Golden Line Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking | Contact Number [2024]

Golden Line Paribahan is one of the famous bus transportation service in Bangladesh. Thousands of people throughout Bangladesh use this bus service every day. If you are looking for one of the comfortable and safe bus service in different district, Golden Line can be the suitable choice.

Currently, Golden Line Bus Service is providing AC and Non-AC bus services. The ticket prices of this bus are also very reasonable. Their ticket counters are at the commercial areas in the district. If you are interested to know about this bus service, here we are providing all the information about their ticket counter addresses, contact number and online ticket booking method.

Golden Line Paribahan bus is mainly available in the Dhaka, Barisal, and Khulna divisional routes. You can travel from Dhaka to Barisal divisional districts and also return from there. Their main routes are:

  • Dhaka to Faridpur
  • Dhaka to Gopalganj
  • Dhaka to Barisal
  • Dhaka to Patuakhali
  • Dhaka to Barguna
  • Dhaka to Pirojpur
  • Dhaka to Khulna
  • Dhaka to Magura
  • Dhaka to Jhinadah
  • Dhaka to Rangpur
  • Dhaka to Natore
  • Dhaka to Bogra
  • Dhaka to Gaibandha
  • Dhaka to Lalmonirhat
  • Dhaka to Dinajpur to Thakurgaon
  • Dhaka to Panchagarh
  • Dhaka to Rajshahi

For complaining or contacting to the main office of North Bengal routes you can follow the number below:

Contact us for any complaints or inquiries on the North Bengal route:

Hotline: 09613000333

Md Ripon (Director North Bengal Route): 01718-956340

Aktaruzzaman Talukdar Sagor (Manager North Bengal): 01733 399623

Salimreza Salim (Manager Rangpur): 01733-399622.

Golden Line Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

If you are not able to go to the counters, you have another option to buy tickets online also. For ticket booking in Golden Line Paribahan Online, you have to create and use a Shohoz account. You can buy a ticket for from the Shohoz website. For opening a Shohoz account using your phone number, you have to follow the steps below.

●   At First, enter into the Shohoz website using Select the bus option.

● After that, put your destination, starting point, and the date you according to your choice.

 Then, click on the search option. Select operation option. Select Golden Line Paribahan.

●Then, select the bus ticket and pick-up point.

●At last, choose your preferable seat and make payment for the ticket  and confirm.

GoldenLine Paribahan Contact Number

Golden Line Paribahan Dhaka has bus counters in Different places in the whole country. If you need the contact numbers of the counters to book a ticket, we are providing you counter number along with the counter locations in main cities in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna and Barisal. Let’s take a look at the list below, you will get counter addresses with contact number.

Check: Shah Ali Paribahan

Dhaka to Satkhira Golden Line Paribahan All Counter Number.

  • Dhaka Counter Faridpur section: 02-8052622 and 01755522211.
  • Dhaka Counter Gopalganj section: 01733208883 and 01705408511.
  • Dhaka Counter Barisal section: 01705408536 and 01733399818.
  • Dhaka Counter Khulna Section- 01733-036003 and 01709642565
  • (Gulistan) 01709-642585 (Sayedabad-1) and 01709-642595.

If you have any complaints or suggestion in the Dhaka zone, you can contact to the following number:

  • Hotline: 09613000333, Mobile: 01713-488183, 01709-642590.

Dhaka Counters.

You can find bus counters throughout the Dhaka city at various places. You can get into the bus from these counters and also get down at these locations. So, if you are looking for contact numbers and addresses of bus counters, just follow the table below.

Counter Address Contact Number
Dhaka Counter Phone: 02-8052622, 01755-522211
Rajoir Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01733-208895
Teker hat Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01733-399825, 01733-208887
Gulistan Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01733-036003, 01709-642565
Sayedabad-1 Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01709-642585
Sayedabad-2 Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01709642595
Bou Bazar Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01733-208883
Rayer Bazar Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01733-208885
Nabinagar Counter, Dhaka Phone: 02-7793263, 01733-208884
Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01705-408500

Faridpur Counters.

Faridpur to Dhaka buses are available at scheduled time. You can book your ticket by calling to the providing numbers of counters. From the following table, you will get the important addresses of the counters and information about Golden Line Paribahan Faridpur counters.

Counter Address Contact Number
Faridpur Office and Manager Phonbe: 01716-956340, 01713-488183
Faridpur Counter Phone: 01733-208865
Bus Stands Counter, Faridpur Phone: 0631-66988, 01755-522200
Vangarastar matha Counter Phone: 0631-65202, 01733-208877
Janata bank mor Counter Phone: 0631-62244, 01733-208878

Barisal Counters.

If you live in Barisal and looking for Golden Line Paribahan Counter Barisal, then you can find those information in the following table.

Counter Address Contact Number
Barisal Counter Phone: 01733-399795, 01733-399796
Gournadi Counter Phone: 01733-208881
Agualjhara Counter Phone: 01733-208868
Bhauraghata Counter Phone: 01733-208898
Mustafpur Counter Phone: 01733-208896
Turki Counter Phone: 01733-208879

Gopalganj Counters.

