GP Online Shop | Grameenphone Online Shop BD [Easy Service]

The GP Online Shop is the latest e-commerce service of Grameenphone from where users can buy devices. Likewise, GP has launched this online based service for the users. Basically, the users can anytime use this exciting Online GP Shop service. Nonetheless, GP is the largest telecom mobile operator of Bangladesh. Recently, GP has launched the GP shop online e-commerce website. For instance, users can buy their preferred devices by GP online shop BD order tracking.

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Besides, you will get to buy smartphones, mobile accessories, mobile devices, 4G GP SIM, GP modem, and so on. Also, you can buy all these amazing devices and products in a discount price. Now, you can easily place your order in GP online shop website from anywhere in the country. Then, you will get the delivery of your products very quickly. So, you don’t have to go to the manual shops to buy these products.

All Service Of GP Online Shop 2024

Surprisingly, the users can buy all the necessary accessories and devices from GP online shop. Besides, they can also get GP 4G SIM, SIM Replacement, and MNP services from this e-commerce website. Moreover, the GP Shop Online has the latest tabs, modem routers, IOT, smartphones, and so on. So, you can get all this by placing your order from an online GP shop.

  • Smartphones.
  • Handset
  • Tabs.
  • IOT.
  • Mobile Accessories.
  • Modem Routers.
  • Wearables.
  • 4G SIM.
  • SIM Services.

On the other hand, GP shop online has nice collections for wearables and clothes. Likewise, you can enjoy your online shopping from GP Shop Online BD at the cheapest price. Also, you will get some exciting discount offers by using GP online shop promo code. Likewise, GP link online shop BD has so many great products in this new year. So, let’s see the list of available Online Shop GP all products of 2024.

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Grameenphone Online Shop SIM Service :

Basically, the customers will get so many helpful GP SIM services in GP shop online. For example, the users can buy 4G SIM from the online shop GP. Moreover, they can also update their GP 3G SIM to 4G anytime. Besides, the customers can transfer their GP SIM ownership to other customers.

  • SIM Replacement
  • Transfer of SIM Ownership
  • MNP

Also, the users can avail the GP Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service. The MNP service allows you to change your SIM operator, without changing your existing phone number. For instance, if you are a Robi SIM user, you can migrate to GP SIM without changing your existing mobile number. Surprisingly, you can get this GP MNP service in an online GP shop. Then, you will get the exciting GP MNP offers after using the online GP shop MNP service.

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Online GP Shop SIM Replacement :

Likewise, you can replace your GP SIM by using the GP online shop SIM replacement service. Nowadays, you can exchange your GP number with the online GP shop 01711 series. Currently, the Online GP Shop SIM replacement is available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Khulna, and Mymensingh.

Service Name Fee
GP Online Shop SIM Replacement like 01711 Series 200 TK

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Also, you can also get this service in Savar, Gazipur, Narayanganj, Patuakhali and Kushtia Sadar area only. Besides, if you are a Star promo code holder, you can replace your SIM anytime for free of cost. So, let’s see how to do GP online shop SIM replacement.

  • Likewise, to replace Gp SIM, the users need to provide an NID number or, NID Copy number. Basically, the users have to give the NID number which they used to buy the SIM.
  • Then, they have to give the phone number which they want to replace.
  • Accordingly, the Skitto SIM of GP cannot be replaced by Grameenphone online shop.
  • Then, the user has to give their fingerprint. And, it must be matched for SIM replacement.
  • The Grameenphone online shop SIM replacement service price is 200 to.
  • Moreover, the GP Star customer can avail of the SIM replacement for free.
  • Also, the users can place SIM Replacement multiple times by clicking continue in the Cart.

Online GP Shop BD Partner Log in :

The GP Online Shop Partner login is a security checking feature of GP online shop BD. Likewise, this system is for checking whether you are a human visitor or, not to prevent spam submission. So, to check this, they will ask for your Grameenphone online shop user’s name and DMS code. That is to say, you have to type your online GP shop username or, DMS code. Then, they will give you a captcha to solve. Likewise, you have to solve a captcha math question for GP online shop partner login.

Example : 1 + 4 = 5.

Online Grameenphone Shop Order Tracking :

Likewise, the GP online shop order tracking is mainly to place or, book order for buying products. Generally, the users need to sign in to create a GP online shop ID at first. Then, every time, you have to log in with your GP ID to track orders in online GP shop.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any GP shop online ID, you can also track or, place orders as a guest user. In case, you want to buy products from Grameenphone online shop as a guest user. Then, have to provide your order ID number of products and accessories and your phone number.

Online GP Shop Promo Code :

Surprisingly, the users can go shopping from an online GP shop at a discount price. Likewise, GP shop online has a special GP online shop promo code for the users. For instance, there are so many amazing GP promo codes which are GP Star status, GP Golden Star Status, and so on. To avail the special GP online shop promo code, you have to purchase a certain amount of money.

