Dhaka To Bandarban Bus | Schedule | Ticket Price

Dhaka is a hub of many dreams and opportunities, but including traffic, sound pollution, and working deadlines. That’s why we present you with one of the peaceful options to travel and have fun with family and friends. To have a break from Dhaka to Bandarban bus traveling is a fantastic option for anyone. 

We all need a break to enjoy nature and celebrate life. In Bangladesh, one of the most pious and fabulous places available where you will love to travel. Bandarban is a fantastic place for tourists, and the excellent site has natural beauty to discover with a peaceful environment. 

Dhaka To Bandarban Bus | Schedule | Ticket Price
Dhaka To Bandarban Bus Route Map

Visitors and Tourists fall in love with the mountains and waterfalls. Bandarban is located – a small part of- Chittagong Division and the south-eastern side of Bangladesh. It has mountains like Nilgiri; Chimbuk mountains, Nafa-Khum and Amia-khum waterfalls, and Meghla Parjatan parks. 

Dhaka To Bandarban Bus Service

Which bus services are best to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban? There are many bus services available but which one provides facilities to travel to Bandarban? 

Don’t worry! We have solved this problem! Here we have the complete information about which buses are available to provide the facilities to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban by bus and how you can contact them.

Firstly, we will like to introduce the best bus services available from Dhaka to Bandarban :

  1. Hanif Enterprise Bus
  2. Shymoli Paribahan (NR)
  3. Unique Paribahan
  4. Saintmartin Paribahan
  5. Desh Paribahan 

These five bus services are available with ac and non-ac services. They provide services in super luxurious models of buses to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban.

Names of the busBus services
Hanif EnterpriseVOLVO Hino,ak1j super plus non-a/c
Shymoli Paribahan (NR)Not mentioned
Unique paribahan Hino 1Aj
Saintmartin Paribahan6, Hyundai
Desh TravelsHyundai & Hino 1J plus

Dhaka To Bandarban Bus Contact Number

It is essential to have these details for additional safety issues and security reasons. In any emergencies, you can contact these traveling agencies quickly.

Secondly, these bus services provide trained staff, and their staff are well behaved and helpful. You will have a fantastic experience while traveling from Dhaka to Bandarban by bus.

They all are active in given contact numbers. Any problem or any doubt, you can clear it by just dialing these lines. Most of them are available 24 hours.

Dhaka to Bandarban bus services has a direct contact number which we have attached below. 

Name of the busContact number
Hanif enterprise bus01713-049559
Shymoli Paribahan (NR)Not available
Unique Paribahan01963622279
Saintmartin Paribahan01762691339
Desh Travels 01762-684430

Dhaka To Bandarban Bus Ticket Price

The most important part is to buy tickets. These bus services have a different range of fare facilities, and it depends on the ac and non a/c bus service available.

You can select between A/C and non-A/C buses to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban according to your comfort zone and budget.

We have mentioned Dhaka To Bandarban Latest Ticket Price:

Names of BusesA/CNon- A/C
Hanif Enterprise bus1500 BDT620 BDT
Shymoli Paribahan (NR)1400 BDT620 BDT
Unique ParibahanNOT AVAILABLE620 BDT
Saintmartin Paribahan950 BDT650 BDT
Desh Travels 1400 BDT620  BDT

They also provide ticket cancellation! 

Saintmartin Paribahan Bus has no refund policy.

But other bus services have a condition you have to follow: excluding 11 pm to 6 pm, within 12 hours, you can return the ticket before the departure timing of the trip.

Dhaka To Bandarban Schedule

For travel from Dhaka to Bandarban, these bus services provide different schedules and timings. There are some that provide a single service for every facility, while others offer several services at once. 

We have mentioned their trip and schedule timing below:

  • Hanif enterprise provides five trips to travel from Dhaka to bandarban
  • Shymoli Paribahan (NR) and Saintmartin Paribahan provide three visits in a single day from Dhaka to bandarban.
  • Unique Paribahan and Desh Travel offer a single trip in a day to travel from Dhaka to bandarban.

We have also attached the timing schedules –arriving and departing- according to their plan. 

This trip is around 75 kilometers, and the timing duration of this journey is approximately 11 hours. 

Names of the busArrive timingDeparture timing
Hanif Enterprise Bus7: 30 PM9: 15 AM
Shymoli paribahan (NR)9: 30 PM
10: 30 PM
6: 00 AM
4: 45 AM
Unique Paribahan6:30 AM4: 45 AM4:55 AM9:30    PM10:30 PM10: 40 PM
Saint Martin Paribahan8: 45 PM11: 55 AM
Desh Travels11: 00 PM7: 15 AM

Dhaka To Bandarban Bus Counters

In Dhaka, tourists will have trouble finding the ticket counters to book their tickets. As a result, we have attached some information about all the counters. 

You will be able to find the bus counters and book your tickets quickly. These counters are near the hotel and bus stations to make it easier for you to locate them.

Names of the busesPlace of the counterContact number
Desh TravelsAmarbag02-7192345,               01762-684430
Bandarban0361-62093,                01704-539043
Hanif Enterprise BusGabtoli 02-9012902
Kalabagan 01713-402642,           01713-402670
Saint Martin ParibahanFakirapool01762691350
Unique ParibahanFokirpool T & TColony Mosque0271912337,    027195987
Kalampur0293378460,                     01963-622299
240/ A, Bagbari, Gabtoli bus terminal0290027710,               01963-622223
Shymoli Paribahan (NR)Gabtoli029014560
Pantopath box office01815273942

Dhaka To Bandarban Distance By Road 323.8 km (7 Hours 14 Min)

For the work purpose, do you need to Dhaka To Bandarban Distance Bus Road Distance? Now we have shared Dhaka To Bandarban Distance For You. Anyway, Dhaka To Bandarban Road Distance is 323.8 km (7 Hours 14 Min)


There are ample options to travel by road, but we have gathered information about the best services available to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban Bus facilities.

These vast and small details matter a lot for your safety if traveling alone or for the first time. These small details matter and are connected with spending time with your loved ones.

Above all, the selected bus services are fantastic and tested bus services in Dhaka for traveling among tourists and local people. 

Meta: There are ample options to travel by road, but we have gathered information about the best services available to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban Bus facilities.

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