Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price | Counters Number

To Know Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price for Relax Journey. Now Below check the others details about Dhaka To Sajek Bus Services.

Sajek is 2000 feet above sea level and the roof of the Rangmati district. Kachalong and Machalong Rivers fall through mountains of Indian and Bangladesh borders. 

Sajek is a fantastic place with grasslands and hilly tracks. There are many hotels and resorts available where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price | Counters Number
Dhaka To Sajek Bus Route Map

If you are visiting the khagrachari district, then sajek should be your next. destination to travel. Khagrachari is the easiest way to reach Sajek valley.

But there is a problem. There is no direct bus available from Dhaka to Sajek valley. But, don’t worry! We have gathered all the important information, how to travel from Dhaka to Sajek by road.  Let’s start with available travelling agencies and routes.

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Services

The mentioned bus services are providing you with the best bus services from Dhaka to khagrachari.  First, you will reach Khagrachari, and then from there, you can easily travel to Sajek. 

Note: We have attached the information on how to go to Sajek valley and Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price.

Names of the Bus ServicesContact NumberModel of bus
Hanif Enterprise Bus01971- 691  341VOLVO AC
Shanti Paribahan Not availableHino AK 1J AC 
Eagle Paribahan01779- 492927Hino AJ 1 
Saintmartin Hyundai01971- 6913416 hyundai Unverse AC
GreenLine Paribahan01730- 060006Hino 1J plus Hyundai

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Ticket Price

When you reach Khagrachari, you have to go to Dighinala Street to rent your transport for Sajek valley. If you are travelling from Shanti Paribahan will drop you directly at Dighinala Street.  We attach the rent of transport to travel from khagrachari to Sajek valley.

Note: you are not allowed to travel without the presence of an escort. They are available from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM afternoon timing. So, let’s check the below table about Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price.

Names of the busesA/C Non- A/C
Hanif Enterprise BusNot availableNot available
Shanti Paribahan (NR)Not available520 BDT for E-class580 BDT 
Eagle Paribahan850 BDT520 BDT
Saintmartin Hyundai (NR)Not availableNot available
Greenline ParibahanPrice is not mentioned onlineNot available

We have mentioned the Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price/ rents and attached the facilities available to travel from khagrachari to sajek valley by bus, jeep and CNG.

Name of the servicesRent 
BRTC700 to 900
Jeep8000 to 10,000
CNG4000 to 5000

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Schedule

We have attached the khagrachari bus schedule and Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price to inform you of the timing of these services. Now you can easily choose a suitable time according to your preferences.

Name of the busesArriving timeDeparture time
Hanif Enterprise Bus6:30 AM11:00 PM
Shanti Paribahan 2: 30 PM5: 00 AM6: 00 AM6: 30 AM6: 40 AM5: 50 AM6: 30 AM6: 45 PM7: 00 PM8: 00 PM9: 15 PM9: 20 PM
Eagle paribahan 12: 30 PM 6: 30 AM
SaintmartinHyundai6: 00 AM6: 00 AM11: 15 PM11: 45 PM
Green Line Paribahan5: 00 AM10: 50 PM

Shanti Paribahan provides six trips, and Saintmartin Hyundai provides two trips in a single day where others are providing only one trip in a day.

After reaching khagrachari, you can take a BRTC bus, rent a jeep or CNG. These transports will take you to the Sajek valley without any trouble.  

If you are travelling with a group of -10 to 15 people, a jeep is a perfect option. 

If you are travelling with a small group – like 2 to 5 people – you can travel by CNG or from BRTC.

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Counters

These bus counters will provide from Dhaka to Khagrachari bus tickets and information. Please contact the mentioned number which helps to know Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price.

Names of the busLocations of countersContact number
Hanif enterprise BusKalyanpur- Counters, 1
Counters, 2
01713-049540, 01713-049541, 02-9010212./ 01713-049573
Gabtali Counters, 02-9012902.
Kalabagan Counters, 01730-376342, 01713-402670, 02-8119901.

Shanti Paribahan
Gabtoli CounterMob: 01833- 602862
Savor Counter 01853- 5555272
Kalabagan counterMobile No: 01833- 602863
Eagle ParibahanArambag (Opposite the Notordame College), Motijheel, Contact044-78113-222
FAKIRAPU Fakirapul, DhakaContact No 044-78113-223
Rail Crossing, Malibag, Dhaka044-78113-226
Saintmartin HyundaiDhaka, Fakirapul
Mob: 01762691350,01762-691342
Arambagh OfficeMobile: 01762-691341
PanthapathMob: 01762-691364
Green Line ParibahanArambagh
167/1 Eden Complex,
Arambagh, Motijheel.
9/2 Outer Circular Road,
Momenbagh, Rajarbagh.
69 Sheikh Rasel Square,
Kalabagan, Panthapath.

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Ticket Price Green Line Paribahan

Greenline Paribahan is the only bus service that travels directly to Sajek valley. The distance from Dhaka to Sajek valley is around 304. 5 km.

It will take 8 hours and 27 mins to 10 hours to travel from Dhaka to Sajek directly. Hopefullly to understand Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price Green Line Paribahan

Dhaka to Sajek Distance 

Dhaka is 324.7 kilometres far from sajek valley. The best route to reach sajek valley is to choose a bus service that provides the given route. Dhaka, Comilla; Chittagong and then khagrachari. 

Khagarachari is the best route to travel to Sajek Valley, but it is quite a long journey. From Khagrachari to Sajek is about a 40 kilometres journey, and it took around 2 hours and 2 mins to reach there.

Conclusion of Dhaka To Sajek Bus Ticket Price:

With the help of some experts, we have gathered all the information about travelling from Dhaka to Sajek bus facilities. Just follow the given details in your journey to be safe.

We have informed you about Dhaka to Sajek bus ticket prices and many more. Now, there is no point in hesitating about travelling to Sajek. 

Don’t forget to check the bus services timing and what facilities they are providing to their customers. Choose the best bus service for yourself. 

You will come back with beautiful memories for life. Trust us! Sajek is one of the most beautiful districts everyone should include in their wish list. 

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