Desh Travels: Online Ticket Booking | Contact Number [2023]

Desh Travels is one of the most popular bus service in Bangladesh. This transportation service is one of the sister concerns of the Jamuna Industrial Agro Group. They provide buses in different districts of Dhaka, Rajshahi, and Chittagong divisions.

Thousands of people use their bus service throughout the country every day. This transportation service’s main priority is their customer’s safety and comfort. That’s why they have become one of the largest transport providing services throughout the country.

Desh Travels Bus Service BD provides AC bus and Non-AC bus services. Their distribution of buses is inter-district and from Dhaka to other divisions. Even they are providing buses to Kolkata zones. If you are looking for Desh Paribahan counter address, phone number and methods of online ticket booking, then you are at the right place.

  • Dhaka to Rajshahi to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Chapainababganj to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Kansat to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Chittagong to Dhaka
  • Chittagong to Chapainababganj to Chittagong
  • Cox’s Bazar to Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar
  • Cox’s Bazar to Chapainababganj to Cox’s Bazar
  • Kolkata to Dhaka to Kolkata
  • Dhaka to Benapole to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Bandarban to Dhaka
  • Bandarban to Chapainababganj to Bandarban
  • Kolkata to Chittagong to Kolkata
  • Chittagong to Benapole to Chittagong
  • Kolkata to Petrapol to Kolkata
  • Kolkata to Rajshahi to Kolkata
  • Rajshahi to Benapole to Rajshahi

Desh Travels Online Ticket Booking

If you want to book or buy your ticket at home, you have option to buy tickets from Desh bus Travels Online. For Desh bus Travels Online Ticket Booking, you have to go to the Desh Travels website. You can buy a ticket for from the website. For buying ticket online, you have to follow the steps below.

● At First, enter into the Shohoz website using Select the bus option.

● After that, put your destination, starting point, and the date you according to your choice.

● Then, choose the seat number according to your choice.  .

● Then, select the bus ticket and pick-up point.

● At last, Make payment for the ticket and confirm.

Desh Travels: Online Ticket Booking | Contact Number [2023]
Desh Travels Offer

Desh Travels All Counters Phone Number, Location & Address.

Desh Bus Travels has bus counters in many places around the country. You may need the contact numbers of the counters to book a ticket. In this article, we are providing you counter number along with the counter locations in main cities.

Let’s take a look at the list below, you will get counter addresses with number in Dhaka, Rajshahi and other divisions for Desh Paribahan Dampara, Desh Travels Kolkata, Desh Transport Khulna, etc.  

We are providing you the phone numbers of the head office.

Rajshahi Head Office Contact Number: +880-721-811888, 01762684400.

Dhaka Booking Office Contact Numbers: 01727545460, 01621303755, 01992797700, 01686000155, 01992797701, 01992797702, 01992797699, 01992797703.

Check: Purbasha Paribahan

Dhaka Counters

The booking office of Desh Bus Travels is in Dhaka. But there are other bus counters throughout the city at different locations. You get into the bus from these counters and also get down at these locations. So, if you are looking for contact numbers and addresses of bus counters, just follow the table below.

Counter Address Contact Number
Arambagh Counters, Dhaka 02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436
Savar Counters, Dhaka 01762-684434
Gabtali Counters, Dhaka 01762-684433
Technical Counters, Dhaka 01762-684404
Sohrab Pump Counters, Dhaka 02-8091612, 01762-684403
Kalyanpur Counters, Dhaka 02-8091613, 01762-684440
Kalabagan Counters, Dhaka 02-9124544.01762-684431, 01709-989435
Abdullah Pur Counters, Dhaka 01762-684432
Uttara BMS Counters, Dhaka 01762-684438
Uttara Ajampur Counters, Dhaka 01762-685091
Mohakhali Counters, Dhaka 01705- 430566
Fakirapul Counters, Dhaka 01762-620932

Rajshahi Counters

There are bus counters at the important cities of Rajshahi division. Desh transport service is one of the popular service to travel in the route of Dhaka-Rajshahi. If you are looking for Desh buses counter address and contact number, here we are providing you the information. From the following list, you can gather the information for Rajshahi.

