Dhaka To Madaripur Bus Service | Schedule | Ticket Price

If you want to enjoy a comfortable journey, you can choose a bus service from Dhaka to Madaripur. The Dhaka to Madaripur Bus services are very good. They take the passengers to Madaripur with great care.

Dhaka To Madaripur Bus Service | Schedule | Ticket Price
Dhaka To Madaripur Bus Route Map

You want to go to Madaripur from Dhaka but don’t know how to book a ticket from where? You don’t even know about the ticket price. This content with all the information. I hope you get all the information.

Dhaka To Madaripur Bus Service List

From Gabtoli or Keraniganj, you can take a direct bus to Madaripur from Dhaka. Buses are like 

  • Sarbik Paribahan, 
  • Sonali Paribahan,  
  • Chondra Paribahan, 
  • Shohel Paribahan etc. 

Providing travel facilities along the Dhaka-Madaripur route.

Dhaka To Madaripur Bus Ticket Price

If you want to buy or book a bus ticket from Dhaka to Madaripur, the office you will contact is:

Dhaka Office:

Location: 28, RAJUK Avenue Motijheel C / A, Dhaka-1000.

Phone number: 01911-771876, 01712-706722, 01724-846243

You can get tickets for Madaripur by contacting here. They also book tickets online.

The ticket price and location of the bus service that provides good service for Dhaka to Madaripur is given in the table below. It will be easy for you to find all the information.

Bus NameTicket Price(tk)ConditionLocationContact
Chondra Paribahan180 tkChair CoachDhaka, Gabtoli Counter, Gabtoli01739140819, 01671975799
Shohel Paribahan160 tkChair CoachIn Gabtoli, Dhaka, at the Gabtoli Counter01712040777, 8023671
Sarbik Paribahan—-Chair CoachSaydabad Bus CounterNobinogor Bus Counter01721059581, 01724846243

Dhaka To Madaripur Bus Schedule

You should know the schedule of the bus you will be taking. Two buses from Dhaka to Madaripur are very popular. Here is the schedule for their buses:

Bus NameFirst TripLast Trip
Chondra Paribahan6:30 AM9:00 PM
Shohel Paribahan7:30 AM10:00 PM

How To Go Dhaka to Madaripur by Bus

Dhaka is located 426 kilometers away from Madaripur, and it will take you 8 hours and 5 minutes to reach the city. The bus service here is available 24 hours a day. Shariatpur can be reached easily from Riyadh. To get to Madaripur, start your journey from Dhaka to Mawa Ghat. Dhaka to Mawa Ghat is accessible by bus services such as:

  • BRTC, 
  • Processata, 
  • Hilsa, 
  • Gungun, 
  • and Ajmeri


  1. Procesta bus terminals are Uttora & Rampur and fare 100/-, 
  2. Elish, Gungun, Ajmari bus terminals are Jatrabari and fare 80/-. 
  3. BRTC bus terminal is Gulistan and the fare is 70/-.

To reach Kawrakandi and Majhikandi, use a ferry, sea boat, Trawler or launch from Mawa Ghat. Local buses are available to drive you to Madaripur from Kawrakandi and Majhikandi. Taking a taxi to Madaripur is an option if you wish.

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Q: What are my accommodations near Madaripur like?

Answer: There are one+ hotels in Madaripur. 8000 taka per night is the starting price.

Final Touch.

This Madaripur district has historical sites that you can visit on a tour. Several people are interested in the Dhaka to Madaripur bus service. What transport service do you think is best? There is a lot of interest in how they can communicate with the bus counters. 

This content should have helped everyone understand how to go to Madaripur from Dhaka. The bus services you get from Dhaka to Madaripur and the advantages of the bus services, Madaripur to Dhaka bus service will take you to Dhaka in the same process.

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