Dhaka Express: Ticket Price, Counter Address & Number

Dhaka Express is intercity transportation of the capital. And, it is very well known for the service it provides. However, this transportation service only offers chair coach Non-AC bus service. But, yet they provide one of the best intercity bus services in the capital.

So, here we are going to write to you about Dhaka Bus Express. And, you will find all sorts of information about this transportation service. For instance, you will find information about ticket booking or counter addresses of this company. Also, we will mention their pricing information too. So, you can find all data in one article. Hence, you won’t have to look elsewhere for other information.

Here, you will find the information listed below. Hence, if you want to know more. Then, follow this article to the last. And, we hope this article will be of your help.

Dhaka Express Ticket Price

Also, Dhaka Bus express offers you s great ticket price. And, you get chair coach Non-Ac bus service at this price. Also, you can book their tickets online at the same price. As they only provide Non-AC services. Hence, the ticket price also doesn’t vary for other buses of Dhaka Transport express. So, you will ticket for this bus service scheduled for any time at the same price. But, first, you need to know the prices of their service. Hence, we have listed the price of their service by the destinations. And, the prices are applicable only for anyone traveling from Dhaka to those destinations.

RaipurTk. 330
LakshmipurTk. 330
ChondrogonjTk. 330
Bot ToliTk. 330
MandariTk. 330
Maijdi, Sonaimuri, LakshamTk. 300

Dhaka Express Online Ticket Booking.

And, now you can get online tickets from Dhaka express. Also, it is hassle-free to book an online ticket for this transportation service. Here, we will mention the process in detail for you. Then, you can book online tickets from Dhaka Express.

  • Firstly, go to the website given here. Then, you will get a search page window.
  • Then, enter your departure location from the list. And, select your travel destination and date.
  • Afterward, you will be provided with a list of buses departing on the day you entered. And, they will be departing at different times. So, select the timing suitable for you most.
  • Then, select your preferred seat from the available ones.
  • Finally, proceed with payment after filling in the required information. Then, you have successfully confirmed a ticket for this transportation online.

All Counter Address and Contact Number.

As this transportation service is an intercity transportation service. Hence, you will find their counters in many districts of the capital. But, mainly Dhaka express offers their services in Maijdi, Lakshmipur, Raipur, Chondrogonj, Bot Toli, Mandari, Sonaimuri, Laksham. Hence, you can find the counters of this transportation service in the mentioned districts.

And, you can avail of all their services from the counters. For instance, you can book or cancel tickets from the counters. Also, you can wait in the waiting zone of the counters. However,  you need to know the address of the counters first to enjoy the services. But, you won’t have to go through any hassle for that. Here, we have mentioned some counter addresses of Dhaka Paribahan for you. Hence, it will be easier for you to get their services from the nearest counter.

Sayedabad Dhaka01970-180607

Final Words:

Though, Dhaka Express only offers Non-AC services. But, still, they are very well known as one of the best intercity bus service providers in the capital. Also, they offer their services at a very low price. So, it is affordable for all. Also, they have established their counters at different places in their zone.

So, this was all we about this bus service. But, we do have information about other bus services listed on our website. So, if you want to know about other bus services too. Then, you can always visit our website. Thank you for your time. And, we hope we could be of your help.