Counter Address Contact Number
Rajshahi Counters, Rajshahi City 01762-684415
Godagari Counters, Rajshahi City 01762-684415
Rajabari Counters, Rajshahi City 01762-684416
Hargram Counters, Rajshahi City 01762-684419
Laxmipur Counters, Rajshahi 01762-684420
City Bypass Counters, Rajshahi 01762-684421
Kajala Counters, Rajshahi 01762-684422

Chittagong Counters

Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka services are available. There are different bus counter locations at Chittagong. We are giving you the addresses along with the phone numbers of the Desh Transport ticket counters. From these locations you can get into the buses and get down at scheduled time. From the following table, you will get your information about Desh bus Travels service Chittagong Contact Number.

Counter Address Contact Number
A K Khan Moore Counters 01762-620934
Damapara Counters, gorib ullah shah mazar 031-2857780, 01762-620935, 01709-989437
Bhatiyari Counters 01705-416964
Sitakunda Counters 01705-416965
Mirsharay Counters 01705-416966
Barrier Hat Counters 01705-416967

Cox’s Bazar Counters

There are also bus counters of Desh Travels in Cox’s Bazar. In Cox’s Bazar counter, you can also wait for the bus in the waiting room. From the following, you can get the ticket counter address and contact number in Cox’s Bazar.

Counter Address Contact Number
Kalatoli Moore Counters, Cox’sbazar City 01768-620936
Jhawtala Counters, Cox’sbazar City 0341-63233, 01762-620937
Chakaria, old S. Alam Counters, Cox’sbazar 01985-650479, 01689-840531

Jessore Counters

There are also ticket counters of Desh Travels in Jessore. In Jessore, different places have bus counters. In the counters, you can also wait for the bus in the waiting room. From the following table, you can get a list of ticket counters in Jessore along with contact number.

Counter Address Contact Number
Jessore New Market Counters, Jessore 01733-351943
Jessore Garikhana Counters, Jessore 01733-351942
Benapole Bazar Counters, Jessore 01733-351941
Benapole Border Counters, Jessore 01733-351940

Chapainawabganj Counters

Desh Travels provides services in different places in Khulna. From the following table, you will get the ticket counter addresses and mobile number of the transportation.

Counter Address Contact Number
Chapai Counters, Chapainawabganj 01762-684401
Sotrarajpur Counters, Chapainawabganj 01762-685095
GhorStand Counters, Chapainawabganj 01762-684414
Maharajpur Counters, Chapainawabganj 01762-685059
Binudpur Counters, Chapainawabganj 01762-684423
Kangshat Counters, Chapainawabganj 01762-684411
Shibganj Counters, Chapainawabganj 01762-684412
Ranihat Counters, Chapainawabganj 01762-684413

Natore Counters

If you are in Natore district, you can also take the bus service from different places of Natore. From the following list, you will find the address and contact numbers of Desh Travels.

Counter Address Contact Number
Natore Counters, Natore City 01762-684402, 0771-62711
Beneshor Counters, Natore City 01762-684425
Puthia Counters, Natore 01762-684426
Banpara Counters, Natore 01762-684427
Baraai Grame Counters, Natore 01762-684428
Noabazar Counters, Natore 01762-684428

Other Counters

Desh Travels have bus counters in some other districts. They are now available in Koltata. You can find your destination and contact number from the following list.

Bandarban Counter:

Address: Bandarban Bus stand Counters, Bandarban

Contact Number: 0361-62093, 01704-539043, 01709-989438.

Khulna Counter-1:

Address: Boro Bazar Counter, Khulna, Contact Number: 01402-040204.

Khulna Counter-2:

Address: Royal more Counter, Khulna City, Contact Number: 01318-333992.

Kolkata (State) Counter:

Address-1: Petraol check post Counters, Contact Number: 0091-03215245241

Address-2: Kolkata counter Counters, Contact Number: 0091-9073400184, 0091-9073400185

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to buy ticket online for Desh Transport Bus?

Ans: You can make a call from the provided contact numbers of your area’s counter. You can also book your tickets from their website.

Q: Can I take more than 20kg luggage in Desh bus?

Ans: You can carry only up to 10 kg without charge. But you have to pay extra charge for more than 10kg luggage.

Q: Is Desh Transport bus safe for women?

Ans: Desh Paribahan bus is quite safe because it don’t allow any illegal elements and also smoke free.


Desh Travels BD service gives transportation service at the best quality. Their main concern is the safety and comfort of the passengers. In this article, you will find all the information about the ticket price, time schedule, counter address, locations and online ticket booking system. These information might help you travelling without hesitation.

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