Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

Introducing the powerhouses of steel, the top 10 steel companies in Bangladesh. These industry leaders have forged their way to the forefront of the steel sector, delivering excellence in production, innovation, and reliability.

With a company commitment to quality and a relentless for success, these companies have established themselves as the pillars of Bangladesh’s steel industry. From manufacturing high-grade steel products to providing exceptional services, they have become the go-to choices for construction, infrastructure, and engineering projects nationwide.

Get ready to discover the unrivalled expertise and unwavering dedication of these top 10 steel companies in Bangladesh, shaping the nation’s progress with their strength and steel.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh 2024

The top 10 steel Companies in Bangladesh will be examined in-depth, along with their specialties, product range, and contributions to the growth of the country. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or an individual embarking on a construction project, this comprehensive guide will help you make informed decisions and choose the best steel company for your specific requirements.

A Closer Look at The Best 10 steel Companies in Bangladesh

The top 10 steel Companies in Bangladesh are examined in-depth here, with a focus on their advantages, product lines, and market standing.

  1. Bangladesh Steels Re-Rolling Mills Ltd (BSRM)
  2. Kabir Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.(KSRM)
  3. Abul Khair Steel Limited (AKS)
  4. Rahim Steel Mills Co. (Pvt.) Ltd (RSM)
  5. GPH Ispat Limited
  6. Anwar Ispat Limited
  7. Karnafully Steel Mills Ltd.
  8. Shahriar Steel Mills Ltd. (SSRM)
  9. Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
  10. Salam Steel Concast Re-Rolling Mills Ltd (SCRM)

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# Bangladesh Steels Re-Rolling Mills Ltd (BSRM)

In 1952, five Indian businessmen, Akberali Africawala, Alibhai Africawala, Taherali Africawala, Abdul Hussain Africawala, and Rajabali Africawala, established the first BSRM steel re-rolling mill in Nasirabad, Chittagong, then known as East Bengal.Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

Beginning with four manual rolling mills, they embarked on a remarkable journey. In 1970, the manual mills were replaced with a state-of-the-art Italian-built rolling mill, marking a significant advancement. Fast forward to 2002, BSRM Group formed BSRM Steels Ltd to finance and operate a turnkey re-rolling mill from Italian supplier Danieli.

Construction commenced in 2005 on an 11-acre plot in Fouzderhat, Chittagong, and the facility was completed in 2008, boasting an annual production capacity of 375,000 metric tons. BSRM Steels Ltd went public on the Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange in 2009. The company’s Hong Kong subsidiary, BSRM (Hong Kong) Limited, further strengthens its global presence.

Details of BSRM

Company Name: BSRM

Founded: 1952, 71 years ago

Address: Ali Mansion, 1207/ 1099, Sadarghat Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh

Phone: +88 02 3333 54901 – 10

Headquarters: Sadarghat Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh


# Kabir Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (KSRM)

As part of the Kabir Group of Industries, KSRM embarked on its journey in 1984, focusing on delivering top-notch products and services to Bangladesh’s construction industry. With cutting-edge POMINI technology from Europe, our production capacity now reaches 800,000 MT annually.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

Together with BSRM and AKS, KSRM fulfills over 50% of Bangladesh’s steel demand, adhering strictly to ISO, BS, and ASTM standards. With a workforce of 2,500 employees and 500 partners, we boast a robust sales network spanning all 64 districts of the country. Noteworthy clients, including the Bangladesh Government, Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project, and Grameenphone, trust our high-quality rebars.

 Committed to progress, we introduced an annual award program for aspiring architects in 2024 and actively engage in social initiatives. Sustainability and ethical business practices remain at the core of KSRM’s vision, aiming to foster the development of future sustainable cities.

Details of KSRM

Company Name: KSRM

Address: Kabir Manzil, Sk. Mujib Road Agrabad, Chittagong

Phone: +88 02-333311501-3

Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh


# Abul Khair Steel Limited (AKS)

Abul Khair Steel (AKS), part of Abul Khair Group, commenced operations in 1993 in Chattogram. It has since emerged as the largest diversified steel company in South-East Asia, offering comprehensive solutions in the structural steel market.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

 Known for its flagship products, Cow Brand Colour Coated Steel Goru Marka Dhew Tin and Zinkalum, AKS utilizes advanced TMT technology to produce an impressive annual capacity of over 1.4 MT. As pioneers, they introduced the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) for 100% steel refinement and diverse product creation in a single location.

 Their dedication to continuous improvement and innovation has led to ISO 9001:2008 certification. AKS actively participates in the corporate green movement, ensuring environmentally responsible practices throughout their production process and business operations.

They strive to enhance resource efficiency, reduce energy consumption and waste generation, and promote recycling at every stage.

