Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking|Counter Address[2022]

Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan is one of the most popular bus service in Bangladesh. Their bus services are provided throughout the country. Their main priority is the safety and comfort of their passengers. They have buses in Dhaka and North Bengal districts. Thousands of people travel from Dhaka to the other districts in this transports.

At present, Shah Fateh Ali Bus Service is providing AC and Non-AC buses. The ticket prices of this transportation are also very reasonable. Their ticket counters are at the commercial areas in the cities. If you are interested to know about Shah Fateh Ali Bus service, here we are providing all the information about their ticket counter addresses, contact number and online ticket booking method.

Shah Fateh Ali Bus bus is mainly available in the Dhaka, Rajshahi, and Chittagong Divisional routes. You can travel from Dhaka to Rajshahi divisional districts and also return from there. Their main routes are:

  • Dhaka to Naogaon to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Bogra to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Joypurhat to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Rangpur To Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Dinajpur to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Gaibandha to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Chittagong to Dhaka

Shah Fateh Ali Bus Service Ticket Price

Shah Fateh Ali bus counters sell their tickets at an affordable price. You can choose AC bus or Non-AC bus according to your choice. You can get the ticket from any counter of Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan bus service. From the following table, you will get to know the price of ticket.

RouteTicket Price
Dhaka to Bogra350 BDT
Dhaka to Naogaon400 BDT
Dhaka to Sonatola300 BDT

Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

If you are not able to go to the bus counter, or you want to book ticket from home, you can buy ticket online. But at present Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan doesn’t have any online source to sell ticket, but you can buy ticket online from Shohoz website. For buying ticket from Shohoz, you have to create a Shohoz account. For creating the account, you have to go to the website, Then follow the steps below:

  • At first, select the ‘Bus’ option.
  • Then, put your starting point and destination at ‘From’ and ‘To’ section
  • Then, write down the date of journey and select the bus operator Shah Fateh Ali Bus Service.
  • Give the time and seat number.
  • At last, make payment and confirm your ticket.

All Contact Numbers Of Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan


Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan Dhaka Bangladesh has bus counters in many places throughout the country. You may need the contact numbers of the counters to book a ticket. In this article, we are providing you counter number along with the counter locations in main cities in Dhaka, Rajshahi and Chittagong. Let’s take a look at the list below, you will get counter addresses with number in Dhaka, Rajshahi and other divisions.

Shah Fateh Ali Dhaka Counters.

There are bus counters throughout the Dhaka city at different locations. You get into the bus from these counters and also get down at these locations. So, if you are looking for contact numbers and addresses of bus counters, just follow the table below. You will get to know the information about Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan Mohakhali and Shah Fateh Ali Bus Service Uttara.

Counter AddressContact Number
Gabtali Bus Terminal CounterPhone: 01938-896493
Chandra Counter, GazipurPhone: 01938-896455
Bipil Counter, GazipurPhone: 01938-896458
Abdullahpur Counter, DhakaPhone: 01938-896453, 01742-005980
Uttara Counter, DhakaPhone: 01938-896452, 01742-005812
Asad Gate Counter, DhakaPhone: 01938-896488
Mohakhali Bus Terminal Counter, DhakaPhone: 01938-896451, 01731-315582
Nabinagar Counter, DhakaPhone: 01938-896496
Hemayetpur Counter, Savar, DhakaPhone: 01938-896494
Savar counters, DhakaPhone: 01938-896495
Technical Counter, DhakaPhone: 01938-896491
Kalyanpur Counter, (Khwaja Market)Phone: 01938-896490
Shyamoli counterPhone: 01938-89649
Gabtali (Rajab Ali Market)Phone: 01938-896492

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Bogra Counters

Dhaka to Bogra and Bogra to Dhaka services are available. There are different bus counter locations at Bogra. We are giving you the addresses along with the phone numbers of the ticket counters. From these locations you can get into the buses and get down at scheduled time. From the following table, you will get your information about Bogra counters.

Counter AddressContact Number
Charmatha Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896458
Sonatala Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896473
Randigram Bus CounterMobile No: 01755-127125
Choumohani Bazar Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896471
Dupachanchia Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896472
Mahasthangarh Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896483
Madhuyil Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896466 Mobile No: 01793-059741
Murail Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896464
Sherpur Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896474
Adamdighi Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896459
Santhara Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896463
Satmata Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896456 Phone No: 051-61222
Thanthania Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896457 Mobile No: 01711-020626 Phone No: 051-67111

Naogaon Counters.

There are also ticket counters of Shah Fateh Ali bus service Naogaon. In Naogaon, many people use Shah Fateh Ali Transport bus every day from different places. In the counters, you can also wait for the bus in the waiting room. From the following table, you can get a list of ticket counters in Naogaon along with contact number.

Counter AddressContact Number
Naogaon Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896450
Bhandarpur Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896470
Badlagachhi Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896469
Dhamairhat Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896478
Saphar Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896465
Najipur Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896467
Mahadevpur Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896468
Mangalbari Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896479

Rangpur Counters and Mobile Number.

Rangpur to Dhaka buses are available at scheduled time. You can book your ticket by calling to the providing numbers of counters. From the following table, you will get the important addresses of the counters and their contact numbers.

Counter AddressContact Number
Rangpur Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896449
Shitalbari, Miftkur Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896447
Metapukur Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-848548
Pirganj Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-818551
Baradargaon Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896446
Gopinathpur Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896461

Gaibandha Counters and Contact Numbers.

There are also available buses in Gaibandha district. Their bus counters are also provided to the main points of the districts. If you want to know the details about the counter’s address and phone numbers, follow the table.

Counter AddressContact Number
Mahimganj Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896481
Gaibandha Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896485
Palashbari Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896499
Gobindaganj Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896482

Chittagong Counters.

There are also ticket counters of Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan Chittagong. In Chittagong, different places have bus counters. In the counters, you can also wait for the bus in the waiting room. From the following table, you can get a list of ticket counters in Chittagong along with contact number.

Counter AddressContact Number
Dampara Bus CounterMobile No: 01919-949453 Mobile No: 01938-818550
Madam Bibi Hat Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896477
Biojid Bottom Bus CounterMobile No: 01919-969904
Hathazari Bus CounterMobile No: 01722-939023
Jewelry Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896476 Mobile No: 01745-662074
Colonel Hat Bus CounterMobile No: 01938-896475

Other Counters.

  • Dinajpur Bus Counter, Mobile No: 01938-896497
  • Hili Bus Counter, Mobile No: 01938-896498,
  • Joypurhat Bus Counter, Mobile No: 01938-896480
  • Akkalpur Bus Counter, Mobile No: 01938-896460, Mobile No: 01786-573027

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much is the ticket price for Dhaka to Bogra in Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan bus?

Ans: For Dhaka to Bogra travelling, the ticket price is 350 BDT for Non-AC bus and 500 BDT for AC bus in Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan.

Q: Can I take more than 20kg luggage in Shah Fateh Ali?

Ans: You can carry only up to 10 kg without charge. But you have to pay extra charge for more than 10kg luggage.

Q: Is Shah Fateh Ali bus safe?

Ans: Shah Fateh Ali bus is quite safe because it don’t allow any illegal elements and also smoke free.


Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan is famous in North Bengal zone for their excellent service. They always think about passenger’s comfort and security. They don’t allow smoking in the bus and carrying any illegal elements with the passengers. For time management, they aware passengers for coming 20 minutes earlier. They also ensure weight ability of the bus, that’s why, they don’t allow more than 10kg goods without charge. You can have a comfortable journey with their services.

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