Service Name Golden Star status Discount Normal Discount
Online GP Shop Promo Code 9000 Tk. UP to 20%
  • GP Golden Star promo code holders will get up to 20% discount in every purchase from GP online shop.
  • To get the GP Golden Star status, you have buy products that cost above 9000 Tk.
  • Besides, the Golden Star status for GP shop online is valid for 3 months after getting the status.

Grameenphone Online Shop Handset Offer [Smartphones]

Surprisingly, the GP online shop BD has so many exclusive collections of the latest android smartphones. Likewise, there are up to 65 items in the handset and android phone categories for the users. For instance, you can buy the latest Nokia, Vivo, Samsung, Micromax, Maximus and so many other mobile brands. But, first, you have to choose your desired smartphone or, headset and place the order.

Besides, all the exclusive mobile phone devices are available at reasonable prices in the GP shop online. Moreover, you will get unlimited internet, talk time minutes, SMS, and T-shirt gifts for buying phones from Online Shop GP. So, let’s see the prices, offers, and gifts of mobile phones in GP BD online shop.

Nokia 1 GP Mobile Offer.

  • Accordingly, the Nokia 1 Android Headset price is only 5,999 in Grameenphone online shop. 
  • Likewise, you can buy this phone by cash on delivery.
  • Besides, there are two colors of Nokia 1 Android phone available in GP shop online.
  • For instance, you will get a nice T-shirt with this amazing phone.
  • Moreover, the customers will get 1 year warranty from GP shop online for this phone.

Micromax B5 Pro GP Offer

  • Now, the customers can purchase the Micromax B5 Pro headset from Grameenphone Online Shop BD.
  • Basically, the price of this exclusive headset is only 9,999 tk.
  • Meanwhile, the cash on delivery is available for buying this headset.
  • For instance, there are two colors are available for Micromax B5 pro in online GP shop.
  • Also, the customer will get a free exclusive branded T-shirt from GP shop with this phone.

Micromax B5 Pro for Internet Offer

  • Likewise, you will get 20 GB (10 GB 4G + 10 GB bioscope streaming) free internet offer pack with Micromax B5 Pro.
  • The 20 GB free GP internet offer pack is valid for 14 days.
  • Generally, the users will get this exciting free offer only if they buy Micromax B5 Pro from online GP shop.
  • Moreover, the user will get free GP Bioscope prime pack offer with 90 days validity.
  • On the other hand, the GP customer will get free 2 GB (1 GB 4G + 1 GB any net) after tagging GP shop.
  • Basically, the 2 GB offer’s price is only 24 tk.
  • Accordingly, the user can enjoy the 2 GB free internet for 12 times in 3 months on Micromax B5 Pro.

Micromax Canvas 1 Offer :

  • Nonetheless, now you will get the latest Micromax headset Canvas 1 in online GP shop.
  • For instance, the price of the Micromax Canvas 1 headset is only 7,599 tk.
  • Besides, you will get exciting 16 GB free internet offer with this phone.
  • Also, you will get a nice branded T-Shirt, if you buy this from GP shop online.

GP Maximus P7 Plus Online Shop Offer :

  • The latest GP Maximus P7 Plus android phone is available in GP link online shop BD.
  • Accordingly, you can buy this exclusive phone from online GP shop only at 4,900 tk.
  • Moreover, the customer will get a beautiful branded T-Shirt gift with this mobile phone.
  • Also, the customer will get 8.2 GB 4G internet for 7 days.
  • Then, the user can avail free GP Bioscope prime pack offer for 28 days after buying Maximus P7 Plus from GP shop.

Mobile Accessories & Other Devices :

The online GP shop BD has so many exclusive mobile accessories collections for the users. Generally, you can buy a power bank, data cable, USB portal, earphones, and so on. So, let’s see some of the latest brands of mobile accessories in GP shop online BD.

  • PHILIPS Type C Data Cable.
  • Mi Power Bank V3 10,000 mAh.
  • Baseus Neckband Bluetooth Earphone.

Final Lines :

Thus, we have given all the latest and necessary details about the GP online shop BD 2024. Undoubtedly, online GP Shop is the fastest, secure and easy handling online shopping platform. Anytime, the users can buy their desired and necessary phones, accessories and SIM from the GP shop online. Moreover, they can also get helpful GP SIM services from this website. But, to enjoy this great online shopping and service system, you must log in to Grameenphone online shop first.

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Then, you can easily choose your necessities and order them online. Instantly, you will receive your products in your given addresses. Also, you can receive your products from any Grameenphone customer care center outlet. Generally, you can pay for your products by pre-order and cash on delivery. For more queries, you can comment below or, contact with GP helpline number.

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