Bashundhara City Off Day | Shop List | Open Hours [Full Details]

Are you concerned about the Bashundhara City off day? Bashundhara City is one of the largest shopping complexes in Bangladesh. It is situated in Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is a shopping paradise for anyone on a budget. You can find affordable accessories, food, and more. There are plenty of small businesses in Bashundhara City that offer unique products at discounted prices. You can find high-quality items without having to spend a fortune. Bashundhara City is also a great place to find unique foreign items. There are many stores that specialize in regional products from all over the world.

It also offers Star Cineplex cinema, which is the second largest cinema in Bangladesh, as well as a large underground gymnasium, and has the largest amusement and virtual reality (VR) theme park in Bangladesh.

The question is about the Bashundhara city off day?

-Specifically, Tuesday (মঙ্গলবার ) is the off day for Bashundhara City Shopping Complex.


Yes, Tuesday is the bashundhara city mall off day National and government holidays are also Bashundhara city market off days.

Things to Know About Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Let’s take a look at some of the more pertinent information regarding this shopping center.

  • The complex of buildings reaches a height of 19 floors and extends across an area of 17,763 m2 (191,200 sq ft).
  • Over one hundred million United States dollars were spent on the construction of the structure.
  • The owner of this shopping mall is the Bashundhara Group.
  • Architecture by Mustapha Khalid Palash and Mohammad Foyez Ullah.
  • This shopping mall is the second largest in all of Bangladesh.
  • On October 6, 2004, it was presented to the general public for the first time.
  • Receiving up to 50,000 customers every day.
  • The mall has over 2,325 shops, a theme park, an ice skating rink , a fitness club, and a swimming pool.
  • The Bashundhara Group’s corporate headquarters, which span 19 stories, are included.
  • A Star Cineplex cinema with three movie theaters is located in Block ‘D’ , the north-west corner of the shopping mall. Bashundhara city cineplex off day as same shopping mall off day.
  • The ground floor has a gymnasium.
  • The upper level (Level 8) is marked as the food court. There are a good number of food outlets present here that sell food and drinks from a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Thai, Indian, and others.
  • It has a 75,000-square-foot gaming zone .
  • The exact address of Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Parking Capacity is 500 cars.
  • Email address is
  • Website address
Organization Name Bashundhara City Shopping Complex  (বসুন্ধরা সিটি)
Opening Year 4 October 2004
Floor count Mall: 8 Office: 19
Location Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Features Shopping mallFood CourtGaming Zone (Ultimate fun factory)Ice skating RingTheme ParkSwimming Pool19-story corporate offices
Retail Shops 2,325
Number of anchors  9
Fire Occars On 13 March 2009
Parking Capacity 500 cars
Architecture Mustapha Khalid PalashMohammad Foyez Ullah
Customer Service +88-02-9111440, +88-02-8143990
Facebook Facebook
Youtube Youtube

Time Schedule for the Opening and Closing of Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

The Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is typically open from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. in the evening. However, the stores get a half-day off on Wednesday, starting at 12 a.m. and staying open until 8 p.m. The shopping center is open on every other day of the week, but it is closed on Tuesdays since it is the day that traditionally observes the weekly holiday.

The opening and closing timetable of Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Day Opening time Closing time
Friday 10 AM 8 PM
Saturday 10 AM 5 PM
Sunday 10 AM 8 PM
Monday 10 AM 8 PM
Tuesday Holiday Holiday
Wednesday 12 AM (Half Day) 8 PM
Thursday 10 AM 8 PM

Bashundhara City Shopping Mall First 8 Floor

Actually Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is provides services Level 1 To Level 8. In the section we have described all Floor Shopping Mall details.

Leve-1 is for Multiple Stores

In the Leve-1 you will get mobile showroom, cloth outlets, mega shop, cosmetics shops and many more.

Leve-2 For Cloth Stores

Leve-2 is for cloth stores, in the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Leve-2 you have to get men and women clothe and some sportswear shops

Leve-3 for Brand Cloth Stores

Level 3 is only for various types brand cloths. In the Level 3 you have to get different categories and branded cloth stores for all.

Leve-4 Cloth Stores

Leve-4 is for ladies brand cloth stores and kids wear. In the Level 3 you have to get Sharee, three pics, hijab and others different cloth products for female.

Leve-5  for Jewelry Items

Leve-5 is for jewellery items, I the level -5  to get women gold, diamond items and other jewellery showrooms.

Leve-6 Mobile and Gadget Stores

Leve-6 for Gadget Stores. In the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex  Leve-6 you have to get mobile accessories, electronics gadget, Gadget showroom like Huawei Vivo, Samsung Smart Plaza, , iPhone, Realme, Jack N Gadget, Oppo, Sony Rangs, Realme, etc

Leve-7 Cloth and Shoe

Leve-7 for Shoe, in the level-7 you will get various brand Shoe like Bata and Apex and more.

Leve-8 Food Court, Theater

Leve-8 for Food Court and Theater. In the level you have get many Food stores like Chinese, Deshi, Indian, Thai and many more. You can also get Cinemas theater Cineplex in the floor.

The Schedule of Weekly Events at Toggi Fun World:

Toggi Fun World is the most fascinating attraction that can be found in Bashundhara City Shopping Complex.

Toggi Fun World is the largest amusement and virtual reality (VR) theme park in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the largest VR theme park in South Asia in terms of vertical space.

In addition to being the first of its kind in the nation, it is also the first VR Park anywhere in the world, and it has an extensive collection of rides and games.