Details of AKS

Company Name: Abul Khair Steel Limited (AKS)

Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh


# Rahim Steel Mills Co. (Pvt.) Ltd (RSM)

With over 60 years of experience, Rahim Group possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of steel products, catering to specific customer needs.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional service remains steadfast since our inception. We prioritize customer satisfaction through high-quality products, accurate quantities, and timely deliveries.

 Starting humbly in 1958, Rahim Group has evolved into Bangladesh’s leading steel manufacturer, thanks to the visionary leadership of Late Alhaji Abdur Rahim. Today, our modern industrial complex spans 100 acres of land in Kachpur, housing 7 industries and employing a dedicated team of over 3500 professionals.

Details of RSM

Company Name: Rahim Steel Mills Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.

Address: 29/10, K. M. Das Lane Tikatuly Dhaka, Bangladesh – 1203

Phone: +88 02 223383004

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


# GPH Ispat Limited

GPH Ispat Limited, established in 2006 and publicly listed in 2012, utilizes advanced Quantum Electric Arc Furnaces, Level-2 Automation Systems, and Winlink Technology to manufacture 1m MT of premium steel products annually.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

With ISO certifications for product quality, integrated management system, and sustainable practices, GPH produces rebar, billet, and rolled finish products. It embraces eco-friendly approaches, investing in sustainable technologies, conserving resources, and prioritizing employee well-being.

Through its Water Treatment Plant, the company achieves 100% water recycling, earning recognition as an environmentally conscious establishment by CUET professors in 2024. GPH achieved a remarkable 454% profit in 2024, the highest since its inception.

Details of GPH Ispat Limited

Company Name: GPH Ispat Limited

Address: Crown Chamber – 325 Asadgonj, Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh

Phone: +880-31-610995

Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh


# Anwar Ispat Limited

With a legacy spanning 149 years, Anwar Group stepped into Bangladesh’s steel industry in 1978 through the establishment of Anwar Ispat Ltd. Pioneering the way, Anwar Ispat introduced 60-grade steel products, a first for the country.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

Evolving constantly, the company has reshaped the Bangladeshi rebar market, driven by its belief in the potential of innovation and technology. Employing cutting-edge European techniques, Anwar Ispat employs state-of-the-art technology for the quenching and TMT process, alongside its use of patented rolling technology.

In addition, the company exports a portion of its mild steel products to international markets, while currently boasting an annual manufacturing capacity of 360,000 MT.

Details of Anwar Ispat Limited

Company Name: Anwar Ispat Limited

Address: Baitul Hossain Building (12th Floor) 27 Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh

Phone:  + 88 02 223384033-5

Location: Chattogram, Bangladesh


# Karnafully Steel Mills Ltd.

Karnafully Steel Mills Ltd., a pioneering steel manufacturer since 1954, stands out as Bangladesh’s foremost provider. Offering an extensive array of steel products, such as MS angle, MS channel, MS rod, and TMT bar, the company caters diligently to the construction and infrastructure sectors’ diverse demands.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

Their dedication to adhering to global quality benchmarks, coupled with cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and a customer-centric philosophy, sets them apart. Through unwavering commitment to excellence, Karnafully Steel Mills Ltd. has garnered unwavering trust and loyalty from customers nationwide.

Details of Karnafully Steel Mills Ltd.

Company Name: Karnafully Steel Mills Ltd.

Address: T. K. Bhaban (2nd Floor), 13, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.

Phone: 02-9115210, 02-9144136, 02-9142876.

Location: Chattogram, Bangladesh


# Shahriar Steel Mills Ltd. (SSRM)

Since its establishment in 1992, SSRM has been dedicated to providing top-notch steel products. With a diverse range including rebars, TMT bars, billets, square bars, angles, and channels, our offerings cater to various construction needs.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

Our flagship product, the TMT 500W bars, stands out for its exceptional fire resistance and high ductility. Operating with an annual production capacity of 259,200 to 302,400 tonnes, SSRM boasts a vast network of 553 dealers across the country.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants adhere to stringent national and international standards, while prioritizing environmental sustainability through the integration of APC (Air Pollution Control) technology.

We proudly hold ISO 9001:2015 certification, underscoring our commitment to product excellence. In addition, in 2020, SSRM introduced prestigious awards aimed at recognizing future architects.

Details of SSRM

Company Name: Shahriar Steel Mills Ltd. (SSRM)

Address: 18, Konapara, Jatrabari Dhaka-1362

Phone: +88-02-7559167, 7559602, 7559222, 7559528

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


# Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (RSRM)

Established in 1986 as a family business, RSRM is dedicated to providing top-quality products and services while prioritizing eco-friendly practices for a sustainable future.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

 Its renowned flagship product, X Power TMT rods, played a vital role in the construction of iconic projects such as Zillur Rahman Flyover, Hatirjheel, Imperial Hospital, and Karnaphuli Bridge.

