Dhaka To Panchagarh Bus Service | Ticket Price | Counter Number

About Dhaka to Panchagarh Bus Service. Everyone wants the journey to be convenient and enjoyable. That is why most people want to travel by bus. Bus seats, better transportation facilities than all other public transport. The bus authorities always want their passengers not to have any difficulty.

And the pleasure of traveling by bus is different. The pleasure of going to see natural beauty while sitting in the window seat is different. The eyes are filled with the sight of these beautiful paths, trees, and greenery.

Dhaka To Panchagarh Bus Service | Ticket Price | Counter Number

While going to Panchagarh from Dhaka, you can see many beautiful pictures of nature by bus. Today’s content is about Dhaka to Panchagarh bus service.

Details are given. How to go to Panchagarh? Which bus? How much does a bus company charge for bus fares? You will know all these things.

About Dhaka And Panchagarh


Bangladesh’s capital city, Dhaka, is the largest city in the country, with a population of 1 million crores. Bangladesh’s main business and commercial center is in Dhaka, which is the headquarters of major local and multinational companies.

Motijheel, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, and Karwan Bazar are the main commercial areas in Dhaka.

Many middle-class families have moved to the city, which has increased consumer spending. That has led to an increase in retirement spending as well!


Under the Rangpur Division, the Panchagor district lies in Bangladesh’s northern tip. This region was previously known as Pancha-Gaura. Among the many attractions in Panchagor are:

  • Panchagor Suger Mill, 
  • Mirgor, 
  • Mirzapur 
  • The Royal Palace and the Mosque, 
  • There is a temple called Bodeshari. 
  • Mosque at Mirzapur with three domes, 
  • Aloakhoa Royal Palace, 
  • Dak Banglo, and many more.
  • Bridge of Kartoa, 
  • Domar Royal Palace, 
  • Golkadham Mondir, 
  • There is a lake called Moharajar, 
  • Rocks Museum, 
  • Bangabandhu Land Port, 

Dhaka To Panchagarh Bus Service

The rest of the information will be found in the details of the bus companies that provide service from Dhaka to Panchagarh.

Bus List 

There are many bus companies that provide buses for going to Panchagarh from Dhaka.

Buses are given here:

  1. United Paribahan
  2. Keya Paribahan
  3. Babul Enterprize
  4. Aziz Travels
  5. N Islam Enterprize
  6. Ahsan Enterprize
  7. Karnaphuli Paribahan
  8. Kakoli Enterprize
  9. Buriganga Special Paribahan
  10. Swapna Shanto Special
  11. Hanif Enterprize
  12. Nabil Paribahan

Dhaka To Panchagarh Bus Ticket Price

Bus NameAC BusNon-AC Bus
United Paribahan600 
Keya Paribahan550
Babul Enterprize600
Aziz Travels550
N Islam Enterprize550
Ahsan Enterprize450
Karnaphuli Paribahan600
Kakoli Enterprize600
Buriganga Special Paribahan500
Swapna Shanto Special600
Hanif Enterprize1500 BDT600
Nabil Paribahan1000 BDT650

Dhaka To Panchagarh Bus Fare varies according to the bus company. Any bus company can change the bus price of their choice.

Dhaka To Panchagarh Ac Bus Service

Buses run between Dhaka and Panchagarh frequently. There are many buses traveling the Dhaka-Panchagarh route each day according to schedule. AC bus service is also available on this route. The two bus companies that provide AC buses on this route are Nabil Paribahan and Hanif Enterprise.

You can contact the authority or counter of either of these two bus companies if you want to travel by AC bus.

Dhaka To Panchagarh Non- Ac Bus Service

Except for Nabil Paribahan and Hanif Enterprise, all the buses that run on the Dhaka-Panchagarh route are non-AC buses. Hanif Enterprise and Nabil Parbahan provide both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses. Buses without air conditioning are the better option for people who cannot afford air conditioning.

Dhaka To Panchagarh Bus ticket Booking

If you have more problems going to the counter, you can also book tickets online. Tickets can be booked through the apps that provide online ticket booking services. Those who are busy or do not have time to go can easily book tickets online and get tickets to their destination at the exact time. Sohoz.com, Busbd.com can be used to book tickets on these websites.

Online Bus Ticket Booking Vs Offline Bus Ticket Booking

Online Bus Ticket BookingOffline Bus Ticket Booking
Booking a bus from any location & at any time is now a breezeWaiting in long queues at the bus counter and getting to the counter
A variety of bus types and operators are available.There are a few options to suit your preferences
Book your tickets and get cashback offersDiscounts not available
Friendly Customer Service available 24/7Friendless customer service
A unique benefit for women seat selectionThere is no special benefit for women

Dhaka To Panchagarh Bus Schedule

Hanif Bus Dhaka To Panchagarh

There is also a Hanif bus that runs between Dhaka and Panchagarh.

  • First Trip – 07:00 AM
  • Last Trip – 10:30 PM
  • Non-AC Ticket Price – 650 TK
  • AC Ticket Price – 1500TK

Dhaka To Panchagarh Bus Counter And Contact Number 

Many people want to know the counter location and counter number of the buses. So all the information are given

Counter at the Hanif Paribahan office in Dhaka

  • Dhaka, Gabtoli Counter. Telephone: 8011759
  • The Technical Counter in Dhaka. Telephone: 9008475
  • Counter at Kalyanapur, Dhaka. Telephone 9008498
  • Dhaka, College Gate Counter, Shaymoli, Phone: 8123439
  • Counter at Kalabagan, Dhaka. Telephone: 81199001.
  • The counter at Malibagh, Dhaka. Tel. 8354748
  • Located at the Fakirapool Counter in Dhaka. Tel: 01713-049557
  • Counter at Arambagh, Dhaka. Telephone: 7102007
  • Dhaka, Shahdabad Counter. Telephone: 01713-049559
  • Counter of Janopath, Dhaka. Tel. : 75543218
  • Counter at Uttara, Dhaka. Telephone 01711-974073
  • Office of Nordda in Dhaka. Telephone 01712-894932

Nabil Paribahan

  • Asad Gate, Mob: 01839-968533, 01882-003271
  • Kallyanpur, Phone: 01869-811013, 01869-811012
  • Technical, Mirpur Road, Phone: 01881-012081
  • Mazar Road Counter No 1, Mob: 01839-968530, 01869-811014
  • Mazar Road Counter No 2, Phone: 01839-968531, 01882-003268

Dhaka To Panchagarh Road Distance

It is a route that stretches 396.4 kilometers between Dhaka and Panchagor. Bus tickets for this route range in price from BDT 800 to BDT 2000, depending on the type of bus operator. On average, the journey takes 10-11 hours, depending on the road conditions.

Warming Up:

In this article, we have provided you with information about the Dhaka to Panchagarh bus. There is no need to delay your trip to Panchagarh.

You should also find out what facilities the company provides for its customers and what time the buses run. Be patient when selecting a bus company. 

You will have beautiful memories for the rest of your life. We will not let you down! 

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