Using a variety of virtual reality (VR) headsets, you are able to participate in a wide variety of gaming experiences, including those that take place in virtual reality.

There are more than fifty different simulators, games, and rides based on virtual reality.

Day Opening time Closing time
Friday 2 AM 9.30 PM
Saturday 2 AM 9.30 PM
Sunday 2 AM 9.30 PM
Monday 2 AM 9.30 PM
Tuesday Holiday Holiday
Wednesday 2 AM 9.30 PM
Thursday 2 AM 9.30 PM

Public Holidays of Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

It remains closed on governmental or national holidays like –

  • 21st February (International Mother Language Day)
  • 16th December (Victory Day)
  • 17th March (Birth of the Father of the Nation)
  • 26th March (Independence Day)
  • 15th August (National Mourning Day)
  • Shab-e-Barat
  • Eid-al-Adha
  • Eid-al-Fitr and
  • So on.

Phone Number

Bashundhara City Complex : 8158033-34, 8158623-24, 9111440

Star Cineplex : 9138260, 9134098

Toggi Fun World: 01799-998424

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Shop List

There are many shops in Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Below check the Bashundhara City Shop List with Shop Name and Address

Level Shop/Store/Outlet/Branch Address
Basement Mustafa Mart Basement 1 & 2
Level 1 YELLOW Level 1, Block A, Shop: 56, 57, 58, 67, 68, 69
Level 1 SaRa Lifestyle  Level 1, Block A, Shop:40, 54-55
Level 1 Aarong Level 1 to 4, Block B
Level 1 Gadget & Gear Level 1, Block B, Shop: 14
Level 1 Time Zone Level 1 & Level 4
Level 2 Anjans Level 2, Block: D, Shop: 108
Level 2 Le Reve Level 2, Block A, Shop: 32, 33, 47
Level 2 Trendz Level 2,Block D, Shop: 114-115
Level 2 Cats Eye Level 2, Block A, Shop: 1-4,12-14
Level 2 ILLIYEEN Level 2, Block A, Shop: 27/41/42 and 55/56/66/67
Level 4 Style Echo Level 4, Block C, Shop: 26 &, 26/A
Level 4 Nibir Fashion Level 4, Block C, Shop: 75,76,86, 87
Level 4 Jotey Sharee Level 4, Block C, Shop: 48-49,
Level 4 Islamic Apparel BD Level 4, Block D, Shop: 85
Level Shop/Store/Outlet/Branch Address
Level 5 Amin Jewellers Level 5, Block D, Shop: 9-11 & 20-22.
Level 5 Venus Jewelers Level 5,Block D
Level 5 Diamond World Level 5,Block A
Level 5 Sumash Tech Level 5, Block D, Shop: 108,109,110,111
Level 5 Rio international Level 5, Block A, Shop: 43-44
Level 6 SAMSUNG Smart Plaza Level 6, Block D, Shop 106-109
Level 6 Sony Rangs Center Level 6, Block D, Shop: 106-107
Level 6 Jack N Gadge Level 6, Block D, Shop: 82, 95
Level 6 Gadget & Gear Level 6, Block B
Level 7 Bata Level 7, Block B
Level 7 Apex Level 7, Block D
Level 7 Sadakalo Level 7, Block A, Shop: 98
Level 7 Anjans Level 7, Deshi Dosh
Level 7 Kay Kraft Level 7, Block A , Shop: 13Ka
Level 7 Sailor Level 7, Block A
Level 7 Splash Bangladesh Level 7, Block D
Level 7 Infinity Mega Mall Level 7, Block C
Level 8 Toggi World (Toggi Fan Club) Level 8 & 9
Level 8 Star Cineplex Level 8, 13/3 Ka
Level 8 The Food Hall Level 8
Level 8 Food Court Level 8

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Kalabagan On google Map

Have a look at the Bashundhara City On google Maps which helps to go easily from any place.

Bashundhara City On google Map

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time does Bashundhara City Mall open during Ramadan?

Answer: During the month of Ramadan, there is no day off that is reserved. So, in the holy month of Ramadan, the Bashundhara Shopping Center is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day.

Q. Is Bashundhara City Mall open on Fridays?

Answer: The Bashndhara shopping mall is, in fact, still open on Fridays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Q. When is Bashundhara city shopping mall off day?

Tuesday is the day when Bashundhara City observes its weekly holiday.

Q. Which block is located at the Star Cineplex in Bashundhara City Mall?

Answer: It can be found in the retail center’s Block ‘D’, which is the north-west corner of the complex.

Q. How much are the Toggi Fun World’s packages priced?

Answer: Toggi Fun World offers three different packages. Here they are:

Toggi Kiddo : TK. 500/Person

Toggi Xtreme: TK. 3000/Person

Toggi VIP Concierge : TK. 10000/Person

Q.Which floors do I get a gaming zone?

Answer: The entire gaming area is on 5 floors (14th to the 18th floor of the building).

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an enjoyable day out with your friends and a day out shopping in Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, be sure to avoid bashundhara city off day.

The Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is a great place to find affordable accessories and food. This shopping complex has something for everyone, with a variety of accessories and  food court, as well as a gaming zone that is really inexpensive . So, it is worth visiting the market to find something special.

Please do not visit Bashundhara City Shopping Complex on Tuesday. That’s bashundhara city shopping complex off day. Because you won’t be able to buy anything at the Bashundhara city complex weekly off day and come back with anything.

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