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For those who wish to travel while eating hilsa, Mawa is a popular location. But many travel-loving people do not know any information about the Dhaka to Mawa bus service. So often their pleasure trip is not very enjoyable. Our journey will be easy and beautiful.

If you want to know or get an idea of how to get to Mawa from Dhaka by bus easily, read the full article now without delay and learn about Dhaka to Mawa bus services.

Dhaka To Mawa Ghat Bus Service List:

Dhaka and Mawa are 1785 kilometers apart and 440.19 meters apart. From Dhaka, there are many options for getting to Mawa. However, most people prefer to go to Mawa from Dhaka by bus. Since Mawa from Dhaka is a matter of time, many people are looking for good, comfortable buses.

There are many types of buses, but BRTC buses provide better service. Therefore, it is important to know the details about BRTC Ac bus service Dhaka to Mawa before traveling.

We’ll now offer you a choice of coaches to make your journey to Mawa more comfortable and enjoyable.1.BRTC Ac bus

  • Elish AC service
  • Greenline Paribahan 
  • Emad Enterprise

Dhaka To Mawa Bus Service Ticket Price:

There are many services from Dhaka to Mawa. The best is the bus service. There are different types of buses, AC and non-AC. Those who have a problem with cold will not take an AC bus in any way. But most people choose an AC bus for a hot or long journey.

Please let us know the current bus fares from Dhaka to Mawa, both AC and non-AC. It is good to remember that the price of each bus ticket will be more or less depending on the quality of the bus. The prices of AC and non-AC bus services are different.

Take into consideration the cost of a bus ticket.

Bus NameAC Bus Ticket Price Non AC Bus Ticket Price 
BRTC Ac bus120 Tk 70 Tk
Elish AC service120 Tk 70 Tk
Green line Paribahan120 Tk 70 Tk
Emad Enterprise120 Tk 70 Tk

Online Ticket Booking :

Now we all know that tickets can be booked online from home. Besides, if you want to know more about Dhaka to Mawa bus service and book tickets, To purchase tickets, go to the websites listed below.busbd.com.bd, shohoz.com,paribahan.com, deshizdeshiz.com, and bdticket.com 

Location And Address Dhaka To Mawa Bus Service :

We must buy a bus ticket before going anywhere by bus. There is a specific location to get a bus ticket, and it is very easy to get a ticket by going to the address. Or many times if we have important work, it is not possible to go to the counter or buy a ticket. Then we have another option to buy tickets online. Google has some websites that make it easy to book tickets without going to the counter.

If the ticket is not available online, you can find out by calling the counter number directly. The location and address of Dhaka to Mawa AC bus service are given in the table below.

Bus nameLocation /address Counter number 
BRTC Ac bus BRTC Bus Transit StationKamalapur Rd, Dhaka23.7320835, 90.4241914
Elish AC service  Jatrabari, dhaka01711472684
Green line Paribahan.Arambagh Counter, Dhaka02-7192301, 01730-060009
Emad EnterpriseSayedabad Bus Stand Counter, Dhaka District01798-229093,01798-229092.01798-229093,01798-229092.

Dhaka To Mawa Bus Distance:

It is said that it will take 42 minutes to cross Dhaka-Mawa-Bhanga 55 km. It will, of course, be added as the next Padma Bridge. It has also been said that it will take 28 minutes to reach Mawa from Dhaka.

However, except for the river, public transport took much more than 28 minutes. Of course, it may be possible to ride in a private vehicle.

Ticket Buying Guide:

You must book a ticket before going somewhere by bus. Now it is possible to book a ticket sitting at home. If you can’t buy a ticket at the counter, there is no problem. Because there are various websites online, you can book a ticket from there.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long does it take by bus from Dhaka to Mawa?

Answer: Now it will take 28 minutes to travel 35 km from Dhaka to Mawa on the expressway.

Final Touch :

I think you will find that to be a more advantageous choice, about Dhaka to Mawa bus service by reading this article. You must expect good service when you travel somewhere by bus, so the benefits of a bus are highlighted here. The prices of AC and non-AC buses are stated here so that you can take advantage of the journey on your desired bus.

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