Dhaka To Jamalpur Bus Service | Schedule | Ticket Price | Contact No

You want to go to Jamalpur for office work or spend time with family, but you are worried about Dhaka to Jamalpur bus service. Don’t understand how to go from Dhaka to Jamalpur? No problem. We will discuss all the counter numbers, bus schedules, bus tickets in this article to make your journey easy and enjoyable.

Dhaka To Jamalpur Bus Service | Schedule | Ticket Price | Contact No
Dhaka to Jamalpur Bus Route Map

This article should have provided you with all the information you need to go from Dhaka to Jamalpur. Let’s take a look.

Dhaka To Jamalpur Bus Service List:

Dhaka to Jamalpur is a popular and busiest road. You can easily enjoy a colorful journey on this road. The distance from Dhaka to Jamalpur is 168.4 km. It will take you 4-5 hours to travel by bus on this whole road.

There are 4 popular bus services from Dhaka to Jamalpur, in which you can travel comfortably easily. There are also many more bus services from Dhaka to Jamalpur, but they are trendy. No. In most cases, passengers do not like these buses. So now we will look at 4 bus services from Dhaka to Jamalpur. These are:

Dhaka to Jamalpur Bus Ticket Price :

Many people enjoy traveling with pleasure. And many people love to travel who do not want to travel in traffic jams and heat. AC buses are perfect for such passengers. However, Dhaka to Jamalpur BRTC Ac bus service is very popular for travel.

Now we will know the price of all types of bus tickets at the same time. AC and non-AC bus ticket prices vary by service. In our travel article, we will learn more about Dhaka to Jamalpur bus ticket fare. Before booking a ticket, we should know all kinds of services to have no difficulty on the next trip.

Bus nameAc bus ticket price Non-Ac bus ticket price 
Ena Paribahan500 Tk 300 Tk
Soudia Paribahan550 Tk 450 Tk
BRTC bus service500 Tk 350 Tk
Rajib Paribahan450 Tk 380 Tk

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Online Ticket Booking Process For Dhaka Jamalpur Bus :

If you want to book a bus ticket from Dhaka to Jamalpur online, you may book a ticket from various websites.

The websites are:

  • busbd.com
  • sohoz.com,
  • bdticket.com.

You can also book tickets by phone.

Dhaka To Jamalpur Bus Schedule:

If you want to travel somewhere by bus, you have to keep in mind the bus schedule because it is essential.

We will also mention the Dhaka to Jamalpur BRTC bus schedule, when the BRTC bus will leave Dhaka for Jamalpur and how many trips it will take. 

If you can’t reach your destination at the right time, you have to fall into a very embarrassing situation. Of course, you don’t like it. So everyone should know about the bus schedule before traveling by bus.

One of the remarkable bus services we have mentioned is Rajib paribahan. Below is Rajib bus service Dhaka to Jamalpur bus schedule is also given. If you do not get the bus at the right time, you will miss your desired bus. For this, the schedule of the buses is given below

Bus nameFirst TripLast trip
Ena Paribahan6:30 am6:30 pm
Soudia Paribahan7:20 am7:30 pm
BRTC bus service6:00 am6:30 pm
Rajib Paribahan6:30 am7:00 pm

Dhaka To Jamalpur Bus Counter Number And Address :

It is imperative to book a bus ticket from Dhaka to Jamalpur. But at the moment you can’t go to the counter, so you are busy with some work. Even so, there is no counter around you. What will you do now?

You can book tickets online through various websites or book tickets by calling the counter. If you don’t have a counter number, there is no problem because if you have a bus of your choice, you can book a bus ticket by directly contacting Dhaka to Jamalpur bus contact no. Below is the bus number, counter number, and all other information.

Bus name Location /Address Contact number
Ena ParibahanMohakhali Bus Terminal01760-737650, 01619-737650, 01869-802725
Soudia ParibahanKalyanpur Counter01919-654928
BRTC bus serviceBRTC Bus Transit Station Kamalapur Rd, Dhaka23.7320835, 90.4241914
Rajib ParibahanMohakhali Counter01711168520

Dhaka to Jamalpur Bus service (Ac and Non- Ac):

The most convenient service to go from Dhaka to Jamalpur is by bus. You can go on any trip comfortably by bus. Bus companies have introduced both AC and non-AC buses for this route. We will know the details about the AC and non-AC bus services of the 4 buses mentioned.

FAQs:Frequently Asked Question

Q.Why would you prefer a bus from Dhaka to Jamalpur?

Answer: Because if you travel by bus from Dhaka to Jamalpur, you can easily enjoy the natural beauty. And there are many bus stops on the Jamalpur bus route where you can spend some breaks and visit some places. By traveling by bus, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable journey.

Ticket Buying Guide :

Before you can confirm your trip, you will need a ticket, without which you will not be able to go anywhere. So you have to follow some steps to book a ticket. You first need to check on ticket booking on some websites on Google from where you can easily book tickets.

Then after you book a bus ticket there, you have to pay the ticket price through Bkash or rocket on that website. As a result, you’ll have a greater understanding of the Dhaka to Jamalpur bus ticket price and can book tickets through an online website.

Conclusion :

Generally, you should know all the information before traveling from one place to another.  Suppose you know before you travel by bus that everything is good and bad about bus travel. In that case, your journey will be much easier. There’s no denying that planning your excursions around bus tickets, schedules, and pricing will make them more enjoyable.

So if you want to know all kinds of information about the Dhaka to Jamalpur bus service, read this article so that you will not have any problem in your journey.

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