Emad Paribahan: Ticket Price |Online Ticket Booking | Counter Number

Emad paribahan is a transportation company in Bangladesh. And, it provides services to Dhaka, Khulna. Also, it is very well known amongst the travelers of those cities. So, if you are thinking about traveling to any of those cities. Then, you should follow this article for more information about this transportation company. As we are going to write about Emad Bus Service here.

So, this is a bus service based in Dhaka and Khulna. And, they offer different services for their passenger of those cities. For instance, they have Ac-bus services and also Non-Ac bus services for their passengers. Hence, passengers will have choices to pick from. Also, there are many counters available of this transportation company around the cities. And, you can avail of all their services from the counters. Here, we will mention the addresses and contact numbers of their counters.

Emad Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

And, you can also book their services online too. But, in order to do that you need to know the process too. So, here, we will tell you about the process of how to book Emad Bus ticket online.

So, there are two ways to book their tickets online. Firstly, you can book their tickets through Shohoz. Otherwise, you can book their tickets through their official Facebook page. First, to book their tickets from Shohoz you have to visit their website. Then, search for buses from Dhaka to Khulna or opposite. And, you will be offered various buses. Now, select the bus of Emad bus Paribahan. Then, select your bus seat and proceed to pay for ticket confirmation. And, now to book a ticket from their Facebook page. Firstly, contact them with your details. And, then pay to their bkash number to confirm your ticket.

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Emad Paribahan Contact Number


So, you can also book tickets from Emad paribahan by phone. And, to do so you have to call on the call center contact numbers of this transportation company. Here, we will provide you with the phone numbers of this transportation company’s call center. And, the bkash number also. And, to clarify, all the information has been collected from the official page of this transportation company. Hence, they are reliable. But, still, confirm before paying any money.

Contact Number: 01906014181

Customer Care:

  • 01798-229098,
  • 01798-229087,
  • 01716-721515,
  • 01798-229082

Dhaka Counter

As this is mainly a Dhaka and Khulna based travel company. Hence, you will find a few counters of this transportation company in Dhaka. And, you can avail of all Emad Bus Paribahan service from these counters. For instance, you can book tickets, wait for your bus. Also, you can choose these counters as your pick-up or drop point. But, to do so you must know the addresses of their counters in the city.

So, we will mention the addresses of some of their counters available in Dhaka city. Also, we will provide the number of the counters too. Hence, you can verify the availability of the service you desire before you visit. Also, you find Emad paribahan Dhaka to Gopalganj bus tickets from the counters too.

Khulna Counter

And, similarly, you can also find a few counters of this transportation company in Khulna city too. So, you can purchase bus tickets for Dhaka or other districts on the Dhaka-Khulna route from these counters. For example, you can get Emad paribahan Gopalganj ticket from those counters too. And, same for Dhaka too.

Also, you can make purchases of AC or Non-AC bus tickets from the counters. And, use the counters as your pick-up point or your drop point. But, you need to know about the counter address of the counters of Emad Bus Travels in the city in order to enjoy the facilities of this transportation company from Khulna. Hence, we have provided the list of the counters available in Khulna city for you. Also, you will find the counter’s contact number too.

Final Words

Emad Paribahan is known widely among the travelers of Dhaka-Khulna road very well. And, it is very well known for the service it provides. Also, you can find other district bus services from this bus service too. For instance, Dhaka to Pirojpur, Gopalganj.

And, they have a reasonable ticket price too. Hence, if you are looking to travel to any of the mentioned districts. Then, you can try this transportation company.

So, this is all we had about this transportation company. But, we do have more information about travel companies for other districts. Hence, you can always visit our website for more information. Thank you for your time.

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