Falguni Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking| Counter Address [2023]

Falguni paribahan is a renowned transportation company in Bangladesh. And, it provides services from Dhaka to Khulna or Khulna to Dhaka manly. Hence, it is widely used for travelers of the mentioned route.

So, in this article, we are going to write about this Falguni bus service. And, we will enrich this article with all the pieces of important information for you. Hence, if you are looking for a transportation service for Khulna. Then, follow this article for more information.

This transportation company uses bus of Hino brand. And, the Hino brand is well known for their buses all over the world. Hence, it is safe to say that this transportation company ensures the comfort of its passengers.

Here, we have provided information about their counters and ticket prices. So, follow this article to the last for more information on this company.

Falguni Paribahan Online Ticket Booking


So, now you can also buy tickets from Falguni paribahan online too. And, you can purchase their tickets from their official website. Also, you can make purchases from the Busbd website too. Here, we have described the process to book online tickets from Falguni bus paribahan.

Firstly, visit their official website or Busbd’s website. Then, enter your current district. And, your preferred location of Khulna or Dhaka afterward. Then, select your journey date. And, filling in all the required information now click on the search option. Later, you will be provided a list of results of buses for your destination. And, they will be at different times. Hence, you can choose the one comfortable for you. Now, click on the bus with a suitable time for you. Then, select your preferred seat. Finally, proceed with the payments for confirmation of the ticket. Thus, you can book a ticket online from this transportation company.

Falguni Paribahan Dhaka Counter Number.

As Falguni paribahan is mainly Dhaka and Khulna based service. Hence, you can find counters in both these cities. Here, we will tell you about the Dhaka counters of this transportation company.

So, you will find many counters of this transportation company in Dhaka. For instance, the Falguni bus sayedabad counter. And, it is one of most visited places for ticket booking for buses. Also, you can find many counters at other places in Dhaka too. Here, we have provided the details of the counters along with the counter number. Hence, you can confirm the availability of the service you want before you visit. Here, the counter addresses and numbers are listed below.

Counter Number
Janapath Counter 01711574402
Sayedabad Counter 01737786110

Check: Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan

Falguni Paribahan Khulna Counter .

And, lastly the counters of Khulna. So, there are counters of Falguni Bus bd in Khulna too. And, you can find their counters almost at all the ticket counter areas in the city. Hence, you can avail all the features of this transportation company from there. For instance, ticket booking, boarding a bus, or waiting for the bus at the counter. Mainly, there are two types of bus service available from this transportation company. And, they are Ac Bus and Non-Ac Bus. However, you can get all their service from their counters.

Here, we have provided the details of their counters. Also, we have provided the number of their counter too.

Counter Number
Farabi Gate Counter 01999935191
Daulatpur Counter 01999935192
Notun Rasta Counter 01999935189
Khalispur Counter 01999935193

Final Words

Falguni paribahan provides the best services in Dhaka, Khulna road. And, they have counters at different places of the cities. Hence, it is easier for travelers to pick the nearest counter for them. Also, traveler can pick any counter as drop point too. So, it is easier to choose the nearest drop point for the traveler.

So, this was all we had about this transportation company. But, we do have more informations on other bus services too. So, if you are looking to travel to other places. Then, you can find informations of bus services here on our website. That is all. And, thank you for your time.

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