, you need to know where their counter is. So, we have included their counter address here. Also, you will find their counter number here. Hence, you can call them to ask if your preferred tickets are available. And, you can only find services to Chittagong and Cox’sBazar from here. Here, you will find the counter addresses below.

Silk Line Travels Chittagong Contact Address

Again, Silkline paribahan offers its services in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Cox’sBazar. Hence, you can also find counters of Silkline in Chittagong. Also, you will find their counters in Chittagong too. Here, you will find the addresses of the Chittagong counters of Silk Line Travels.

However, you can enjoy similar services at all the counters. So, you can book tickets or board a bus from their Chittagong counters as well. Here, we have provided the addresses of their Chittagong counters. Also, you will find their counter number too. Hence, you can confirm if they have the availability of the service you desire.

Silk Line Transport Cox’sBazar Counter.

Lastly, the last stop of Silkline Transport is Cox’sBazar. Similarly, you can find its counters in Cox’sBazar too. Hence, you can use all their available services from there. But, you need to know the counter address or contact number in order to do that.

Counter Number
Kolatoli Counter 01844191810

Here, you can find the details about the Cox’sBazar counter of this transportation service. Not to mention, you can only find buses for Dhaka and Chittagong from the Cox’sBazar counter. However, you can get AC or Non-AC bus service from there. Here, the address of the counter is listed below.

Final Words:

Silkline paribahan offers its services at a lower price comparatively. But, their service is always great. Hence, this is a great option for any traveler traveling within their service zone. Moreover, they use Hyundai buses. And, they are very well known for their comfortable services. Also, they have a waiting room at their counters. Hence, you can wait if you are early than your bus.

So, this was all we had about this transportation company. But, we do have more information on other transportation services. Hence, if you want to know more about them. Then, you can always check out our website. Thank you for your time.

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