 With an impressive annual turnover exceeding BDT 700 crores, RSRM produces an impressive 255,500 tonnes of steel products per year, including TMT bars, TMT 500W, and various grades of steel ranging from 8mm to 40mm.

Currently expanding its product line to include channels, angles, and customized items, RSRM aims to continuously innovate and elevate the steel industry, driving economic growth while representing Bangladesh globally with their exceptional quality and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Details of RSRM

Company Name: Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.

Address: Nahar Mansion,116 C.D.A Avenue, Muradpur, Chittagong.

Phone: +880 31 652255-7

Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh


# Salam Steel Concast Re-Rolling Mills Ltd (SCRM)

Since its inception in 1998, SCRM has been dedicated to supplying customers with the finest billets, and today, our product range extends to exceptional steel offerings like rods, angles, channels, and more.

Top 10 Steel Companies in Bangladesh [Updated Full Details]

Our unwavering commitment to quality led us to introduce cutting-edge technology, including the Universal Testing Machine with a 20-channel spectroscope and metallurgical microscope, supported by four testing labs across three production units.

Compliant with BUET, BSTI, ISO, US, and UK standards, SCRM is poised to meet global demand, with plans to export rods to seven states in North-East India and expand our reach to countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar. Recognizing our remarkable contributions, the esteemed Chairman, Mr.

Rezaul Karim, was honored with an award from the Honorable Minister of Commerce, Mr. Tofail Ahmed, in 2024.

Details of SCRM

Company Name: Salam Steel Concast Re-Rolling Mills Ltd (SCRM)

Address: Flat No- 9/H, Police Plaza Concord, Plot No-02 Road No-144, Gulshan Model Town, Dhaka-1212

Phone:  +88-02-7447711, 7441939

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


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List of Top 30 Steel Mill Companies in Bangladesh

With this unique list of the top steel mill Companies in the country, learn about Bangladesh’s role as a global steel manufacturing hub. This carefully chosen list highlights the dynamic actors reshaping Bangladesh’s steel environment, from established titans to up-and-coming champions.

Explore a world where creativity and accuracy coexist, where quality is king, and where these business titans are changing the steel industry. Learn more about the top 30 steel mill businesses’ extraordinary skills and cutting-edge technologies that are driving Bangladesh towards a stronger and more prosperous future.

Let’s go to see List of Top 30 Steel Mill Companies in Bangladesh.

  • BSRM Group
  • Anwar Group
  • Abul Khair Group
  • GPH Ispat Ltd.
  • PHP Family
  • KSRM Steel Plant Ltd.
  • Kabir Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
  • Rahim Steel Mills Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Lion Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
  • BSRM Steel Mills Ltd.
  • Shahriar Steel Mills Ltd.
  • Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
  • Bandar Steel Industries Ltd.
  • Karnafully Steel Mills Ltd.
  • SSRM Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
  • M. Steel Mills Ltd.
  • HighTech Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
  • Haque Steel and Re-Rolling Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Prospectus Trading Ltd.
  • Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (BSRM)
  • Alam Group
  • R. Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
  • Shafiul Alam Steel Mills Ltd.
  • I. Cement Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement)
  • Metrocem Group
  • Bashundhara Group
  • Gazi Steel Mills
  • Delta Steel Mill Ltd.
  • Prime Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
  • Fortune Steel & Engineering Co. Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q: Who Is The Steel Market Leader In Bangladesh?

Answer: Bangladesh Steels Re-Rolling Mills Ltd (BSRM) since its inception in 1952, BSRM has been continuously working to evolve Bangladesh’s steel industry and support its infrastructural development.

Q: Which Is The Number One Steel Company In Bangladesh?

Answer: Bangladesh Steels Re-Rolling Mills Ltd (BSRM) BSRM is the leading steel manufacturing company in Bangladesh and established itself as one of the prominent corporate houses successfully.

Q: Which Is The Largest Steel Plant In Bangladesh?

Answer: The Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd., commonly known as BSRM, is a Bangladeshi steel manufacturing company based in Chittagong. It is the largest construction steel manufacturer company in Bangladesh.

Q: Which Is The Number 1 Rod In Bangladesh?

Answer: BSRM won the Best Brand Award as the No. 1 Rod Brand in Bangladesh for eight years in a row – from 2011 to 2024. It also received the ICSB National Award (Gold) in 2015. For its contribution to the country’s export sector, BSRM won the Export Award (Silver) from the Honorable Prime Minister in 2014.

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Final Word

I hope you have got a very good idea in this top 10 steel companies Bangladesh. From innovation-driven giants to reliable pillars of quality, these industry leaders are driving progress and transforming the landscape. With state-of-the-art facilities, adherence to global standards, and a commitment to excellence, they are revolutionizing the steel sector, both locally and abroad. Stay ahead of the curve by partnering with these trailblazers, ensuring unwavering quality, and fueling your projects with the strength and durability of Bangladesh’s finest steel producers.

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