Shoukhin Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking | Counter Number [2024]

Shoukhin paribahan is a transportation service provider in Bangladesh. And, it mainly operates in Dhaka, Jessore, and Khulna routes. Also, this bus service offers you both AC and Non-AC bus services. Here, we will talk about this transportation service. And, provide all the information about this transportation service. Hence, it will be easier for you to avail the services of this transportation service.

So, Soukhin paribahan is very well known among the travelers of the Dhaka-Khulna-Jessore route. And, it is mainly known for the comfortable transportation service that they provide. Also, the tickets for this transportation service are also affordable. Hence, it is one of the many reasons that this is very well known among the travelers of this route.

Here, we will provide you with all the details about this transportation service. For instance, information about ticket booking and counter address. So, follow this article for more information.

Shoukhin Paribahan Online Ticket Booking


And, now you can also book online tickets from Shoukhin paribahan. So, the service of this transportation company is listed on the website of Shohoz. And, Shohoz is one of the largest online bus service providers in the country. Also, there is no hassle in booking online tickets from this platform. Here, we have described the steps below for your convenience.

  • Firstly, you have to register for Shohoz. Then, log in to your account.
  • Then, go to the find bus option. And, enter your current location between Dhaka, Khulna, Jessore. Then, you destination between those districts too. And, enter your journey date. Finally, go on with the search option.
  • Then, you will be provided with a bunch of bus listings. But, you have to find Shoukhin paribahan from the result. And, select the bus according to your suitable time.
  • And, select your seat and pick up point. Then, proceed with the payment for ticket confirmation.
  • Finally, you have booked the ticket successfully. And, you will receive a text for the same.

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Dhaka Counter.

Here, as Shoukhin paribahan is mainly a Dhaka-based service. Hence, you will find their counters in many places in the Capital. And, you can enjoy all the facilities that they provide from those counters. For instance, you can book a ticket from the counters. Otherwise, you can enquire about the service they provide from there. For example, you can find information about their bus timing or pricing.

Hence, it will be easier for you to decide about their service. But, you must know the counter addresses in order to do so. However, you won’t have to worry about that much. As we will provide you with the counter of this transportation service in Dhaka. Also, we will provide you with the contact number of the counters too. Then, you can enquire about their service via phone too. Here, you will find the counter address along with the phone numbers.

Counter Number
Kalabagan Counter 01787116817
Kalyanpur Counter 01756114077
Gabtoli Counter 01727935077

Jerssore Counter.

Similarly, you find counters of Shoukhin paribahan in the Jessore district too. And, here we are going to provide you with information about the Jessore counters of this transportation service.

So, you can enjoy similar services like Dhaka counters from the Jessore counters too. For instance, setting the counter as your pick-up point. Or, you can book or cancel tickets from there. But, you need the counters information to enjoy their facilities. Hence, we have provided the counter addresses and also the Shoukhin Bus Service contact number too.

So, it will be easier for you to get the services you require.

Counter Number
Monihar Counter 01796234544
Gari Khana Counter 01791971491
New Market Counter 01710701130

Khulna Counter.

Khulna is one of the best tourist attractions in the country. And, it is one of the most visited places too. And, you can find the services of Shoukhin paribahan in Khulna too. Here, we are going to provide you with information about their services in Khulna.

So, there are a few counters available for this transportation service. And, you will find similar services like other counters at those counters too. Also, you can use these counters as your pick-up point or drop point too. But, you need to know about their counter address for that first. Here, we have provided the counter addresses of this transportation service in Khulna. Also, we have added their phone number too for your convenience.

Counter Number
Royal Counter 01724514132
Sonadanga Counter 01711113928
Pakigacha Counter 01759202403

Final Words:

For travelers of the Dhaka-Khulna-Jessore route, Shoukhin paribahan is a great option. Also, they provide both AC and Non-AC services. Moreover, the ticket price of this transportation service is also more affordable in comparison. So, I think this is a better option for the travelers of the route.

Here, we have provided you with all the information we had about Shoukhin paribahan. And, we hope that we could be of your help. But, we do have more information on other transportation services too. Hence, if you want to know about transportations of other districts or this one. Then, you can always visit our website for information about them. Lastly, thank you for your time.

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