Parabat Launch: Online Ticket Price, Counter Number [2024]

Parabat Launch is a launch service on the Dhaka-Barishal water route. And, it provides you safe and comfortable journey experience. So, this launch has a capacity of 900 passengers.

Also, you will find many types of services from this parabat launch. For instance, you can find a single cabin seat. And, you can also find a family cabin seat. Moreover, there is also a VIP cabin seat available too.

So, there are a few launch services available for the Dhaka-Barishal water route. Here, we will write to you about them. And, you will get detailed information about this launch service.

For instance, you will find information about their ticket booking. And, their ticket pricing. Also, much more information about them will be in this article.

So, follow this article to the last for more information about the mv parabat launch.

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Parabat Ticket Price

Here, there are a variety of tickets available for the Parabat launch. And, all of them come at a very reasonable price too. For instance, you get a single cabin ticket from Dhaka to Barishal at just 900 TK.

And, there is many more tickets variation. For example, there is a double cabin, a family cabin. And, you can get a ticket for the deck too.

And, as I said earlier the ticket prices are set at a reasonable price. So, you will find affordable cheap tickets also luxurious services tickets too. And, it is up to you to choose your preferred ticket based on the availability of the tickets.

Here, we have listed all the ticket variants with the price of tickets too. So, you can pick the one you like most. Also, suitable for your budget too.

Type Price
Deck 200
Cabin (Single) 900
Cabin (Double): BDT. 1600 .1600
Family Cabin 3000
VIP Cabin 300 to 7000

Parabat Launch Contact Number


And, you can book a ticket for this mv parabat launch from Shadar Ghat of Dhaka. And, also from Barishal too. However, you can also advance book their tickets over the phone as well.

Moreover, you can book tickets for any of the mv parabat Barishal launch. Here, we will provide you with all the contacts of the available launch of this water transportation service.

Hence, it will be easier for you to get their services.

And, you can avail of all of their services from the counters at SadharGhat of Dhaka. Also, from the offices in Barishal Ferighat too. And, you will find the contact numbers of all the available launches of this company.

Launch Number
Mv Parabat 2 01717-344747
MV Parabat 7 01711344745
MV Parabat 12 01711276597
MV Parabat 9 01711344746

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Final Words

Here, for the people traveling to Barishal from Dhaka or vice versa, this water transportation is a great option.

And, they offer varieties of services. Hence, the travelers can choose the ones best suitable for them. Also, there are quite a few launches offered by this parabat barishal launch.

And, it is also available at different times too. Hence, it is easier to pick the perfect one for the traveler according to the suitable time for them.

So, this was all we had about this water transportation service. And, we hope that we could be of your help.

Also, the information provided in this article is of your help. But, this is not all. And, we have more information on other services on our website too.

So, if you want complete travel information. Then, you can always visit our website for that. Also, thank you for your time.



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