Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Service| Schedule | Ticket Price |Contact No

Currently, many people travel by bus in our country every day, and there are a lot of bus services available. Everyone should be informed about the bus before traveling by bus. Read this article carefully to find out all the details. This article will inform you about the Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Service.

Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Service| Schedule | Ticket Price |Contact No
Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Route Map

Ticket Counter, Mobile Number, Ticket price, Schedule, distance, bus service! today, we’ll discuss these topics. Everyone wants to know how to buy a ticket and what the ticket price is? What are the conditions of service of the bus from Dhaka to Gaibandha?

About Gaibandha

GaibandhaThere is a district called Gaibandha in northern Bangladesh. This district is located in Rangpur Division. Rajasthan Prasad, or a palace; Naldanga Zamidar Bari, that stands today. There are a few notable places in Gaibandha where people go for tours, including the Bamondanga Zamidar Bari, Bardhan Kuthi, and Shah Sultan Gazi’s Mosque.

Some of the major travel companies consisting of inter-division buses are: Alhamra travels, Hanif travels, Shyamoly travels, Orin travels, S.R. travels, etc. The Bogra and Rangpur districts can be reached by many inter-district buses available in this district.

In this district, river transportation is not very popular. The Ghaghot river offers a short journey by boat by offering a limited number of boats.

Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Service

It is a busy and popular road in Bangladesh connecting Dhaka and Gaibandha. It is possible to travel on this road with either air conditioning or without. This road provides a comfortable ride. Almost 267.1 kilometers separate Dhaka from Gaibandha by road. You will need 6-7 hours to travel the distance.

Many people want to know about the Gaibandha bus service from Dhaka. Because every day people want to visit this historical place for some work, official work or holiday. All types of local, AC, non-AC bus services are available from Dhaka to Gaibandha. Gaibandha is located in the northern part of Bangladesh, so these places are called North Bengal.

It takes a long time to go from Dhaka to Gaibandha but the bus services that are available are very passenger-friendly.

They take care of all the advantages and disadvantages of the passengers in such a long journey.

Here are the names of the buses you can take from Dhaka to Gaibandha. You can also take AC, non-AC, and normal or local buses from Dhaka to Gaibandha. Each has a different price.

Buses are-

Dhaka To Gaibandha Ac Bus Service

Gaibandha is more accessible by non-AC buses from Dhaka than by AC buses. AC buses are also available from some companies. If you take an AC bus, the cost will be slightly higher. The reason is that not all bus companies provide AC buses. However, if you want to go in comfort, in the cool air of an air conditioner, SR Travels, Orin Bus, will be able to provide you with excellent service.

Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Ticket Price

The fare per seat per bus company from Dhaka to Gaibandha is given here:

Bus NameAC Bus(Taka)Non-AC Bus(Taka)
Alhamra Paribahan800 BDT450 BDT
Shyamoli Paribahan(NR)450 BDT
SR Travels650 BDT450 BDT
Orin Travels900 BDT450 BDT
United Paribahan500 BDT
Razib Special450 BDT
SA Paribahan400 BDT
Hanif Enterprise450 BDT

Rajib Paribahan’s local bus goes from Dhaka to Gaibandha. The fare is 360 BDT.

Online booking for Dhaka-Gaibandha bus tickets is also available. If you do not have time to visit the counter, you should not be concerned, we can arrange any type of bus ticket for immediate or advance purchase.

Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Schedule

  • Alhamra Paribahan Bus schedule:

First Trip: 7:15 AM

Last Trip:  11:00 PM

  • Orin Bus Schedule:

First Trip: 7:30 AM

     Last Trip: 11:30 PM

  • From Dhaka, Shewra – 9:36 AM-5:46 PM (Approximately 8 hours 7 minutes)
  • From Nadda- 9:30 PM – 5:46 AM( Approximately 8 hr 12 min)
  • From Kurli Bisshaw Road- 9:25 PM – 5:46 AM (Approximately 8 hr 16 min)

Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Counter And Contact Number 

Counter Contact Number
Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka (Khwaja Super Market)01785-993004.
Gabtali Counter, Dhaka (Rajab Ali Market)01785-993008.
Savar Bus Stand Counter, Dhaka01785-992996.
Hemayetpur Counter, Savar, Dhaka,01737-534296.
Bypile (Aziz filling station)0175Dhaka To Gaibandha Bus Service5-431572.
Jirani Bus Station Counter, Dhaka01709-989433.
Chandra Counter, Gazipur01784-411267.
Mohakhali Counter01741-411455.
Abdullahpur Counter01741-220272.
Gaibandha Counter, 1st Traffic Junction. Gaibandha01764-201108.
Bus Terminal Counter, Gaibandha01764-201109.
Dholbhanga counter, Gaibandha01761-086500.
Palash Bari Counter, Gaibandha01749-454967.
  1. Alhamra Bus
CounterContact Number
Palashbari, Ghibandha01718-945013
DB Road, Ghibandha Sadar0541-61326, 01711-165605
Gabtoli , Mirpur02-9005612, 01721-802031
Kutum Hotel , Mirpur, Dhaka01721-802032
Muktijodhdha tower, College gate, Mohammadpur01721802033
  1. Shyamoli Paribahan
CounterContact Number
Asad Gate01714619173

Al Hamra Bus Dhaka To Gaibandha

Dhaka to Gaibandha to Dhaka is also served by Alhamra Paribahan. Thousands of people travel each day by bus in both directions. A distance of approximately 267 kilometers separates Dhaka from Gaibandha. In Dhaka city, Bogra and Gaibandha, Alhamra Bus has a number of counters. You must go to the counter to buy a ticket. Online Alhamra Paribahan bus tickets are also available.

Some Important Notice For All Passengers By Bus Authorities

  1. At least 20 minutes before departure time, passengers must be at the bus counter.
  2. The maximum amount of luggage that a passenger can carry is 10 kg. Passengers who carry more luggage must pay an additional fee.
  3. In traveling time, it is not allowed to carry illegal goods. Bus authorities cannot be held liable for this kind of activity.
  4. There is no smoking on the bus or during the travel time.
  5. After giving luggage to the bus bunker, take a token from the bunker and keep it for the luggage return. Please ensure your luggage is safe before returning it.
  6. Ticket fare will not be refunded to late passengers at the bus counter who miss the bus.
  7. Maintain the safety, security, and responsibility of your all-important documents and valuables at all times. No responsibility will be taken by the bus authority or staff. 


Q. How can I get from Dhaka to Gaibandha for the cheapest price?

Answer: Bus and taxi are the cheapest ways to get from Dhaka to Gaibandha, which cost 2800-3600 BDT and take 4h 37m.

Q. Is there a faster way to get from Dhaka to Gaibandha?

Answer: Yes, taxi. There is a taxi service that costs 4800-6000 BDT and takes 3h 59m from Dhaka to Gaibandha.

Q. In what amount of time does the flight from Dhaka to Gaibandha take?

Answer: Direct flights to Saidpur Airport from Dhaka Airport take just 55 minutes.


We have provided you with information related to the Dgaka To Gaibandha Bus Service. You need not hesitate to travel to Gaibandha now.

You should also verify what facilities they provide to their customers and the timings of the bus services. Take your time when choosing a bus service. 

Beautiful memories will remain with you for the rest of your life. You can trust us! 

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