JR Paribahan: Online Ticket Price | Counter Number In 2022

JR Paribahan is a family transport which provides their service around all of the divisions. They built so many bus counters and an awesome network so that the users get awesome service. If you also want to take a bus service with your family or friends or alone, then you can check out their service.

So, it is a really important factor to know the bus counters location and authority phone number. In this article, you will also get online and offline ticket prices and also helps you to purchase the ticket online without any hesitation.

JR Paribahan Online Ticket Price

It is easy to collect the ticket from offline as well as online. You can collect or purchase the ticket online to visit busbd.com.bd and sohoz.com. On the other hand, you can also order tickets from their official website. Overall, you can get the ticket price from the website. So, without any hesitation, buy the ticket right now.

JR Paribahan Timetable


In a pandemic situation, every bus changes its numbers and timetable. However, in recent time, I discuss the most updated information so that you can easily get the service. Don’t worry; you will get each of the information with the most updated so that you can hassle-free take their service.

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JR Paribahan Dhaka Counter Numbers.

Are you living in Dhaka or wanted to get the JR bus service? Then this section helps you a lot to get the service. In this section, you will get each of the author numbers and counters’ location in Dhaka. So, let’s check out the table below.

Counter NamePhone Number
Dhaka CounterPhone: 01717-657799, 01711-175551, 01717-657799, 01767-280294
Kalyanpur Counter, DhakaPhone: 01767-280295, 01767-280296
Mazar Road Counter, GabtoliPhone: 01737-813650, 01737-813651
Chandra CounterPhone: 01767-280291

Khulna Counter Number.

Khulna is another division that helps you to get the JR transport author numbers and counters location. If you want to buy a ticket or search the location of this transport in Khulna, you can check out the below table.

Counter NamePhone Number
Meherpur CounterPhone: 01767-280280
Nimtala Meherpur CounterPhone: 01711-232788
Gongni CounterPhone: 01710-034979, 01767-280281
Mujib Nagar CounterPhone: 01716-042645, 01737-813660
Bansbariya CounterPhone: 01977-034127, 01711-034127
Ali Hossain Super Market, big marketPhone: 0761-62699, 01711-131125, 01919-131125
Jibon Nagar CounterPhone: 01737-813656
Darshana CounterPhone: 01737-813600, 01737-813657, 01737-813661
Jhenaidah CounterPhone: 01711-168043, 01192-053117
Kaliganj CounterPhone: 01737-813652
Magura CounterPhone: 01714-778844
Khaleshkundi CounterPhone: 01767-280284
Mirpur CounterPhone: 01767-280286
Kushtia CounterPhone: 01767-280287
Bheramara CounterPhone: 01767-280288

Chittagong Counter Numbers.

Chittagong is one of the busiest divisions in Bangladesh. JR transport also provides its bus service in this division. If you want to take their service from this division, you can check out the below section to get the service.

Counter NamePhone Number
ChittagongPhone: 01872-542526

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section. However, you can contact the JR transport author so that you can easily book the ticket offline.

Terms & Conditions

  • You must reach the station at least 15 minutes ago.
  • You may don’t carry illegal goods and other elements.
  • You need to carry the ticket with you.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How can I buy the ticket online in JR transport?

Ans: You can get the ticket online to visit busbd.com.bd and sohoz.com. You just need to visit the website and search JR transport ticket; then, you will get detailed information from the website.

Final Verdict

It is really important for the person who wants to take bus service and don’t know the bus’s detailed information. However, if you want to take JR Paribahan service, then you can check out the upper section. So, without waiting, contact the author or buy the ticket online.

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