Dhaka To Mongla Bus Service | Schedule | Ticket Price

The port of Mongla is located at the junction of the Pashur and Mongla Rivers in the Rampal Upazila district of Khulna’s Bagerhat district. In this case, there are several services for traveling to Mongla. If we know about the services, we can easily travel to Mongla from Dhaka or any district of Bangladesh. In this discussion, we will learn about Dhaka to Mongla bus service.

Dhaka To Mongla Bus Service | Schedule | Ticket Price
Dhaka Mongla Bus Router Map

Tourists flock to the country and abroad every year because visiting the Sundarbans through Mongla is the only purpose of the tourists. Let’s read the article below, and we will know the easy way to travel from Dhaka to Mongla.

Dhaka to Monglabus Service List :

The total distance from Dhaka to Mongla is 163 km equals miles, and 88 nautical miles.No one will walk this far. We will identify the bus services in this regard so that our journey becomes enjoyable.

The bus services include AC and non-AC buses. People select the bus service of their choice. However, to make your journey hassle-free and comfortable, we will only learn about the Dhaka to Mongla ac bus service today.

There are 4 AC buses from Dhaka to Mongla which always come with good service. Let’s find out.

  1. Soudia paribahan
  2. Sundarban service Pvt. Ltd
  3. Grameen service Pvt. Ltd
  4. Ehsan Paribahan

Dhaka to Mongla Bus Ticket Price :

Between Dhaka and Mongla, there are many bus routes. The demand for AC and non-AC bus tickets is high. In this case, the number of passengers on AC buses is comparatively higher. Because the quality and service of AC bus are better than non AC bus. Many travel lovers have no idea about Dhaka to Mongla bus ticket fare. For them, AC and non AC bus ticket prices are given below, which will make the journey easier.

Bus NameAc BusNon-Ac Bus
Soudia paribahan1200 Tk500 Tk
Sundarban service Pvt. Ltd1200 Tk 500 Tk
Grameen service Pvt. Ltd1200 Tk 400 Tk
Ehsan Paribahan1200 Tk 400 Tk

Dhaka to Mongla Bus Schedule :

Whenever we leave Dhaka for Mongla, we need to know the bus schedule. We will choose the bus according to our convenience so that the bus schedules are like our time.

Bagerhat can be reached directly from Dhaka. Many vehicles leave Dhaka’s Saidabad every day from 8 am to 10 am and from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Bus NameDayTime
All BusEvery DayFrom 8 AM to 10 AM and From 6 PM to 10 PM.

Counter Number, Address Of Dhaka Mongla Transport :

We must book a ticket before we go on a trip somewhere. We have to go to the counter to book a ticket. Knowing the address of the counter makes it easy to book our tickets.

We are often reminded that we are unable to buy tickets for certain events directly at the counter. We currently have many online websites to facilitate our travel. In which we can quickly book tickets online.

In this way, we can know when a bus will leave and at what time. It is possible to book a bus ticket from any part of Bangladesh. Now we have given the following Dhaka to mongla bus service location and address in the table:

Bus nameLocation/address Counter number 
Saudia paribahanGabtoli Bus Terminal8018445
Sundarban service Pvt. LtdSayedabad Bus Terminal01675-943578
Grameen service Pvt. LtdSaydabad (Aside from Janpath More of the highway), Dhaka.01736-176655, 01770-806100
Ehsan ParibahanSaydabad Counter01190-819762, 01692-903813

Online Ticket Booking Dhaka to Mongla Bus Service:

We have already mentioned some online sites where you can easily book tickets to reach your destination.

It is not always possible to book tickets at the counter for various engagements, so there are several websites online where you can easily book tickets.

The websites are:

  • shohoz.com
  • bdticket.com
  • Kemnejabo.com
  • bdbus.com

FAQs[Frequently Asked Questions]

Q. Is there any website to book Mongla bus tickets from Dhaka?

Of course, there is.

Q. What is the travel time between Dhaka and Mongla??

It takes about 8hours and 7 minutes.


By reading the whole article, you must have learned many strange things about your Mongla trip. In particular, Dhaka to Mongla bus service has been discussed in detail.

AC bus and non AC bus ticket prices, counter locations, counter numbers are all given in detail in this article.

After reading our article, you will not have to face any problem going from Dhaka to Mongla. Enjoy the trip.

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