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Inhabitants of Dhaka need transport to get starting with one spot then onto the next in Dhaka for work or business. But you don’t know about the Dhaka to Savar bus service. The transport administrations working in Dhaka are known as city transports.

Dhaka To Savar Bus Route Map

Assuming you need to think about the Dhaka to Savar transport administration, read the whole article. By reading this article, you will get a clear idea about the bus schedule, booking, and ticket price. Let’s know all the details at a glance.

Dhaka To Savar Bus Service List:

Located at a distance of 24 km from Dhaka, this city is the nearest city to Dhaka. It is the second-largest city in Dhaka district, located northwest of Dhaka and is part of Dhaka Megacity.

There are many more bus services to Savar, but not all buses are perfect for travel. The above 4 bus services I mentioned are the best. But we have 4 local AC buses from Dhaka to Savar, which are very popular with the public. Now we will know which 4buses are suitable for going from Dhaka to Savar.

  • Akik Paribahan Limited
  • Tetulia Paribahan Limited
  • Alif Enterprise
  • Bhuiyan Paribahan

Location and Address of Dhaka to Savar Local Bus Routes:

If you want to go somewhere by bus, the most important thing is to buy a bus ticket. But if for any reason or if you are busy with any work, it is not possible to go to the ticket counter and get the ticket. So you have to choose the online medium.

There are many websites in Bangladesh from where you can easily buy tickets online. And if tickets aren’t always available online, another way is to call the counter directly.

However, local AC buses do not always need to go to the counter and buy tickets. The phone numbers and the all counter location of Dhaka to Savar bus service  are given in the table below:

Bus nameLocation
Akik Paribahan LimitedAnsar Camp
Tetulia Paribahan LimitedShyamoli
Alif EnterpriseJapan Garden City
Bhuiyan ParibahanJapan Garden City

Dhaka To Savar Bus Ticket Price [ AC & Non-AC ]

Now let’s talk about bus ticket prices. The cost of a transport ticket relies upon the quality of the bus service.

And there are also differences in the price of AC and non-AC bus tickets. Now we will find out about the bus ticket prices given in the table below.

Bus nameAC Bus Ticket PriceNon AC Bus Ticket Price
Akik Paribahan Limited47 Tk33 Tk
Tetulia Paribahan Limited47 Tk 34 Tk
Alif Enterprise49 Tk 35 Tk
Bhuiyan Paribahan50 Tk 35 Tk
  • There are many comfortable services from Dhaka to Savar but the best bus service.
  • There are also variations between the buses. There are AC and non-AC buses. Even if everyone feels comfortable travelling on an AC bus, there is no problem, and they can quickly go by non-AC bus.
  • The individuals who are not keen on going in a jam can choose Dhaka to Savar ac bus service because they will never be willing to travel comfortably on a non AC bus.
  • On the other hand, not everyone is interested in travelling by AC bus. Many people want to vomit in AC buses, and not everyone can take AC gas. And those who have problems with cold will choose Dhaka to Savar non-ac bus service in a word.

Dhaka Savar Bus Online Ticket Booking:

Now bus tickets are available online. If you want to book tickets online in Dhaka to savar, you can easily search on Google and find some websites to book tickets.

The websites for booking tickets are:busbd.com.bd, shohoz.com,paribahan.com, deshizdeshiz.com and bdticket.com 

Dhaka To Savar Bus Service (Ac & Non Ac):

There are many comfortable services from Dhaka to Savar AC bus.

There are also variations between the buses. There are AC and non-AC buses. Even if everyone feels comfortable travelling in an AC bus, there is no problem, and they can quickly go by non-AC bus.

Dhaka To Savar Bus Distance:

  • There is a BRTC bus service from Dhaka to Savar directly, from Motijheel-Gulistan to Shahbagh, Farmgate, Asadgate, Shyamoli, Gabtoli, Savar to the memorial. Besides Motijheel and Gulistan, Hanif, Nandan Super Bus and Greenway bus services run directly to Nabinagar.
  • It takes 2 hours from Dhaka to Savar 24 kilometres to go by bus.


Q. How long does it take to get from Dhaka to Savar?

Answer: The bus route from Dhaka to Savar takes 15 min including transfers, and departs once daily.

Q. How far is it from Dhaka to Savar?

Answer: The distance between Dhaka and Savar is 21 km. The road distance is 29.4 km.

Ticket Buying Guide Of Dhaka Intercity Bus Service Information:

You must arrange a ticket before travelling anywhere by bus.

Even if you can’t manage tickets from the counter, there is no problem, because now you can book tickets online from various travel websites if you want. And most people think the bus journey is safe.

Warming Up:

There is no alternative to reading this article to know about Dhaka to Savar bus service. When you go on a tour somewhere, you must think about the safety of life. Bus Journey is safe, and everyone chooses the bus.

Your journey will be more colourful if you know all the details before taking a safe bus journey. So if you read this article, your Dhaka bus journey will be very comfortable.

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