There are also ticket counters of this bus service in Gopalganj. In Gopalganj, different places have bus counters. In the counters, you can also wait for the bus in the waiting room. From the following table, you can get a list of ticket counters in Gopalganj along with contact number.

Counter Address Contact Number
Gopalganj Police Line Counter Phone: 01705-408542
Gopalganj Counter Phone: 01705-408541
Bhatiyapara Counter Phone: 01710-000000
Patgati Counter Phone: 01705-408544
Kotalipara Counter Phone: 01705-408543

Pirojpur Counters.

If you are in Pirojpur and looking for counter address and contact number in Pirojpur, you can follow the following table for all the information. You will get counter address and contact number in the table.

Counter Address Contact Number
Pirojpur Counter Phone: 01733-399828
Bandaria Counter Phone: 01705-408504
Swarupkathi Counter Phone: 01705-408522
Nazirpur Counter Phone: 01705-408545

Khulna Counters.

If you are in Khulna and looking for counter information of Golden line bus, then you are in the right place. You can find all the counters in the different places of Khulna along with the contact number in the following table. Let’s have a look at the table.

Counter Address Contact Number
Royal chattar Counter Phone: 041-725899, 01733-036015, 01709-642566
gollamari Counter Phone: 01733-036019
Bagerhat Counter Phone: 01733-399827
Fakirhat Counter Phone: 01705-408524
Fakirhat Counter Phone: 01709-642584
Katakhali Counter Phone: 01709-642583
Khalishpur Counter Phone: 01709-642486
notun rasta Counter Phone: 01709-642587
Daulatpur Counter Phone: 01733-036008
Sonadanga Counter Phone: 01709-642582

Rangpur Counters.

Rangpur to Dhaka buses are available at scheduled time. You can book your ticket by calling to the providing numbers of counters. From the following table, you will get the important addresses of the counters and their contact numbers.

Counter Address Contact Number
Rangpur Office and Manager 01733-399822
Rangpur Counter Phone: 01733-399808
Taraganj Counter Phone: 01733-399809

Natore Counters.

If you live in Natore and want to know about the Golden line bus counter’s information, then you can find the information from the following table.

Counter Address Contact Number
Ban para Counter Phone: 01312-327210
Natore Counter Phone: 01731-327210, 01773-715917
Natore Office and Northbengal Manager 01733-399823

Bogra Counters.

Dhaka to Bogra and Bogra to Dhaka services are available. There are different bus counter locations at Bogra. We are giving you the addresses along with the phone numbers of the ticket counters. From these locations you can get into the buses and get down at scheduled time. From the following table, you will get your information about Bogra counters.

Counter Address Contact Number
Char matha bogra Phone: 01733-399798
Shat matha bogra Phone: 01733-399815
Bogra Shakpala Phone: 01733-399814

Dinajpur Counters.

There are also available buses in Dinajpur district. Their bus counters are also provided to the main points of the districts. If you want to know the details about the counter’s address and phone numbers, follow the table.

Counter Address Contact Number
Ranivandar Counter, Dinajpur Phone: 01733-399813
Birganj Counter, Dinajpur Phone: 01733-399810
Dinajpur Counter, Dinajpur Phone: 01733-399812

Rajshahi Counters.

If you live in Rajshahi and want to know about the information of Golden line bus counters, then you can find the information from the following table.

Counter Address Contact Number
Baneshwar Counter Phone: 01710-296075
Chapainawabganj Counter Phone: 01721-409900
Rajshahi Counter Phone: 01772-540005

Other Counters.

Patuakhali Counter, Phone: 01733-399833

Khepupara Counter, Phone: 01733-399836

Barguna Counter, Phone: 01733-399843

Patharghata Counter, Barguna, Phone: 01705-408518

Amtali Counter, Barguna, Phone: 01733-399835

Magura Counter, Phone: 01733-399804

Jhenaidah Counter, Phone: 01733-399797

Gobindaganj Counter, Phone: 01733-399803

Palashbari Counter, Phone: 01733-399802

Sathybari Counter, Phone: 01733-399807

Syedpur Counter, Phone: 01733-399799

Thakurgaon Counters, Phone: 01733-399801

Boda Bazar, Phone: 01733-399811

Panchagarh, Phone: 01733-399800

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to buy ticket online for Golden Line Paribahan?

Ans: You can make a call from the provided contact numbers of your area’s counter. You can also book your tickets from Shohoz website.

Q: Is Golden Line Paribahan safe?

Ans: Golden Line Paribahan is quite safe because it don’t allow any illegal elements and also smoke free.


Golden Line Paribahan bus servicegives transportation service at a reasonable price. Their main concern is the safety and comfort of the passengers. In this article, you will find all the information about the ticket price, time schedule, counter address, locations and online ticket booking system. These information might help you travelling without hesitation.

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