MV Kalam Khan 1 Launch: Ticket Price| Schedule|Contact Number

People get confused when it comes about launch journey on Dhaka to Barishal route. Because there is a big list of launches to choose. MV Kalam Khan 1 Launch is one of the reliable launch of that list . This launch is known for their comfortable journey.

If you need to travel in this route, it is important for you to know about MV Kalam Khan Launch 1, their ticket price and schedule. You will find the details here.

About The MV Kalam Khan 1 Launch

MV Kalam Khan launch 1 has four floors. It is the first launch to have this much floors. The rooms are enough big and all the rooms contains a television.There is a hotel in the first floor, so you don’t need to bring food. You can just buy from here. The ship has 900 seats and 100 employees to give you the proper service. It is one of the oldest launch on this route. 

MV Kalam Khan Launch 1 Ticket Price

It is one of the important thing to know about the fare. So that you can calculate your tour budget properly. Their is a table given below on MV Kalam Khan Launch 1 Ticket price

Deck200 Tk
Single cabin850 Tk
Double cabin1600 Tk
VIP cabin5000 Tk
Family cabinNot available 

MV Kalam Khan Launch 1 Schedule

This launch is not always available. The time for departure is fixed. 

MV Kalam Khan Launch 1 Schedule is given below:

RouteDeparture Arrival
Dhaka-Borishal8.30 PM4.00 AM
Borishal-Dhaka8.30 PM4.00 AM

MV Kalam Khan Launch 1 Contact Number

MV Kalam Khan Launch contact number : 01711324629

By contacting this number, you will be able to know anything about this launch.

You can buy the ticket directly 

from the counter or you can book their ticket.

In order to MV Kalam Khan 1 seat booking you need to call on their number and book your ticket. In that case you could pay them some advance by bkash. 

Normally you can buy ticket instantly. But if there is any national holiday or occasions, its better to buy your ticket some days earlier.

Warming Up:

MV Kalam Khan Launch 1 is good transportation on water. It gives you the pleasure of a comfortable journey. The staffs are friendly and helpful. The launch is well organized, neat, and clean. The foods are hygienic. I hope you’ll have the best experience on a Launch journey

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