Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Service | Schedule | Ticket Price [2024]

You are planning with your family or friends to visit a beautiful, green hill outside Dhaka. And the spot of that plan is Rangamati. Now you don’t know how to go from Dhaka to Rangamati. Complete guidelines are given in this content. You can know more about Dhaka to Rangamati bus service from this content which will help you to give a successful tour.

Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Route Map
Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Route Map

How to go from Dhaka to Rangamati? Which buses go from here? Which buses go without going directly? Where are the counters and how to contact them? How is the time? When do the buses leave for Rangamati? Here you will find all the important information that will make it easy for you on your tour. Let’s start planning a beautiful tour.

About Dhaka And Rangamati

Dhaka: There are more than 180 million residents in the capital city of Bangladesh, called Dhaka. The city is the hub of all trade and commerce for Bangladesh since it is the headquarters of all the major local and multinational companies. Motijheel, Mirpur, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Farmgate, and Karwan Bazar are the most important commercial areas of Dhaka. With the growing middle class, the city has seen higher consumer spending over the years. This has also resulted in higher leisure demand.

Rangamati: The largest district in Bangladesh by area is Rangamati Hill District, the administrative headquarters. At the southern end of Bangladesh, it is under Chittagong Division. In particular, people seeking adventure like to visit Rangamati. Many of its significant attractions include beautiful landscapes, the Chakma Rajbari, the Rajban Bihar Pagoda, lakes, hanging bridges, handicraft products, hills, ivory jewelry, the Chakma Rajbari, the Rajban Bihar Pagoda, and others.

Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Service

From Dhaka to Rangamati, the route stretches to 303.7 kilometers. Many bus services currently serve this route, including Hanif Enterprise, S.Alam Paribahan, Syamoli Paribahan and so on. This route takes 10.30-11.30 hours on average, depending on the road conditions, and costs between 620 to 1400 BDT. 

There is also an AC bus service from Dhaka to Rangamati. Everyone can take the bus as they please. The buses depart from Dhaka for Rangamati both with and without air conditioning. In the non-AC bus, passengers can open the window and see nature in comfort while enjoying the pleasant surroundings, cool air, and greenery.

And those who don’t like hot weather or are stuck in traffic can take an AC bus to Rangamati safely and comfortably.

Here are the details of the buses you can choose from to go to Rangamati from Dhaka. Basically, the buses that provide service from Dhaka to Rangamati are –

  1. S Alam Paribahan
  2. Hanif Enterprise
  3. Unique Service
  4. Shyamoli Paribahan(NR)
  5. Shyamoli Paribahan(SP)
  6. Ena Transport
  7. Dolphin Paribahan
  8. SaintMartin Paribahan
  9. Shyamoli NR Travels
  10. Relex Transport

Dhaka Rangamati Highway Details

When it comes to giving Dhaka to Rangamati bus details, their route, minimum price, times, all these are more important.

  • Dhaka-Rangamati highway to be used
  • The journey takes 7 hours 14 minutes (303.7KM via N1).
  • Rangamati and Dhaka are 303.7 kilometers apart.

Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Ticket Price

Now you can know about Rangamati bus ticket prices from Dhaka, every info of which is collected from their authority website. They can change their price anytime if they want.

Bus Name AC Bus(Taka) Non-AC Bus(Taka)
S Alam Paribahan —- 620 BDT
Unique Service 720 BDT 620 BDT
Hanif Enterprise 940 BDT 620 BDT
Shyamoli NR Travels 1500 BDT 620 BDT
Shyamoli Paribahan(NR) 1500 BDT 620 BDT
Shyamoli Paribahan(SP) 620 BDT
Ena Transport 620 BDT
Dolphin Paribahan 950 BDT 600 BDT
SaintMartin Paribahan 1500 BDT
Relex Transport   Arambagh 620 BDTAbdullahpur 650 BDT

You can always find the latest news on wikiofinfo.com Companies are free to change their counters whenever they want. Our sincere apologies if this is done by a company and we provide inaccurate information.

  • Like other bus services, there is also Dolphin Bus Service which goes from Dhaka to Rangamati. Dolphin Bus Service Dhaka to Rangamati is a very good service. They have comfortable chair coaches and they have all kinds of facilities for the passengers. They have both AC and non-AC buses and their ticket cost is less than other bus companies.

Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Schedule

When you think of going somewhere, do you ever think of leaving the bus at that place? It is very important to know about the Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Schedule Then when you have time for the bus, you can take the bus on time and go to your destination. Below is the first and last timetable of each bus company bus departure:

Bus Name First Trip Last Trip
Unique service 7:30 AM 9:15 PM
Hanif Enterprise 7:30 AM 9:15 PM
Syamoli Paribahan 7:30 AM 9:15 PM
S.Alam Paribahan 7:30 AM 9:15 PM

Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Counter & Contact Number

The addresses and numbers of the counters to be contacted for going to Rangamati from Dhaka are given.

SaintMartin Paribahan-Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Service

Counter Contact Number
Arambag 01762691341,01762691339
Fakirapul 01762691350,01762691342
Kollanpur 01762691353
Chittagong Road 01762691343
Panthapath 01762691364
Rangamati 01762691354,01762691392

Hanif Bus Service Dhaka To Rangamati

Counter  Contact Number
Kalyanpur-1 01713049540,01713049541
Kalyanpur-2 01713049573
Kalyanpur-4 01713049574
Kalyanpur-3 01713049561
Shyamoli Ringroad-2 01713049532
Gabtoli 029012902
Technicall 01713049541,029008475
Kalabagan 01730376342,01713402670
Fakirapul 027191512
Arambag 01730376343,01713402632
Shyamoli Ringroad-1 01713402639
Savar 0753488476
Panthapath 01713402641
Uttara 01713402672
Abdullahpur 01713402613
Syedabad 01713402673
Rangamati 01811615801

Unique Service-Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Service

Counter  Contact Number
Fakirapul 01963622223,
Sayedabad 01963622233
Mirpur 10 01963622240
Jatrabari 01963622236,
Norda 01963622238
Rangamati 01963622273,
Rangamati 0135161561

Shyamoli Paribahan-Dhaka To Rangamati Bus Service

Counter Contact Number
Asad Gate 01714619173
Kalyanpur 028091161
Technical 01865068922
Gabtoli 01865068925
Panthapath 029112327
Fakirapul 027193725
Komlapur 0248316246
Abdullahpur 01865068930
Uttara 027914336
Malibag 01865068927

Rangamati To Dhaka Bus Service

According to all the above info, you can come to Dhaka from Rangamati. For this, you need to know which buses come from Rangamati to Dhaka and where their counter is. Price, time is all it takes to come to Rangamati from Dhaka.


If you know all the above information about Dhaka to Rangamati Bus Service, you will easily know what time and what the price of the Rangamati bus will be. Usually, people are confused about the bus schedule, how the bus will be, which bus facility will be available. I hope you will get all the information from this content correctly.

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