Si Enterprise: Online Ticket Booking|Counter Number [2023]

Si Enterprise is a transportation company in Bangladesh. And, it provides service all over the country. Hence, it is used by many. Here, we will write about this transportation service. So, you can find out more about this transportation service.

Here, we will provide you information about all their available feature. Also, you will get to know the address of their counters. Hence, you can find the one near you to claim their service. However, you can also book online tickets from this transportation service.

You can find their services in many places. For instance, Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Cox’sBazar, Rangpur, and many places around the country. And, you can find their counters in all those districts. So, let’s get to know more about them. And, follow this article to the last to know more about it.

Si Enterprise Online Ticket Booking


So, you can also book online tickets for Si Enterprise. And, they have a website of their own to provide you that service. Here, you will find out the process of booking an online ticket for Si paribahan bus.

Firstly, go to their official website. Then, sign in if you have already created an account. Otherwise, create a new account. Then, log in to your new account. Afterward, enter the location you want their service from. Then, the destination you want to reach. Also, enter your journey date. Then, you will be provided with a number of buses for your destination. And, they will of different times. So, select your preferred time. And, select your preferred seat. Then, proceed with the payment. Finally, you have booked a ticket with the payment.

Si Enterprise Dhaka Counter

Dhaka is the capital of the country. Hence, you can find all the available services of this transportation company in this city. For instance, you can find the Si paribahan bus ticket for all the other cities. For example, you can get buses for Chittagong and Cox’sBazar. But, to get their service. Firstly, you have to know their counter addresses. So, here, we will mention a few important counters of this transportation company. Then, you can choose the one near you. And, claim your service from there. Here, we have given a list of counters of this transportation company in some of the important places.

Counter Number
Mirpur Counter 01747-875588
Technical Junction Counter 01748-708080
Mohakhali Counter 01712-678649
Abdullahpur Counter 01746-037071

Si Enterprise Shirajganj Counter Address

Si Enterprise head office is in Shirajganj. Hence, it is obvious that you find bus counters of this transportation company in the most important places of the city. And, they also provide all their services there. For example, you will find all types of bus service they provide from there.

But, first, you need to know about their counter addresses. So, here, we have provided addresses of a few counters of the transportation company in the city. Also, we have provided the contact number of their head office for you, here.

Counter Number
Head Office 01718-880293
Kadda Counter 01712-683500
Kaddar Mor Counter (1, 2, and 3) 01958-209104
Sirajganj Road Counter 01958-209105

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Si Enterprise Bus Chittagong Counter

As the economic capital and tourist interest place, there are many bus services available for Chittagong. And,  Si Enterprise is no different. Hence, you can find their counter at many places in Chittagong too. Also, you can find services from there to many cities. But, you need to know the addresses of the counter in order to use their service. Hence, we have provided their counter address here for you. Also, we will provide their counter address too. So, you can confirm before visiting the counter if they have available the service you need.

Counter Number
Colonel Hat Counter 01866-452080
AK Khan Junction Counter 01612-055664
Bhatiari Counter 01827-556794
Alangkar Mor Counter 01300-950114

Cox’sBazar Counter

Cox’sBazar is the biggest tourist attraction in the country. And, you can find services of Si Enterprise there too. So, you can travel from Cox’sBazar or to Cox’sBazar using this bus service from different locations. But, you will need to know about the available counters to enjoy their service. Hence, we have provided some counter addresses of this transportation company for you. Also, you will find the number of those counter too.

Counter Number
Kalatli Main Road 01866-391155
Sugandha Counter 01866-391155

Dinajpur SI Bus Counter Address

Dinajpur is also on the service list of Si Bus Enterprise. Also, there are many counters available in the city of Dinajpur for this transportation service. Hence, you can find all their service there. For instance, you can find Ac or Non-Ac buses for Dinajpur or from Dinajpur to any district. Also, you can use any of the counters near you as your pick-up or drop point.

But, first, you need to know the addresses of the counter. However, you can find their counter address and contact number listed below here. So, you can find the ones near you.

Counter Number
Syedpur Bus Stand Counter 01300-950108
Birganj Counter 01703-191084

SI Enterprise Paribahan Sylhet Counter Address

Sylhet is another one of the most visited districts in the country. And, they have many places of tourist attraction. Hence, people often visit the district. So, you can also find the services of Si Enterprise there too. Hence, you will find their counters in the city of Sylhet.

Here, we have mentioned some addresses of their counter. So, it will be easier for you to enjoy their service. Also, we will provide their counter number for your convenience.

Counter Number
Sylhet Bus Stand Counter 01958-209100
Moulvibazar Bus Stand Counter 01958-209103
Srimangal Counter 01958-209102

Final Words:

Si Enterprises is one of the widest transportation companies in the country. And, you will find their services almost in every district of the country. Although, we have mentioned some of the most visited districts here. But, there are other districts available too in the service list of this transportation company.

Also, Si paribahan bus ticket price is lower than many of the bus services in the country. But, they do not compromise with their service. Hence, they try their best to ensure that you get the best service from them.

So, that was all we had about this transportation company. But, we do have more information about more transportation companies. Hence, if you want to know more about other services too. Then, you can always visit our website. Lastly, thank you for your time.

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