Shanti Paribahan: Ticket Price, Counter Numbers & online Ticket Booking.

Unlike the other transport, Shanti Paribahan provides their bus service around BD. It is true that you can not get maximum facility or safety of some transport. But Shanti transport is awesome, and you can easily get anywhere in Bangladesh.

However, today I am going to share the most updated and accurate information about this transport with you so that you can easily get the service. So, let’s discuss this in detail so that you can easily get the ticket and another service.

What is Shanti Paribahan?

It is a transport company and provides their service in around BD. They provide only bus service to its users. Moreover, this transport provides both AC and Non-AC services. This company is especially suitable for the long journey.

Shanti Paribahan Online Ticket Price.


You can get a ticket online to visit several platforms. However, if you want to get an online ticket, you can visit, You can also visit their official website. The website address is You can get the ticket price and order system from this website. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you.

Shanti Paribahan Khagrachori

This is my final district for you. If you want to get the Khagrachaari counter location or phone number, then you can check out the below table to get the service.

Counter Name Mobile Number
Dhaka from Khagrachari 01855-966804
Khagrapachadi to Mymensingh 01881-883666
Khagrachari to Chittagong 01855-966805, 0371-61807
FENI from Khagrachari 01879-700400
Hayako 01830-806873
Ramgarh 01855-966823, 01821-499078
CIKON CHARA 01857-586309
Jaliya para 01855-966820, 01820-501035
Manik ChaRI (Mahamuni) 01840-552520
Guimara 01820-202094
Matiranga 01855-966819
Belchhari 01554-604976
Dak banglo 01866-532999
Jameni Para 01863-233649
Ram chira  01875-059183
Mullah Para 01553-125795
Tabal chari 01843-184135
Taidanong 01553-244420
Pan chari 01556-497993, 01855-966813
Dighi Nala 01855-966814, 01813-268919, 01553-126000
Jam tali 01843-184171
boradam 01869-433099
Babu chara 01843-184151, 01553-125996
Myn chari 01856-110033
Mahal chhari 01855-966817, 01823-926853
Bagha chari 01834-795825
Naniar char 01556-775832
Sazeg / Bagai Hat 01553-106597
Marisha Choumhani 01855-966815, 01553-141850
merung 01553-135952
Bitta para 01855-966816
Minee 01556-593964
Langdoo 01556-396852

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Shanti Paribahan Dhaka Counter

Are you searching for an awesome bus service in Dhaka, then you can try the Shanti transport bus service. This bus service helps you a lot to journey all over in BD. However, from the below table, you will discover the counter location and authority numbers.

Counter Name Mobile Number
Chandra 01843-184124, 01684-301247, 01855-966821
Bipile 01843-184113
Savar 01853-555572
Gabtali 01833-602862
Kalyanpur 01818-330576
Kalabagan 01833-602863
Kamalapur 01730-376358
Fakirapul 01706-796993
jonopoth more 01923-301889
Chittagong Road 01710-673148
Kanchpur 01948-281228
Gauripur 01790-254429
AbdullahPur 01940-449903, 01610-449903
Uttara 01776-445106
Airport 01828-227995
Baridhara (Narda) 01791-033335

Gazipur Counters

Gazipur is another district in which you can get some counters and authority numbers of Shanti transport. If you want to know the Gazipur counter number and location, check out the below section.

Counter Name Mobile Number
Safipur (Ansar Academy) 01843-184125, 01837-389140
Konabari 01632-513686
courasta 01674-432559
Bara Bari 01716-333008
Bod market 01715-866538, 01829-259955

Shanti Transport Bus Service Chittagong

Though Chittagong has fewer counters and numbers, you also get the counter in main points. However, let’s check out the below list and get your counter name and location.

Counter Name Mobile Number
Oxygen Bend, Chittagong 01855-966807
Cantonment Super Market for AC bus ticket booking only 01712-282013
Barrier hat 01713-617648, 01819-052906

Cumilla Bus Counter Number

If you stayed on Cumilla and wanted to take bus service, then you can check out the below table. From the below table, you will get a list of counters’ names and phone numbers.

Counter Name Mobile Number
Cantonment CUMILLA 01855-966824
Hotel Mayami 01821-199537
bishwa road 01689-402712
Mia bazar 01838-930022
Sua gazi 1825-382242

FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

Q: Is Shanti Transport provide an AC coach facility?

Ans: Yes, you will get AC service from their bus service. But their all of bus service AC coach is not available. So, you just need to check out which route provides you AC coach service.

Final Verdict:

Shanti Paribahan is a well-known transport company which provides you awesome bus service all over BD. You will get the ticket both online and offline. Moreover, this transport also provides its users both AC and Non-ac bus service. So, check out your location and get the ticket right now.

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