Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Off Day | Opening Hours | Address [Full Details]

For those who want to know about Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Off Day , actually, Mirpur Benaroshi Polli is closed all-time on Sundays of every week. The market is also open till 12 noon on Monday. On other days of the week, the activities of Mirpur Benaroshi Polli continue from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Stay with us to know other information about Mirpur benaroshi polli off day including benaroshi polli Mirpur Dhaka off day!

Those who like benaroshi sarees can purchase from mirpur benaroshi polli. Here the best quality sarees of Bangladesh are sold. Not only Benarasi sarees! If you go to that mirpur benaroshi polli, you will also find other sarees including jamdani, katan and silk sarees. 

Mainly due to this popularity, benaroshi polli mirpur is crowded all the days except benaroshi poll dhaka off day. As a result, everyone interested in buying or selling sarees regularly in the market.

Any saree of the girls’ choice may not be found in any shop all over Bangladesh, but benaroshi polli mirpur can be found all type common and uncommon saree in Dhaka. At the same time, there are also common quality sarees for rough use.

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Off Day is the full Day on Sunday and half day on Monday of every week

মিরপুর বেনারসি পল্লী প্রতি সপ্তাহের রবিবার সারাদিন এবং সোমবারে দুপুরের সময় পর্যন্ত বন্ধ থাকে

About Mirpur Benaroshi Polli, Dhaka

As we said at the beginning, this is a Benarasi saree market. However, apart from Benarasi, sarees of different categories and quality are available in this market. There is a demand for sarees of every category of this market in different countries of the world! 

Name  Mirpur Benaroshi Polli
Established Year 1905
Location  Section -10, Block-A, Lane-2,House-3, Mirpur Benaroshi polli, Dhaka Mirpur, 1216
Weekly Off Day Sunday, Monday (Half Day)
Address  Mirpur 10bolok no in open, 1221 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact Number  01689689151
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/Alhambenarashi/
Email mirpurbena56@gmail.com
Retail Number  105

We all know that the name of mumbai’s famous movie is “Debdash”. The saree used in this film was also bought from Mirpur Benaroshi Polli. Mirpur Benaroshi Polli has the highest sale of wedding sarees.

These sarees are made by different weavers of Mirpur area with their own hands. As a result, every product is accompanied by the extra care and love of the worker. In terms of quality, every saree of Mirpur Benaroshi Polli is bound to be in the top one. High quality designs, fabrics and yarns are used to make each saree. 

Due to which the quality of the product is always maintained. Phulkali Katan, Dulhan Katan, Mirpuri Reshmi Katan, Millennium Katan, Benarasi Cosmos, Organdy Katan, Rimjhim Katan, Prince Katan, Tissue Katan, Mirpuri Ginigold Katan, Georgette Guinea Gold Katan, Chunri Katan category sarees are most available in the market. 

It is said that the pure collection of these sarees is available only in Mirpur in Bangladesh, Benares, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh in India.

At this stage, we will know some important information about Mirpur Benaroshi Polli. Maybe we will share some information about Mirpur Benaroshi Polli that you may not have known beforehand. Let’s see what information is available in today’s article related to Mirpur Benaroshi Polli! 

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Off Day

This time we will know about Mirpur benaroshi polls close day. This will make it easier to come to Mirpur benaroshi polli at the right time and shop. Otherwise, you have to go back from to the market because you do not know about the holiday day. In addition, the Mirpur benaroshi polli is off from morning to noon on Mondays. 

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Off Day is Sunday [Full Day]

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Half Off Day is Monday [Half Day]

মিরপুর বেনারসি পল্লী প্রতি সপ্তাহের রবিবার সারাদিন এবং সোমবার দুপুর পর্যন্ত নিজ কার্যক্রম বন্ধ রাখে। 

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Opening Hours

This time we will know about the weekly activities of Mirpur Benaroshi Polli. Follow the chart below to find out when the market opens and closes on which day of the week. We hope you know the answers to all the questions.

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Saturday  10 a.m. 8 p.m
Sunday  Off Day Off Day
Monday  10 a.m. Midnight.
Tuesday  10 a.m. 8 p.m
Wednesday  10 a.m. 8 p.m
Thursday  10 a.m. 8 p.m
Friday  10 a.m. 8 p.m

Facts About Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Saree

Did you know that Mirpur Benaroshi Polli is a market about 100 years old? So you can understand that this is a very old saree market. With which there are many memories of Bengali dress sarees.

 The Mirpur Benaroshi Polli was established in Mirpur, Dhaka in 1905. However, before 1990, sarees were not sold in different shops in this way. 

At that time, many sarees were kept together in the mattress house or warehouse and from there it was sold. Now that previous situation is no longer there. 

If someone goes to Mirpur Benaroshi Polli on a normal day without the benaroshi polli mirpur off day, then there is no more warehouse or open mattress system shop. At present, big showrooms have been arranged in the market. There are many expensive sarees sold from less expensive sarees. 

There are currently more than 105 showrooms or shops in total, preventing the entire Mirpur Benaroshi Polli. You can go around each of these and buy your favorite saree. 

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli sarees are very popular in terms of sales. The biggest example of this is that foreigners also come to buy sarees in the market. Apart from this, sarees are also exported to foreign countries.

Holiday Of Mirpur Benaroshi Polli

In addition to Sundays every week, The Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Market is off on special days of the year. In this case, the days are:

  • Eid-ul-Fitr 
  • Eid-ul-Azha

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli On Google Map

Now focus on the section below to know about the Google Map location of Mirpur Benaroshi Polli.

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Map

Dhaka Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Address

Let’s have a look Mirpur Benaroshi Polli  Physical Address

Section -10, Block-A, Lane-2,


Mirpur Benaroshi polli, Dhaka Mirpur, 1216

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Contact Number

Dhaka Mirpur Benaroshi Polli Phone Numbers is 01913-630014, For your query you can call the number.

Warming Up

We have tried to highlight various facts about Mirpur benaroshi polli and Mirpur benaroshi polli off day. We hope this article will benefit you to some extent. 

We will be grateful if today’s Mirpur benaroshi polli off-day-related article can benefit you a little bit. Now we are going to finish writing here today. We request you to stay with the next informative episode! Happy shopping!

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